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  • Types of psoriasis, causes, provoking factors, symptoms and signs. Is psoriatic arthritis. How to recognize psoriasis in children. How to treat psoriasis - an overview of all methods and ways to treat psoriasis. Medicinal and non -traditional treatment of psoriasis, folk methods.
    14 February 2022
  • Find out what psoriasis is. How this chronic disease manifests itself: a picture of symptoms. Is psoriasis treatable, and what methods are used for this.
    9 February 2022
  • Psoriasis is a chronic disease in which dermatosis of the skin occurs, in some cases it greatly affects the joint area. It flows in waves.
    21 March 2021
  • How and when does psoriasis start? Mechanisms of pathological development. Provoking factors. Early symptoms. Psoriasis in children. Psoriatic arthritis. Treatment features
    10 March 2021
  • Psoriasis on the skin of the hands is held in the majority of cases, the requests of the patients with this condition. Psoriasis, of the hands on delivery of patient is a tangible problem, after all, the flares are located in prominent locations to each other. In addition, the patient's uncomfortable feeling, pain, itching.
    29 August 2019
  • On this condition of the skin covering a man such as psoriasis, have heard of many, but not all of them, you can give a concrete answer to the question, it is a contagious disease and psoriasis of the skin. In the opinion of the doctors solely to get the psoriasis from another person is not possible.
    25 July 2019
  • Psoriasis foot is a serious skin disease, chronic in nature. It's the one time of the time, a man plagued by his injuries. You recognize it can be through the appearance of inflamed areas. The psoriasis stop the wavy term, to the worsening of lapse, full of mystery.
    1 July 2019
  • Psoriasis is one of the most common skin diseases nature. There are many factors that affect their development, but, primarily, it is an autoimmune disease that can be cured up to the end.
    30 May 2019
  • How to cure psoriasis. What is the best choice hormonal or non-hormonal drug? The most effective remedies,recipes folk, and spa treatments.
    23 April 2019
  • All the information about the disease psoriasis. The symptoms and diagnosis, the cause of the disease, methods of treatment and effective medicines.
    2 April 2019