In the treatment of psoriasis medications

Psoriasis refers to a chronic disease, which, when properly selected treatment, you can hold for the long term. Typically, experts recommend the use of an appropriate medical treatment, which makes it possible not only to eliminate the discomfort and disease, but also to draw on the healing process, and the alignment of the skin. Today, there are different views of the drugs that are prescribed for a patient, when diagnosed with psoriasis.

The Gel

Ointment for the treatment of psoriasis

  • Steroidal ointment to reduce the redness and the itching. They are used in a lot of cases, when the patient has received a diagnosis of psoriasis. They are not suitable for long-term treatment, it is recommended that you use no more than seven days, in order not to cause addiction, and hormone disorders in the skin. Is applied to the tool in a thin layer on a small amount twice a day. After use, the patient observes a significant reduction of skin redness and itching, skin regeneration is carried out within 2 to 4 days. About a week after applying on the go, the milder ointments, sprays, and creams. It is strictly forbidden for use during pregnancy and breast-feeding women.
  • The ointment with the addition of salicylic acid is also a powerful disinfectant. But, when I use the ointment it pays to be careful, because it can be a lot to retain the moisture in the skin. It is applied to an ointment in a form of two times a day. Ideally, your skin, a pre-cleaning using a soap-based, thoroughly wash the affected spot and wipe it with soft towel or paper cloth. Over a quarter of an hour, apply the paste and leave it on the skin. When it is an urgent need for the ointment could be permitted to use, transport the child from the medical to the control. Bandage refers to a non-hormonal medication.
  • A Gel for external application. It is permissible to use the medicine in children aged two years of age, the patient's condition. To use the gel, you have a once-a-day, but on the weekend it is not possible to use more than one tube of ointment, so as not to cause the dosage. The duration of this course of therapy does not exceed 14 days. If your psoriasis appeared to be dead spots on the face, the use of the gel, you can continue to exclusively for a week or so. In other cases, the patient may end up with increasing rainfall. In some forms of the disease with the use of the gel, it can be a daily bandages are sterile.
The gel from the psoriasis

Spray is used when the psoriasis

Spray the c content of the wine, and mint in a deep, useful of essential oils. You can use this spray even during pregnancy, and in smaller patients. Spray spray-twice a day, and with a distance of 15 to 17 inches long. Please note that after the application of the test substance, it is only in the areas that have been affected. The product arrived in a healthy skin, you must rub it with a damp cloth. Due to the presence of oil, and the ethereal covers of the body to get fat, em-dashes, which should be taken into account in the treatment of psoriasis in the body. In spite of its effectiveness, the spray has a high cost and may not always be purchased for the patient. For the duration of the course until the complete healing and resolution of symptoms.

The tablets, in the treatment of psoriasis

These tablets are used for the rapid recovery of the normal growth of the cells of the epidermis, that will set you free from the pustules, papules, and scales. It is used only as the final stage in the development of psoriasis. The treatment plan is very specific. The patient can then be assigned to a single weekly dose of 10 to 25 mg of the active ingredient. When you need the most is strong, the patient takes the treatment with 2.5 mg every 12 hours, up to three times per week. For the duration of the therapy is solely on an individual basis. It is not possible to use it with the kids, and pregnant women.