In the treatment of psoriasis at home to the popular media

The pharmaceutical industry releases a variety of medications to combat the psoriasis. But the synthetic drugs reflects negatively on the work of the internal organs. Therefore, the patients prefer to make psoriasis treatment at house in the popular media.

The psoriasis on my elbows

The symptoms and causes of psoriatic plaques

The etiology of the disease in the flock of starving given to the question of good enough. There are many theories regarding the occurrence of psoriatic plaques.

The medical doctors are the factors that trigger psoriasis:

  • To a genetic predisposition.
  • The skin is dry.
  • A strong emotional crisis.
  • The impact on the dermis as cleaning solvents, household cleaning products.
  • The overflow from the toilet.
  • The changes in hormone levels (pregnancy, the menopause period).
  • The use of certain medications.
  • To address climate change.
  • The tourist information office.

The psoriasis it is able to injure the fibrous part of the head, face, hands, nails, elbows, chest, and back. There is a plant, vulgaris, guttate, and the type of the disease. Semiology scales, apart from the skin complexion:

  • with the appearance of papules of the color of pink or red, and that, in time, become fused together in a plate and are covered with thick scales;
  • the feeling of chronic fatigue;
  • epidermal itching;
  • depression, for example.

Ways to deal with a disease of the skin in the primary and run-on-the-job

Healers have different ways of dealing with psoriasis.

Folk methods may help to stop the exacerbation of symptoms in the early stages.

For the treatment of psoriasis using topical ointments, creams, solutions that are made from all-natural ingredients.

In addition, it is observed to be on a special diet.

Well, it is the opinion of many people, it gives the yoga, the mantras and runes. The people who believe in the magic of reading, and the plots on the moon for a cure.

The benefits of treatment for psoriasis at home to the popular media

Iodine value with a Measure

There are a number of methods of the medicine-box, which can be used to get rid of psoriatic plaques. Not all of them are different in efficiency.

The use of proven and effective remedies, it has the advantages of:

  • Given the fact that the composition of the natural an allergy to the components is an extremely rare occurrence.
  • In the absence of a negative effect on the internal organs.
  • The minimum of a list of indications and contra-indications.
  • The stimulation of the body to cope with the disease.
  • For a budget option in the treatment.
  • The possibility to use it for the purposes of preventative medicine.

What is and how to treat psoriasis on the body and methods of alternative medicine

For the therapy of the scales and depriving apply the different techniques of complementary medicine. They are the most commonly used compounds based on natural products. For example, to help the cabinet of the tar, ash, paraffin (kerosene), brewer's yeast, beer, soda, water and peroxide, a mixture of the champions league, with the skin, so on. Good effect gives the application of the living and the dead, and the water to silver. Experts recommend osteopathy, urinotherapy, mesotherapy, the overlap of the occlusal dressing, a cedar barrel.

A desk made of birch tar.

In its pure form, it is to be applied to the plates. After 10 to 20 minutes, the tar was washed out under a stream of warm water. After you cleanse your skin with a clean towel and to cause it to be indifferent ointment. If this is done, the treatment of the scalp, and the exposure time of the pitch is reduced to 5 minutes. The procedure is carried out in a couple of days.

Jet fuel (kerosene

Applied to the affected skin in a pure form.

To achieve the pronounced therapeutic effect, it is recommended to mix the kerosene with extracts of hazelnut.

For this reason, the greens, the walnuts, and pour in the kerosene, and on the occasion of the month.

The composition ensures that the healing process of the cold sores.

Applies to the use of different types of dermatitis.

Hydrogen peroxide and caustic soda


Doctors advise you to treat psoriasis, as well: to take a bath, with food, soda and for softening of the plates, and then treating the affected area of the skin hydrogen peroxide. For the procedure to go to twice a day. In the method of alleviating inflammation and itchiness, and improves the department / s.

Brewer's yeast

Brewer's yeast will help to enhance your metabolic processes, and to improve the condition of the patient. Do you accept them twice a day for about 35 minutes or so before eating. The dose for an adult is equal to 1, then the dining room, for the children – 1 tsp.


