Tool for psoriasis

The main task in the treatment of psoriasis – find the perfect balance between well-being and the length of your time, energy, and money that You would pay by means of psoriasis therapy.

It is important to have a positive effect on the long-passed the side-effects of the negative side effects of their treatment. And the fact that there are many people that use the tools of psoriasis, rejoicing in an effective way, without thinking about the consequences of it: the fullness, the immunity of the hormone, thus increasing the area of the injury, and after a brief reference to the leaching of calcium out of the blood, and, as a result of problems with their teeth.

For many psoriasis patients, you just need to use moisturizers and cosmetics that is good for moisturizing and nourishing the skin with vitamins.


Usually, in the treatment of psoriasis, doctors will start with the local application of ointments, creams, lotions, but at home, you can take the natural remedies for psoriasis, for example, is at the root of the arctium lappa, or powder, indian tree of It. It is best to use a method that is non-hormonal, herbal remedies, in order to avoid the several side-effects.

Today, the pharmacy, the market offers a wide selection of different ways that are natural and non-natural, a lot of these, it is hard to find in the pharmacy, the usual, some of whom You'll see in a moment. The other is not a bad option, it is the use of the strata of the funds of psoriasis that you have used successfully in the past our ancestors, more than a dozen and there are hundreds of years old. The people did not come from herbs, roots, color: infusions, decoctions, creams, and juices to choose what your heart desires.

An effective remedy for psoriasis

The most effective modern tools for the treatment of psoriasis is genetically modified to organic food, which is often referred to as "monoclonal antibodies". The use of biotechnology for the creation of medicines, has led to the creation of the modern media, with the impact most in terms of direction under a source of problems than the conventional meds.

Bio-the drug showed its high effectiveness in the treatment of patients with serious psoriasis. Of these drugs only apply if the other treatments do not give result, as soon as I have a lot of serious side effects, and, of course, because of the cost.

In the second place, it is the best cure for psoriasis, it is such. Immunosuppressive drugs depress the immunity, so the immunity is no longer to attack the skin, pinpoint red spots on the body to settle until the complete disappearance, but, on the whole, that you can only stop taking the medication, everything is back to square one. Unfortunately, the means and methods of treatment using today's medicine and only for the time it takes for the manifestations of psoriasis and, usually, after some time, the disease returns.

A tool for the treatment of psoriasis

The cold treatment should be similar, as is the staircase to the top, a simple, natural, non-hormonal of the funds, or hormonal after birth control pills, injections, and then, as treatment with immunosuppressive agents, and bio-pharmaceuticals. It is important to understand the tool that has helped your friend, not necessarily to help you out.

Well, at the very least it will give you the aggravation, so it's not really worth it to rely on the opinions of the people, especially that of a stranger. If you are buying the tool for the first time, the result for them is a small area of skin to see if there is any negative reaction. If it's a tool for making inside and take a smaller dose than what you expected.

Natural remedies for psoriasis

Natural remedies for psoriasis

At present, more and more people are sick of a psoriasis, you should give preference to the natural tools, as well as that they have almost no side effects, compared to hormonal medication. By entering into our body through the skin, hormones, and other chem.substances that act adversely, not only for our skin but for the whole of the overall body. Causing of bad consequences, such as the violation of the adrenal cortex, getting used to the hormones, the stress on the liver, and fungal infectious diseases of the skin.

The herbal remedies, it is a force-a-nature: herbs, roots, flowers, oils and extracts, tinctures and t. d. All of this is very good, it helps against psoriasis, if you are following a diet and a way of life. After all, our grandparents and great-grandparents, and how they have been taken without the pills, and humanity, as we know, not in a million years. Once again we have arrived at that time, it means, to live and to be treated without pills, and finance companies. The people will wake up and begin to understand that it is best to take it, then, that nature has given us on this earth.

It was silly, of course, completely giving up on all of the medandtoandmentoznых of the funds, as well as in some cases, in order to replace them, not more. Yes, and some of the medical evidence confirms that some of the herbal remedies when compared with modern tablets and injections. If you are looking for the instruction of drugs, and a number of tools, which can be seen in the composition of natural ingredients, such as, for example, extracts of herbs and roots. This is the best confirmation of the effectiveness of our mother earth.

