8 the medicines when the treatment of psoriasis

With only skin lesions not experience in the dermatology?! Until now, scientists have not been able to figure out why the psoriasis is an issue in one way or another. Many times, the one that affects people 15 to 35 years of age. The impact of the heritage, of external stimuli, stress, intake of drugs which includes lithium carbonate, allergies, as well as an excess of love for free.


But this disease is not contagious. You may very well be in contact with a person who is hiv-positive and don't be afraid of your body. Psoriasis is a disease of the skin is the body's non-communicable in nature. Although it is often called a flake recently. Cause of this disease can range from the factors, but a lot of times it is due to an inherited predisposition. How to cure psoriasis in the folk media, as well as which ones are the most effective ways, you should take advantage of it in the house, you're going to learn in this article.

Be careful

People suffering from psoriasis, it is often the animal is a big mistake: it is the patient, and try to eliminate the outward signs of the disease, but also to address the external manifestations of psoriasis, it does not solve the problem from the inside out.

Roughly speaking, even if you remove the signs of psoriasis and can lead to the skin in order to within the body, the disease continues to eat autoimmune disease the underlying system, which leads to terrible diseases, many of which are life-threatening. Especially terrible is the fact that psoriasis can cause tumors.

The main features of the pathology.

Psoriasis has a chronic form, which is accompanied by a rash in form of papules with scales. Point out the various stages of this nasty disease

  • With the arrival of the first few papules. They are pink or red in color, with a surface as if with scales. As a rule, no itching at the first stage, don't look at each other. They are amazed at the stains on the body, in the area of the crease, and also on your scalp.
  • The appearance of new papules, which, in turn, have been incorporated into the already existing ones.
  • The affected areas will begin to turn blue and peel off. If the weather is not to see a doctor so the psoriasis it takes the form of an acute, and the body is formed of the infection, or in the plate.

The most severe forms of the disease are characterized by inflammation throughout the entire body, it can also be hips, neck, scalp, shoulders, and t. d.

In addition to all of the types of products, there are still folk remedies of psoriasis, over the course of time we get from our parents. But they gave him no more trouble, the front desk must be specified with your doctor. But when the psoriasis sufferers not only to skin, but the hair, the nails, and even internal organs.

This is a disease, was known even in the 19th century. It is a long time, and they are made of all kinds of experiences, and investigating the possible causes of the disease.

Completely forget about the psoriasis, it is not only possible, but it is possible to alleviate the condition of the patient. The treatment is carried out in a comprehensive manner. It will also include how to IUdикandIUнtoznye medications, and home remedies. Together, they will help you to deal with the problem, and help the illness to be weakened.

The stock

The assistance of the traditional recipes

In the treatment of psoriasis in the popular media, one of the components of the adjuvant therapy. Such a recipe appeared for a long time, even before the advent of conventional medicine. It is a disease, in its early days, it was considered to be a disease of the convict, because of this, then, is a disease that have been treated only in the calvary, and the tree. Made exclusively for war. Today, this disease, there is a lot to all kinds of drugs, but people are still going back to grandma's recipes, time-tested.

It is a disease that must be treated from the inside and from the outside. To address the use of all of the types are a mixture of herbs, to put in order the nervous system, enhance immunity, as well as to restore the functioning of the intestinal tract of man.

Method: 1. It is the most effective way

A decoction of the leaves of the laurel

The ingredients for this recipe will be in every home, and spend the money you do not have it. We took 7 of the little bits and pieces of the bay leaves and break up them. It should be about 1 ct. l.) We have taken the ability, we're going to throw in there that our shredded paper and pour it in 0.5 l of boiling water. Cook for therapy, the broth takes about 20 minutes.

Then, you should strain and drink a half a cup for 20 minutes before eating.

In lavroom a worksheet that contains a lot of vitamins and trace elements, all of which increase the threat. But, in addition, with the use of it, you bay, has its indications and contra-indications. It is a powerful allergen. When the long-term use can lead to constipation as well as it has the properties of a glass. Also, it is not advisable to drink the juice of the people with gastric ulcer, and duodenal.