To prepare the paste to the charge of not more than 25 g of ash of rose hip oil, and oak, and egg whites, 10 g of celandine and 100 g / l of solidol. All the ingredients are mixed together, and then insist at room temperature for a couple of weeks ago. The tool on a daily basis grease on the plate.


They have the appearance of a white powder, which is produced by the exposure of the blocks of a sulphur-salt, sour, tropical, semi-potash alum, high temp. The tool in use as a place of the powder. It will help to ease the inflammation and dry the wound, stopping the bleeding. Apply it on when it's eczema, psoriasis, trophic faint, dermatitis, eczema, lichen.

Rice with egg

Raw egg together with a tablespoon of sour cream and the melted butter.

The ingredients stirred in and clean up the composition by cooling, the camera is in a week's time.

After this mixture is applied on the affected area 6 times per day.

A Mixture Of The Champions League

To connect 30 to 40 ml of sunflower seed oil with an equal amount of vodka. Close it securely with the ability to intensely shaking a 5-minute walk away. Drink the mixture all at once.

The living and the dead water

For the therapy of the scales and depriving the dead, and the living water to carry out the method of the body. First, the skin is washed with soap and water, and the steam of hot compress. Further moisten the dead water. After 15 minutes, the plate full of the living water. For the next 5 days, I just use the water to live on. The procedure is repeated up to 8 times a day.

Silver, water

In the water, and immerse the silver and leave for the day. After you take a shower, and a selector for brewing. Sometimes breast implants. The length of the processing time. After the bath, it is advisable to clean the skin of the pollen of the mushroom is still in and sell-through for 1.5 hours. The procedures you perform on a daily basis in a period of 10 days.

Rice with egg

There are other ways of dealing with the flock of being. For example, urinotherapy – this is a method of healing through the urine. Does not apply to prescription drugs. On the day you should drink 300 to 400 ml of liquid. Do this after breakfast and dinner.

For a good effect to give osteopathy the manual's effects on the body. It helps in treating the scales of sites affected by psoriatic arthritis.

The specialist will apply the visceral, myofascial, lymphatic drainage, and engineering impacts. The procedure helps to clean the body, enhance the power of the skin, to normalize the work of ligamentous apparatus, and the internal organs.

The essence of mesotherapy is the introduction of a psoriatic plaque of the drugs. After two courses and achieved durable remission. Good, it affects the skin, the carved cedar wood barrel: a mixture of the steam and the herbal cleanses and revitalizes, improves the working of the organs. Part, and a relationship exists between, I think. The point is that in order for the affected areas of the skin, apply the paste, and over, and it overlaps with the top cut off with cellophane.

The most effective recipes from the grandma, who flock to recently have a fear of fire

Not all home remedies to help in the treatment of psoriasis. It is worth to give preference to methods that have the best reviews.

The most effective recipes:

  • It's a peach. Celandine connect with a horse, sorrel. It is added to the coal tar. Everything is mixed and applied on the populations of the plate.
  • With the petroleum jelly. Lubricated twice a day to the affected areas of the skin.
  • The goose fat. Three tablespoons of fat, mixed with about a tablespoon of the root of saponaria. Grease composition, of the platelet count on the day.
  • From the butter. A pre-blended, hot-melted butter (100g) with chopped propolis (5 g). Insist, filter paper and applied to patients in the area.
  • The salt of the sea. To use for baths and compresses.
  • For the vinegar. Mix the vinegar with water in a ratio of 1-to-3. Moistened in a solution of a napkin, and apply it to the board for a minute or so.
  • Iodine, Zelenka. The settings in alcohol to handle the affected areas of the skin. The tool to remove the inflammation, and those who have already made it into circulation.
  • The root of arctium lappa. Ground coffee, 20 grams of rhizome and pour in two cups of boiling water. Insist on time, and take it several times a day, after eating the food.
  • The leaf of the laurel. Ground coffee 30 grams of dried leaves, bay leaf, and pour in a cup of sunflower oil. The week, insist and filter. Clean it twice a day for psoriatic arthritis of the label.

