That can effectively treat psoriasis — practical advice

A disease that affects up to 6% or 7% of the population worldwide, psoriasis is a cause of concern to doctors and patients. Mainly the causes of alarms serve the prevalence of the disease and the complexity of your treatment. However, the fight against psoriasis, it is perfectly possible, and even developed a lot of methodologies, and there is a lot of money, and of that treat.

Brief description of psoriasis

Psoriasis refers to the category of skin diseases. The disease is considered non-contagious, their roots and etiology little explored. Psoriasis tend to hurt people with light skin type. Are affected by a disease of people of all ages, regardless of region of residence.

The medical practice is considered, which is that the disease occurs because of a genetic predisposition. There must be an inheritance for the pathology can spread and develop on a cellular level.

Treat psoriasis is difficult due to the lack of data about the reason of their origin. Updated at the current time, enjoy various theories treat the causes of disease. Currently, it is considered the probability of a virus, neurological and genetic origins of psoriasis. Relevant are the theory of multi-textured and exchange source of psoriasis.

Clinical signs

Clinical signs

Psoriasis is characterized by the precipitation papular rash reddish in color. Size eruptions varies from 2 to 20 mm, and they form a vast outbreaks of skin lesions. The own pellets can also increase in size, especially in the chronic for psoriasis.

Often, the symptoms occur in areas of flexion the lower and upper members. Least notice the signs of the disease may be on the back, chest, abdomen, and head. At the same time, some forms of psoriasis can be the cloth of the nails.

In the process of progression, if not treated in drug form, the foci of the lesions begin to peel off, and scatter papular education - open and bleed. The characteristic sign of psoriasis there are, then, that the hair in the area of occurrence of the signals are not affected.

About 30% of psoriasis patients may be celebrated additional symptoms, manifesting the itching of the affected skin. As secondary signs, services injuries can be celebrated in diseases of the skin, rash, dermatitis. When performing forms, the disease progresses and maps of the formations in the exposed area of the skin begins to highlight bloody exudate.

General clinical indicators of body temperature, the location, temperature, pressure, pulse, and other physiological characteristics will remain within the normal limits. An important consideration, concurrent and downstream of the psoriasis - the nervousness. Many health professionals believe that the neural networks of stress not only accompany the clinical picture, but are often the cause of the disease or its exacerbation.

The treatment of psoriasis

Due to the fact that the disease being studied is not sufficiently profound, practical and unanimously approved methods of treatment does not exist. When the diagnosis of the disease, the dermatologist is assigns it to a course in how to treat them individually, driven by the results of the diagnosis, difficulties and characteristics of the patient and the passage of the disease. Simultaneously differentiate the form of injury, the degree of progression of the disease and other important health factors.

Traditionally, when dealing with psoriasis, take into consideration the following factors:

  • structural characteristics of the skin of the patient;
  • the history and the form of the disease;
  • the intensity of the injury;
  • characteristics of the organism;
  • individual portability drug components;
  • the age of the patient;
  • the duration of the progression of the disease;
  • the manifestation of the attendant and secondary pathologies;
  • the degree of manifestation and the stage of development of the disease.

Only with a comprehensive assessment of all these criteria, it is possible to develop this treatment, which would be effective and could stop the psoriasis. When they are placed for the purpose of a location affected by skin lesions, to avoid the progressive phase, minimize favourable to the development of disease conditions. An important condition for effective treatment there is symptomatic treatment, to the exclusion of possible complications in the background secondary to pathology.

Classification of methods of healing

In order to faster recovery dermatologists typically treat patients complex, the method includes all the available schema cure for psoriasis. The treatment can pass on the clinic form or in the hospital.


The greater efficiency demonstrate such methods:

  • the system of drug treatment;
  • the application to the open-air drug funds;
  • physiotherapy methods and tools;
  • correct care of the skin;
  • recipes folk healing;
  • the diet;
  • photochemotherapy;
  • sanatorium and spa treatment.

In each of these techniques are contained the principles of treatment of psoriasis with the use of certain tools. However, it is widely practiced therapy of psoriasis with the use of medications and procedures a variety of techniques at the same time.

System interactions technical

The goal of this method - the impact on the disease the hormonal and cellular level. The means used for the systemic treatment of psoriasis, actively affect the physiological processes, stimulating the body to revitalize from their own resources.

In addition, the methods allow to deal with the disease at the cellular level the metabolism, which helps to eradicate the alleged causes of psoriasis. Some categories of medications called to normalize the hormonal balance, also influencing positively the recovery process.

Prescription of the action system can be integrated into action or get a close effect. For example, a group of corticoids rational to apply to decrease acute manifestations. The drugs of this group virtually eliminates the chance of side effects.

The question of side effects is more relevant to a group of medicines hormonal or cytotoxic funds. However, when the correct one for your application efficiency and the intensity of the treatment are quite high.

For the correction of intracellular processes and in the treatment of psoriasis chronic stage effective intramuscular or intravenous, the reception of drugs immuno-suppressants. They regulate the physiology of the immune system, preventing the progression of the disease.

These tools have a stimulating effect, as well as to prevent the development of an inflammatory process, and afflict the progression of the disease auto-immune cells and inhibit the pathology of allergic. Identical ability to heal has the category of steroids.

To effectively treat a disease, such as psoriasis, can be applied to specific drugs and medicines total system of action:

  • vitamin complexes;
  • hepatoprotective tools;
  • medicines for strengthening the overall organism;
  • anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • immunostimulatory drugs.

