Instructions for use Psorilax

Nobody needs to especially study the application of a cream against psoriasis Psorilaxbecause it is applied practically, as a day cream or night, especially for women, its application is not have absolutely no work.

Step by step instructions on the cosmetic use of funds against psoriasis:

  1. the first thing that you should do is to carefully wash the face, without the application of soap. You need to use a soft gel, without impurities;
  2. distribute the cream from the surface person, or any other area of the skin evenly, gently rubbing the tool and the careful not to stretch the skin;
  3. must wait for the complete absorption. Takes 10 to 15 minutes;
  4. the person has to get wet soft paper towel to remove all residues. It is worth doing light movements;
  5. use a cream against psoriasis is recommended in the morning and at night;
  6. if the cream is applied, in order to be cured of a disease, so it's worth to use it at least a month to achieve the best results and complete eradicate the problem.

Is permitted the use of any cosmetics on the face after using the cream, the manufacturer promises the lack of greasy shine and other traces of cream.


Cream against psoriasis Psorilax it is considered hypoallergenic, so it should not cause inflammation and other reactions, if a person does not have intolerance of an individual component, individual of cream.

It's not worth applying the cream to the areas of skin that have been damaged due to bites of animals, insects.