The living must be treated in vivo. Like I said, it's a grandma, if you give a cow a bunch of pills, and the cow nompet. And if you give up a lot of grass, which a cow has to give milk, and you will be well fed. If you have an tablet, in on the earth, nor in the future. And if you plant a seed, you get a new lease of life. Let's start with a review of the methods of the natural contra psoriasis.

The extract of burdock root when psoriasis

The tool of the extract of burdock root - extract of the juice of fresh root of burdock harvested in may. Burdock root has a diuretic, the antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial action, stimulates the cellular metabolism.

It increases the amount of glycogen in the liver, has a choleretic action, it reinforces the andntandtоKSandhecal of the function of the liver.

The extract of roots from arctium lappa inhibits the growth of malignant neoplasms, the improvement in the composition of the blood and of the urine. As a rinse, lotions, and intandрandnandй of his lapse in the inflammatory process of the mucous membrane of the mouth, eczema, seborrhea, and acne.

Driving directions:

To be recommended for the prevention and enhance the effect of the medical therapy.

  • the effect of various toxic substances;
  • poisoning substitutes of alcohol, when the withdrawal;
  • violations of fat, carbohydrate, water-salt exchange;
  • diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract;
  • rheumatism, gout, diabetes, obesity, and atherosclerosis;
  • skin diseases (furunculosis, eczema, allergies deрmandtUzzah);
  • of sores, burns of various degrees;
  • infectious diseases accompanied by fever such as motrin, tools,
  • cancer.

Composition of the concentrate from the juice, may the root of arctium lappa.

The phytocomplex

ФandtоtoоmпleKS when the psoriasis

ФandtоtoоmпleKS when the psoriasis - the care of the skin disease psoriasis. Natural ingredients, no side effects.

Using the program, You gently roll back the work of the central nervous system, the gastrointestinal system, removing the skin and itchy areas of the skin. In the absence of contra-indications, you can apply at any clerk of a disease and at any age.

The complex also includes the following:

  • herbs-bathing(10, sun)
  • the two types of tea in the mornings and in the evenings, during the month of use)
  • The unique, natural, and the cream on the base of the nandфtandlandnсtoой of petroleum, oils, and vitamins
  • polifepan

The entire complex is to be calculated on a month of use, and the cream, you can buy it.

The silicon, when the psoriasis

The silicone, when it is the psoriasis is skin diseases, poisoning, relieves heartburn. Silicon is the main element of the flexible structures in the body: cartilage, tissue, connective tissue, blood vessels, the gastrointestinal tract, the the tendons. In the late 19th century, French chemist and microbiologist, Louis Pasteur predicted a great future, silicon-on therapy.

The lack of silicon in the body can result in anemia, and with diabetes, diseases of the skin, loss of hair, and in the event of a problem arising in the joint education of the stones. Hair and skin have a higher content of silicon.

If the failure can occur on the skin, brittle nails, weak hair, thin. When you return to the processes which occur in bone, silicon is involved in the formation of bone substance.

Silicone is a natural, vegetarian feed additive, which is manufactured from a spring in the tail of a horse in the field.

Method of application: the product is intended for use by adults. Accepted for the ingestion of foods 1 to 3 capsules per day.

Milk thistle comes in capsules, when the psoriasis

Milk thistle capsules when the psoriasis: the most powerful renatonpotektop. Milk thistle is considered a stronger medicinal plant for the treatment of liver diseases: cirrhosis, jaundice, lesions of it, from alcohol, drugs, toxins, radiation....

It has anti-inflammatory properties and anti-oxidants. It improves the skin condition of the complexion, dermatology milk thistle is used to treat vitiligo, psoriasis, hair loss, and acne.

Milk thistle contains a natural substance silymarin, is a mixture of glycosides (silybin, silydianin, silychristin), which is, above all, it helps the liver to carry out detоKSandtoandцandоnnую, including by means of an improvement in the level of anti-oxidant protection.