In method # 2. The popular folk remedy of psoriasis

For its preparation collect at least 500 ml of aloe vera juice, 500 ml vodka, 1 liter of honey, 200 g. of the inside fat of a pig). Preferably, all of these ingredients, place in a crock pot, and all of the crevices as well samasatü of the mass. Find out more about the use of aloe vera on psoriasis, please read the article "Aloe vera when psoriasis"

This kind of medicine needs to waste away in the oven for about 4 hours at a temperature of 180 degrees. After prigotAVIlonсü orally 1 tablespoon 3 times a day.

The method (3). Decoction for internal use

Best of all, it is considered the previous of five medicinal plants, to which they are related are: chamomile, st. john's wort, trehcotNaya, violet, cherry red. To prepare the drug in the drink, you need to:

  • flowers-of-chamomile – 4-ct. l.,
  • st. john's – 4 ct. l.,
  • the grass trehcotNoah zone – 3 ct. l.,
  • the leaves of lingon – 2-ct. l..

To prepare the broth, you should be receiving. All the ingredients are well mixed. Then you get 1 tc. l. the obtained mixture, and pour in a cup of boiling water. Not necessarily, cover it with the storage capacity. We emphasize that this solution is not less than half an hour. The obtained extraction you need to add the 1 ct. l. and of an extract of siberian ginseng.

But will you drink this medicine should only be 1 time a day, and sometimes in the morning.

A tea of celandine

In the method (4). The recovery of tea

Tea Chistonteland. Chistontel it is a plant with amazing healing powers. But in the treatment of psoriasis, with this tool, don't forget to poison it, which contains this herb. Chistontel also contains all the vitamins and items are helpful to you. The most effective will be the results, if you Chistontel disease of the skin is to begin using at an early stage.

We have prepared for this infusion is as well. Purchase at the pharmacy, the herb Chistonteland. At home, you should take 1 teaspoon of Chistonteland, and pour in a cup of boiling water. НandсtandивandetXia tea for around 30 minutes. To use this solution before you take with a meal 3 times a day.

White paper # 5. Treated extraction

Juice of the barley harvest. For this reason, you need to have 2 ct scans. l l l l сonlondonвonй of barley flour, pour in the capacity of the storage area. Then, you must pour 1 litre of boiling water. To insist on such a broth, you need a minimum of 4 hours, so it must be the stress. Drink the infusion should be 4-5 times a day with honey or sugar.

In the method (6). It helps the juice from arctium lappa

An infusion of the roots from arctium lappa. The most wise and the roots are considered to be collected at the beginning of the spring term. They must dig up, rinse off and pat dry. The roots of this plant is very thick, so it needs to cut them off. We took a 1-ct. l., the roots are pounded, and then put them in a comfortable capacity, and pour in two cups of boiling water. Boilingtthey in the form of about a 10-minute walk. Then, we will leave it at 2 hours нandсtandивandtüXia. Filter, and drink 200 ml 3 times a day for 15 minutes before eating a meal.

The method of paragraph 7. a. Save it for the collection of herbs:

Herbs or blood cleansing and the tea party. For the preparation we make.

  • the herb burdock-4 ct. l
  • the leaves of the strawberry – 6 ct. l
  • stinging nettle – 4 ct. l
  • the leaves of the currant – 5 ct. l
  • grass, yarrow – 3-ct. l
  • purple trehcotNaya – 3-ct. l
  • succession in a 6 – ct. l.

All of the grass, thoroughly mix and get 1 ct. l. in 2 cups of boiling water. To insist upon the whole of the tea-it should be about 15 minutes. To take need one-half of a cup 3 times a day, preferably before meals.

The method of paragraph 8. The infusion of agrimony help you to you all

The infusion of agrimony. This tea helps in normalizing the metabolism and improving digestion. This pan can be purchased at a pharmacy. At home, we took a 1-ct. l. agrimony, and pour 200 ml of boiling water. To insist that the tea should be about an hour or so. It can be used up to 4 times a day.

It is also good for psoriasis and save the sea buckthorn oil. It is intended for both outdoor and indoor use. On the body of the sea-buckthorn oil has an anti-inflammatory, regenerative action on the skin of the body, and it is also the source needed for a person with the vitamins. Enough to drink, 2-3 teaspoons of fasting and prayer. But, when it takes on the inside, it has a side-effect, so it's not worth it to overdo it with the dosage.

Certainly, people are prescription of psoriasis are often effective, but it's not worth it, and you can forget about a proper diet, so that there has been no recurrence of the disease.

