Psoriasis on the head — causes, symptoms (photo) and the treatment

One of the most common forms of psoriasis is psoriasis of the scalp. Like all other forms of the disease, this type of treat-chronic inflammatory processes, non-communicable nature.

psoriasis in the head

The causes for the development of the disease

As a result of numerous studies on the progression of the disease, the scientists were able to determine that, number of reasons for the development of the disease include the malfunction of some body systems, in particular, the endocrine system, exchange, as well as failures in the functioning of the immune system. People often ask: is it contagious and if psoriasis head? It is worth noting – this disease has no infectious character, may not be transmitted home, the drip or by any other means. The representatives of science and medicine claim that the disease is a kind of body response to stimuli external and internal. The frequent reasons of emergence of the disease include:

  • nervous tension, frequent stress;
  • the reduction of immunity, under the influence of different factors;
  • chemical and mechanical injuries of the skin;
  • the transfer of certain infectious diseases;
  • the effect on the body of bad habits and the ingestion of drugs;
  • the use of certain drug drug and more.

These are just some of the reasons which can develop the disease, including the this way such as psoriasis on the scalp. The exact causes of the disease is still to discover, and could not. There is a set of theories, in which a group of scientists explain the factors that trigger the disease. For possible reasons, also relate to:

  • violation hormonal of the body due to a violation of the organs of the endocrine system;
  • pregnancy;
  • inflammatory processes in the organism of different origin;
  • the effects of some toxic substances from the environment;
  • the bad food.

The form and the stage of the disease

Psoriasis on the scalp most often occurs in several stages, following one another. The data forms relate to:

  1. Easy-to-stage – runs without the acute symptoms. Is characterized the isolated appearances of blemishes, nested clear of the scales. Foci of small lesions, often are not accompanied by a strong inflammatory process.
  2. The intense phase of the appearance of acne, that spreads over the entire head, accompanied by itching, discomfort and inflammation.

The symptoms and signs of disease

The main symptoms of psoriasis of the scalp (picture the initial phase, see below) are precipitation. In the initial phase, appear wheals pink or red, mostly having round or oval shaped. Top of the point covered with small scales, which easily peel. The continuous progress of the disease implies the increased itching of the periphery and the formation of psoriatic plaques. Then, consider the symptoms in more detail:

  • in the initial phase of the disease does not cause any discomfort, the sick, especially, do not have complaints;
  • the itching of the skin, feeling of discomfort, there is irritability of the skin;
  • in the third phase, previously suspended, symptoms joint-if the inflammatory process;
  • the patient is brushing the wound, which causes the occurrence of abrasion, cracks, and, often, adherence to a bacterial infection;
  • the future development of the disease implies significant skin thickening and peeling on the result of pathologic accelerated division of cells;
  • general characteristics become vulnerable, the easiest of injuries and damage;
  • the disease extends over an area of skin near the line of hair growth, the plaques and papules accompanied by intense itching and significant deterioration of the skin type.
the diagnosis of psoriasis

The diagnosis of the disease

The first step to success in the treatment of psoriasis is a timely and correct diagnosis. To assign adequate treatment the patient will have to perform the following steps:

  1. Visit a dermatologist. Dr. visually see the condition of the scalp of the patient, evaluates the situation, and also the proof of the oral questionnaire to the patient.
  2. The research of the laboratory analysis of the blood of the patient and of the material determined in the process of exfoliate the skin of the integument.
  3. It is also performed an assessment of the state of eruptions of a man in a few days.
  4. You may also need a biopsy of the skin.
  5. The research of skin scales under the microscope.

The presence of psoriasis confirm the following factors:

  • pathological, a violation of the integrity of the skin integument;
  • prickly layer of the dermis has swollen nature;
  • other disturbances to the deep layers of the skin at the cellular level.

The diet when psoriasis of the scalp

An important point in the treatment of scalp psoriasis is the fulfillment of a special diet. It provides for the use of products containing vegetable oils. The functioning of the liver, should keep with the help of fibers. Products useful when the psoriasis are:

  • salads, folded in refined sunflower oil;
  • cereals, soldiers of wheat or oat cereals;
  • the liver;
  • dairy products such as cheese, sour cream or cheese.

The ill person should receive a good amount of vitamins of groups A,B, and D, along with the consumption of food.

What can you not eat

Any diet provides a list of prohibited foods. What can not be, when the psoriasis on the head? Prohibited products with this disease are:

  • dishes prepared by the method of frying with a lot of fat;
  • citrus fruits;
  • chocolate and caffeinated beverages;
  • milk with higher fat percentage;
  • fruits and vegetables of red color;
  • honey.

In the period of treatment required to abstain from the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

The treatment of psoriasis in the head

So let's try to figure out how to treat psoriasis on the head? After the diagnosis, the specialist often assigns the drug treatment, aiming at the recovery it is normal to exchange processes of the skin of the person, their regeneration, healing and restoration. To get the best results, the doctor prescribes the full course of treatment, which includes the following methods:

  1. Total therapy.
  2. Treatment of funds for the outdoor application.
  3. Physiotherapy.
  4. The treatment in spas and resorts.

The application of total therapy

Involves treatment with drugs that belong to one of the following groups of medicines:

the treatment of psoriasis
  • the drugs are in favour of sedative medicines;
  • the tool anti-histaminic nature;
  • the immunotherapy;
  • the application of vitamins;
  • medications that increase the immunity;
  • aromatic retinoids;
  • corticosteroids.

Corticosteroids medicines and) apply mainly during the early stages of the disease. These drugs require a special care, because its misuse can cause serious side effects and complications.