Assistance and training, with the exception of the moon. You must take the egg, breaking it down into a deep bowl, and says:

"The monks are going on in a large field, and bring with them three to a seat. A chair in the ward, and the second one to the monastery, which is the third one for me.... Psoriasis will come in protein is going to be sick, and I, the servant of God (name), I'm going to eat the yolk and make it healthy. The monk and the protein will lead to the wild animals. The disease of me is not going to come back. Even jesus christ, amen".

The stain is psoriatic plaque on his hands and feet

The Manual effects on the body

To remove the dental plaque on the feet and hands, it is worthwhile to use the special polishes. The healers recommend it to treat the skin in the middle at the base of the egg yolks. You need to boil the eggs in the blender the egg yolks, then fry them in a frying pan prior to the award of the oil. Drain in a colander for the liquid to cool and lubricate the vulnerability of the skin. Well, it helps with the ointment of 50 g of sulfur, 25 g of celandine, and 150 g of pork fat, 25 g of birch tar, 50 g / l of copper sulphate. All the ingredients are mixed together, boiled for 15 minutes over low heat. The cooled medium passing populations of the plate.

The diet, which will help to stop the progression of the disease

The specialist advises the patient to adhere to a diet, Pegano. Its core is the normalization of acid-base balance towards the account of consumption of a particular product. Is it ok to eat the vegetables, marine fish, cheese, cereal, fruit, and chicken.

With the right nutrition, it normalizes the body's metabolism, on the working of the digestive system, strengthens the immune system. In order not to give the disease to progress, it is necessary to adhere to a healthy way of life.

In Greek, He balms and other herbal medications

Recommended to use in the Crimea and in the Greek lip balm when your psoriasis. They are being sold in drug stores, retail stores and online. He spices it contains naphthalene, a mixture of micro-nutrient. Help when a mild-to-moderate severity of the disease. Apply it twice a day.

In Greek the ointment is applied to reduce the sharp edges of the backdrop. In its composition, propolis, pine resin, pollen, and other natural ingredients. Applied to the skin twice a day. After a half an hour after the treatment of the skin, it is recommended that you take a bath in the tar sands. The course of treatment is 3 weeks.

With the help of tibetan medicine, which will help to quickly get rid of this disease

Medicine treats psoriasis as a result of the offence the balance of these three systems, which govern the work of the body: bile, wind, and mucus. The bile is responsible for digestion, and the wind, to the nervous system, and mucous build-up through the lymphatic, and the endocrine system. The balance is restored, the comprehensive effects on the body.

  • acupuncture;
  • eye, treatment;
  • the points of the body massage;
  • the vacuum therapy systems.

Religions, yoga, and proven to run

Religions, yoga involves the use of exercises, and the all-wise. Each rune symbolizes the vitality, and help you overcome the disease.

Proven to run:

  • Eyvaz. Raise your hand and transfer your weight to your right leg. Breathe the fresh country air and imagine the body enters earth's energy.
  • Dagaz. You sit down and rest it against her hands on her knees. Focus on what it feels like for a long time.

You can cure the disease forever

To completely get rid of the flock of starving it is not possible. The Folk techniques of the physical therapy and yoga to help introduce the disease into a state of remission is prolonged. The success of this treatment is that these methods apply, in principle, the worsening of the condition.

Comments by patients and the success and experience of poor in-home therapy

Comments from patients regarding the application of people, methods of psoriasis treatment at home, most of which are positive. Well, the patients tell their stories about the ointment base in propolis, tar.

As for the plot, to the moon, urinotherapy, and spell, here the comment "ambiguous". Some claim that by using these techniques, the illness got worse and had to be treated in interactions with each other. Doctors recommend that you avoid the negative co-ordinate all the actions of an expert, and don't try and beat the disease in the acute phase and its complications, spells, and rituals, and the folk recipes of dubious validity.

Therefore, in the treatment of psoriasis, unlike the media, it is necessary to be carried out after consultation with your doctor. In some cases, are no area for medication this is necessary. The grass, setting up, and yoga are just a part of the overall therapy.