The collection of herbs:

You need to eat only useful products that contain large amounts of vitamins. Exclude from the diet all of the fat and also. The product must not contain any of the additives and preservatives.

Extra-therapeutic complex

The popular methods of psoriasis treatment can be used to air free-of-charge. Of course, most of us don't want to spend a бandснonсlonвных the money for the treatment, and to spend their time in the hospital, it's not the fact that the treatment options may help you. Because of this, we went back to grandma's recipes, that can be used in both children and adults.

As a folk medicine came about long before the drug treatment. This is the knowledge that has been accumulated over the centuries from our forefathers. Actually, this is the "recipe of the grandmother", but they are the ones that lead to the disappearance of unpleasant symptoms.

There are several options for how to treat psoriasis in the folkloric methods of

Salt in the bath

It is clear that, after an application from you, there is a special effect, you can't see it, but if you take it on a regular basis, it's not going to make you wait around a long time.

It is advisable to use sea salt. These boards you should do before going to sleep, and it is no more than 15 to 20 minutes. After a shower, it needs to be washed off under the shower, all traces of the salt, otherwise, the skin is the body's only going to get pissed off.

Herbal bath, when the psoriasis

Mix in the equal proportions of the following herbs:

  • production;
  • subject;
  • succession;
  • Chistontel.

Gently mix the mixture and pour in the boiling water at a ratio of 1:10. And then insist broth for about an hour and a youlивandeм in the bathroom. In the treatment of psoriasis and in the body, they can also be carried out within a period of 7 days. They deserve to "normalize" the state of the skin's complexion and reduce irritation, it also has an anti-inflammatory and toning action.

Flax seed oil

It has a high regenerating properties, and, in the short term, it returns the skin to its former state. But before you try it yourself, you should always consult with your health care provider for health care, as well as it is, in many cases, cause an allergic reaction.

The ointment base in propolis

It is quite possible to prepare it independently of each other. We need to enamelled saucepan, in it we put the 500 grams of butter. Thanks to the power of the board, and to forward, as soon as the water begins to boil him in oil. Turn off the gas and placed it there for 50 grams of npoteptoro honey. Then, gently mix, and, we hope, when the ointment is cooled down.

This ointment relieves the inflammation, and promoting healing of affected areas of the body.

Salicylic acid-ointment

The medicine is for external use only. It has a special place in the treatment of this unpleasant disease. Prior to your application, you should seek the advice of your doctor / physician. Pharmacies, there are many varieties of this wing. They differ from the percent of the content of the acid. With this disease you must purchase one of the 2% ointment. But it's the acid that has acid and is, therefore, one should not apply it for a very long time (over the course of the application, with a duration of 1 to calendar month with an interval of 2 weeks).


To prepare the ointment to the base of the кandlandнхonэ it will not be difficult. It is only with this paste to the skin perfectly clean in just a couple of weeks ago. But for your kitchen, you must carefully grind the leaves of this plant, and Chistonteland with petroleum jelly. To apply it, no need for more than 2 times a day.

Salt in the bath


To prepare the mixture, you need to only two pills of this magic bullet. You need to dissolve a tablespoon of the water with a small addition of olive oil. As it is a mixture of the appropriate sentence to be imposed for the hit industry.

Most certainly, immediately, of any improvements that you can't see it, but after just one week, you will start to notice small results. The greatest effect is visible when the psoriasis scalp of the head. You can add it to the mixture in the mask to the hair. The wound will start to disappear in front of your eyes, along with itching.

The oil of the fir tree

We take about 500 ml of water and 30 grams of the good to children at least three times. Put on a comfortable layer of a small fire, and cook it until it is dissolved. The obtained mixture need to be added to 500 ml of TICtonвonгon oil, and that it is perfectly possible to buy it at the pharmacy. At the ready, a hot bath, add 30 g of juice. To tell a lie, it should be no longer than 20 minutes. For the next one to take a bath in the solution that will need to be increased, but not more than 85 grams.

Even if one of the above methods did not help you, don't worry about it. All of the bodies are completely different, and if someone else is a recipe for the second one, it can affect your health.

He is able to make the appropriate treatment be able to advise you on the use of a multitude of tools. An effective treatment is a combination of several methods. Don't forget to take adequate food and the compliance of the diet, particularly when it psoriasis.