Shampoo when the scalp psoriasis

Therapy when the psoriasis of the scalp includes the use of shampoos. Any shampoo psoriasis must handle the wet fibrous surface of the head, 3 times per week.

Ointment for psoriasis in head

Modern pharmacology offers many creams against psoriasis on the scalp. This is one of the most effective impacts on the disease. The ointment is necessary to apply on the affected area of the scalp, carefully read the instructions for use. About the number of daily procedures best to consult a doctor.

Cream psoriasis in the head

Creams, as well as the ointment, it is necessary to paint exclusively affected from the scalp. There are many creams that are effective for psoriasis on the scalp. Any cream should process only the affected areas.

Lotion psoriasis in the head

One of the ways to a place for treatment of psoriasis in the head is the application of lotions. The lotion should only be applied in the affected areas, pre-wash the head.

Physical therapy treatment

Treatment of data the method includes the following procedures:

  • phototherapy;
  • treatment ultraviolet;
  • water therapy;
  • the use of a laser and other techniques

Medicines for psoriasis in head

For the treatment of leather parts in the head, the affected psoriasis, it is necessary the therapy, which includes the use of such medicines:

  • sedatives;
  • the antihistamines;
  • vitamin complex;
  • immunomodulators;
  • anti-inflammatory non-steroids;
  • the tool iv.

All these medicines enhance the general state of the organism, thus eliminating the disease from the inside to the outside.

the treatment of traditional medicine

Recipes of traditional medicine

That it is still possible to treat psoriasis on the head? In addition to the traditional drug treatment of psoriasis in the head in the house are widely used in the recipes, based on natural materials, including herbs. The herbal medicine is an excellent method to assist the drug treatment and, in a complex with them gives very positive results. So, let's look at some popular tools for the treatment of psoriasis in head home.

A tool based on celandine

The name of the grass talks about its medicinal properties. Celandine has been used successfully for the elimination of the psoriatic spots and skin recovery. For the preparation of medicines need fresh plant in quantities of 200 g. the Grass should be finely chopped and squeeze out the juice. In the obtained liquid add 20 ml of red wine. Use the tool for the treatment of eruptions on the skin and in the hair. To do this you need to 3-4 times per day, until complete cleaning of the skin.

The treatment with the sunflower

The medicine is preparing for the sunflower seeds from baskets of plants, that are not yet fully mature. The sunflower has in its composition components with a pronounced anti-inflammatory, and regenerating the property. To prepare charge 2-3 baskets of plants, and carefully milled in any way. After adding 150 ml of red or white wine. Fermentation the medicine you need a minimum of 2 nights in a nice room. Use the tool in the form of lotions 15 to 20 minutes.


The treatment of psoriasis on the leather surface of the skin can perform, using the chicken egg. To prepare the means necessary 2 PCs. ingredient source.

  1. The eggs should be solder-cooked, after it cools a little, remove the shells and chop finely.
  2. The dough for frying in a frying pan until the appearance of a liquid. Add anything that is not necessary.
  3. Formed buttery the liquid should be affected psoriasis of the scalp.

The procedure is best to do before you go to bed. In the morning rinse your head. Continue the treatment until the complete disappearance signs of disease.


For the treatment of psoriasis you will need apple cider vinegar, that must be mixed with purified water, in equal proportions. Obtained with a solution carefully treat the affected area of the skin on the head, using a small piece of leather to the fabric. Care should be taken not to damage polite cover. The procedure for pass 1 time per day. Can be washed after 1 hour.

The provocations led by the

To resolve psoriasis you have such a mixture of herbs: nettle, chicory, parsley, calamus and burdock. All the ingredients should take the same amount, only the nettle 2 times. Mix the herbs. 1 St. l. obtained pour mixture of 0.5 liters of water, bring to the boil for 10 minutes. After you let it sit for about 20 minutes. Ready the broth, strain it and drink 1 glass before food intakes.


This procedure is quite simple. Requires from 1 of the large bulbs to extract the juice, which must process the affected scalp. Do not wash for at least 3 hours. Therefore, it is better to perform this procedure immediately before going to bed.

Aboutliehovam oil

This ingredient can be purchased at a pharmacy as a finished product, as well as to prepare it. To do this, you need berries of buckthorn, which should grind in a blender and leave to dry. After you join with the refined of sunflower or olive oil in a ratio of 1:1. Insist in a dark place for 1 week, periodically shaking. After the solution time to drain. Received sea buckthorn oil be affected to the scalp using a cotton swab. Repeat the procedure 3 times a day. Before using the oil should warm up to the ambient temperature.


One of the effective ways for psoriasis is soda. It takes away the inflammation and redness. To eliminate this disease should be a small amount of sodium bicarbonate dissolves in water to form a viscous liquid mush. She intends to impose upon the sick place until it dries completely. The water is better not to wet. Already after several procedures, you will notice a positive result.

Tea tree oil

This tool has a beneficial effect on the skin of the curtains. It is an anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antibacterial properties. Removing the psoriasis to the head-the tea tree oil is simple: it is necessary to infligi it to the problem areas 3 times a day. It is best not to wash. This tool can be purchased at any pharmacy. Dilute with water is not required.

the prevention of psoriasis


Prevention is also part of a treatment that helps to keep achieved positive results and avoid the recurrence of the disease. The preventive relate the following steps:

  • compliance with the diet;
  • an active lifestyle and wake up early;
  • regular hygiene of the procedure;
  • the correct selection of personal care products for the hair;
  • the selection of combs of natural materials;
  • you must give up a hair dryer, and other means, to the pavement, conducive to the fact that the scalp becomes dry.

Compliance and security measures in a timely manner turning to the hospital, be able to avoid the illness and its negative consequences.