Finally, milk thistle is beneficial for digestion, as well as the right amount of bile provides a comprehensive digestion of fats and absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

At the root of the dandelion is used for the treatment of diseases of the liver, and as a tool for reducing the amount of cholesterol in the blood. The root contains a large amount of vitamins A, b, c, and e, and is rich in potassium, calcium, and sodium, and contains phosphorus, and iron. At the root of the dandelion, is needed for the suffering from chronic hepatitis.

Artichoke extract - a powerful renatonpotektop, t. e., that are contained in the active substances, protect the liver cells against the toxins. It helps in digestion, reduces gandзообрandзоinandnande, and normalizes the activity of the intestines.

Composition: extracts of the seeds of the milk thistle, the root of the dandelion, a leaf from the artichoke.

Tincture of sophora japonica in the psoriasis

Tincture of sophora psoriasis - an application of sophora japonica, has a beneficial effect on the toroinetinорnую system of the body, and the composition of the blood. The mechanism for the corrective action you are Sophora japonica, the medicine is studied to the very end.

The tool is of sophora japonica, has wound-healing properties, accelerates regeneration of tissues, reduces the permeability and fragility of capillaries, it increases the body's ability to metabolize ascorbic acid.

Proven, the active antibacterial action against staphylococcus aureus and escherichia coli.

Tincture of sophora japonica, the following will apply:

  • When you take any type of vascular disease, including the prevention of blood loss, atherosclerosis, hemorrhoids, have high blood pressure or heart problems.
  • In the event of problems, from infection in the nature: of ulcers of the stomach and the duodenum, at the early stage of pulmonary tuberculosis, paraproctitis, dysentery.
  • To clean up the blood, and, therefore, it is particularly recommended for psoriasis, red lupus, eczema, and other skin problems.
  • The excretion of the toxins after a long treatment of harsh chemicals.

Outdoor use:

Tincture of sophora use for the treatment of troфandheсtoandх ulcers, sores, wounds, burns, and pressure ulcers when the hair loss, gandйmорandte, boils, and carbuncles, gрandбtoe of science, lupus, пandrodоntoze, paraproctitis, psoriasis on mastitis in mastitis.

Make a tincture to the inside of

1. h. l., to 3 times a day, in the 50 to 100 oz. of water before a meal. Taking one course of not more than 5 to 6 months.


The liquor of the nut, when the psoriasis

The liquor of the nut when the psoriasis - nuts to the stage, collected at the end of June, you are in our pantry to be more useful for human organism substances: iodine, polyunsaturated fatty acids, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, cobalt, phosphorus), vitamins (c, B1, B2, P8, E, PP, carotene, tannins, organic acids, proteins, essential oils, flavonoids. The fruit contains a single alkaloid juglandin.

The liquor of the nut, it has a wide range of steps: a bracing, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, wound healing, toroinооhandсtandtelьnоe, antiparasitic, abouttandinопandрandзandtandрnоe, geпandtоabouttetotорnоe, andntandandteroсtolerotandheсtoоe, рandссandсыinandющee, abouttandinоопухоleinоe.

Seed treated for disease of the gastro-intestinal tract, the thyroid, the cardiovascular system. It is proven fact that walnut is by increasing the activity of the brain, improves blood circulation and memory, increase intellectual capacity. In addition to this, walnut is a rich natural source of iodine, and vitamins.

The indications for the application of dye-walnut:

  • The reduced function of the thyroid gland, lack of iodine, beriberi,
  • an increase in fatigue, anemia, and breast фandбroanddenоmand of the breast,
  • arthritis, rheumatic osteoarthritis, osteocondrose, the diathesis,
  • neйrodeрmandt, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis,
  • systemic lupus erythematosus, fungal lesions of the skin, inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • anddneKSandt, uterine fibroids, male and female, with infertility, glomerulonephritis,
  • atherosclerosis, hypertension, vein thrombosis (dvt),
  • disease of the blood and lymphatic system (including leukemia), type 2 diabetes,
  • , the nervousness, and the irritability of the parasitic infection (infestation), benign tumors and malignant tumors.