Is symptomatic treatment can be accomplished with the use of medicines anti-histamines. Their purpose is to treat the discomfort of the state, to eliminate the itching in the area lesions of psoriasis. The disease itself by these means are not a cure.

The treatment system can occur in different forms - injections, the acquisition of oral medications, intravenous introduction of medicines specific.

Your ability to effectively treat is shown by the drugs such as methotrexate, cyclosporine, and calcipotriol, a number of medications retinoids.

An important condition for the treatment with the action system - the correction of dosages and individual match the selected tool. The whole system is the medication must be prescribed by a dermatologist. Independent of the treatment to these groups of drugs can lead to aggravation of the problem.

This category includes a variety of ointments, creams, lotions, dye.

On the basis of these drugs are active current components with different action:

  • smoothing the skin;
  • hormonal medication;
  • reduce inflammation;
  • eliminate the flaking;
  • prevent the progression of the disease.
The tar

Such medicines are applied directly on the affected area of the skin, which should be treated. They contain in its structure a base of tar, naphthalene, salicylic acid, urea or lactic acid. Effective drugs based on zinc. Some medicines abroad for treatment of psoriasis, which include in their structure Ichthyol and sulphur components. Their action is directed toward the reduction of the bald area, to remove the inflammatory process, exfoliate the dead cells.

Some of these medicines, as well as medicines and system of action, you can require that the exact dosage and correctly the order of application. In particular, some hormonal ointment able policies and tributaries the application to call pathological, the germination of hair, change of the structure of the skin, up to its atrophy.

The medical practice of acceptance, that healing, therefore, necessarily, under the supervision of a doctor. When you do this, dermatologists recommend to avoid the frequent use of the same ointment, as an application of long identical in the composition of medicines.

To avoid adaptation of the cells and the cover skin to the action of drugs of external use periodically, changing the treatment scheme, replacing the identical medicines of this group of his peers.

Treat psoriasis outlaws of tools over several short historical exchange rates. It is advisable to combine several drugs of this group with the tools of the system of action - thus it is obtained the largest effect and observes the progress of healing.

As a means outside the treatment can be used a procedure with the adoption of the bath with the healing powers of additives. Effective also some beauty tool to have in your composition components to relieve the inflammation, hormonal, and other components.

More accessible, but no less effective are considered, such as tar, grease, grey, honey, sea buckthorn oil, vaseline.

Physiotherapy methods against psoriasis

The tool of physiotherapy are based mostly in modern techniques. In your quality of use the action of light-rays, magnetic fields, electrical impulses. In addition, the physical therapy psoriasis, effectively, applies the technique of plasmapheresis with separation of blood in factions, and by the substitution of part of the plasma in the diseased body.

Physiological therapeutic methods demonstrate their effectiveness, such as self-application, and in adjuvant therapy:

  1. Plasmapheresis is a method based on a transfusion of the blood of a patient with the fragmentation of its different factions and components. During this process, occurs the separation of the plasma. Simultaneously with it occurs the removal of pathological cells, dead blood components, unhealthy microparticles. Instead remote plasma in the blood are introduced haematopoietic tools or medications blood donor. This process is also called "hemo-correction", which shows with precision the core curative treatments.
  2. The ultraviolet radiation is the technique of impact on the affected area of the skin to UV rays medium wave band. Advantage of the method is the location of the treatment process, without consequences for a healthy portions of the skin. However, if you apply this technique in the patient's body are formed, dermatitis, dryness, skin aging or pigmentation pathological.
  3. Photochemotherapy - the cycle of introduction of chemicals photosensitizing destination. It is more useful than this method if it is the application integrated with the uv light-radiation.
  4. Laser therapy - a modern technique, with a close action to the local irradiation of the affected areas.
  5. Cryotherapy - on this method was known hundreds of years ago, but now he was scientific and adapted to the reality of modern medicine. The essence of the cryotherapy is the use of critical low temperatures in foci of lesions of psoriasis. When exposed to the cold cells in these locations are compressed together with the skin and lose nutrients. At the same time, the blood withdraws from such injuries, preventing the emergence of itching and pain. Cold procedure stimulates and activates physiological processes, the work of the immune system and the cells of the whole organism.

In the structure of the scheme of treatment of psoriasis therapy methods should also be assigned to a dermatologist. It is important to remember that almost all of them if you do not comply with the order in which the applications may cause undesirable effects.

Folk methods

In this category of techniques, a huge variety of tools and medicines tonic and local action.

Particularly effective are considered:

  • ointments from herbs and natural ingredients, infusions, decoctions;
  • bee products, mainly the revenue on the basis of honey and propolis;
  • water treatments, in particular - therapy baths with settings of herbs, promote tissue regeneration of the skin;
  • effectively with the healing of psoriasis, the oil of eggs is obtained by the burning yolk of the egg over an open fire.
Fish oil

Vitamin support skin provides fish oil. Observed efficiency of flaxseed and sea buckthorn oil, long fibers of benzoin tinctures celandine, and other natural components. A popular recipe of methods, as well as the order destination, and the application deserve special attention in the form of a comment.

Spa resort technique

One of the most enjoyable techniques of psoriasis treatment, founded on the admission of water and mud procedures. Its healing action in these cases, have iodine-bromine, sulfide, hydrogen sulfide, siliceous or radon water. Respectively, depending on the skin type, the intensity of the lesions of psoriasis and other factors which prescribes the journey in any resource zone.


Apparently, the methods of treatment for psoriasis is more than enough. However, this disease continues to be unknown until the end, and because it unmanageable. In addition to drug medicines dermatologists advise us to not neglect the proper diet, the selection of components of food in your diet regime and food intake.