Dispelling the myths — it is contagious and the psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a disease of a chronic character, in which are recorded the changes of the skin, covering the various areas of the body, in some methods, it happens to the defeat of nail plates and joints. Stemming from the label of colour to be red, with white areas on the skin are often called scaly-stealing.


This is the name implies, the majority of the people in the association with an infectious process and raises the suspicion of psoriasis is contagious or not. But, with the development of psoriasis and it occurs in the middle of an emotional overload, disturbances in endocrine and immune functioning, and not due to infectious disease and to failures.

It is contagious and the psoriasis of the skin to the other

The possibility of the transmission of the psoriasis of the skin of the infected person is healthy, it's a sharp question. The disease can lead to serious health risks and, at the time, it refers to a category of incurable diseases. Flock-of-ringworm – in the second, the name of psoriasis of the leather, it is a very common disease. However, the psoriasis, it does not apply to, infectious diseases, and depriving is only in the image.

Of the patients with psoriasis did not present a danger to the society, in frequent contact with him, and to be in a home that can't make it for the sake of the flock of being. The disease can occur in humans and, in the event that an existing predisposition, and the revitalization of the conditions in the middle of the shocks to the body. Communicating with a person with psoriasis, it can also be a source exclusively an aesthetic of discomfort. The risk of psoriasis for others, such as the myth that has arisen in the midst of a lack of awareness of the people about the nature of the disease.

Myths about how psoriasis is passed from one person to another

About 90% of the population does not make a distinction between those forms of disease of the skin. This is the basis for the widespread dissemination of erroneous assumptions about the nature of the appearance of the psoriasis. The company attributes the psoriasis, the etiology of the disease:

  • how about;
  • - viral;
  • infection.

Based on the supposed nature of the disease, the most common of the myths about the risks of infection are:

  • the drip path;
  • of the goods;
  • the infection during sexual intercourse;
  • the infection is through contact with the blood.
A patient with psoriasis

The confirmation of the infection, it specifies that a family can hurt you more than any one person. Also, in intimate communion with the person attacked, and after a while, the psoriasis is to another person in the neighborhood.

Flock-of-ringworm – an infectious disease, transmitted by air-borne

The part of the people are inclined to believe that the flock of mycosis refers to the disease that can be transmitted through the air-to-drip way, and act on the effect in various infectious diseases. A common theory, but not a confirmation, it does not exist. Studies in laboratories have confirmed that the contract with psoriasis, therefore, it is virtually impossible, and it does not refer to the illness of a viral nature.

When they come into contact with the sick, with the touch of your hand (the only way)

The myth about the transfer of the psoriasis of the skin, and it started at the bank in association with fungi as well as infection from the common stripping occurs, into contact with an infected person; and the animal or the human. However, in the name of "flock-of-ringworm" for psoriasis has been defined because of some of the visual environment of the areas to be affected by it. Psoriasis is not a contagious disease and cannot be transmitted from one person to the healthy-the only way – when you touched it with your hand on the part of flaky skin.

The transmission of a sexually transmitted disease

Having sexual contact with a person that is on the skin of the skin that are present in red flaky areas in which they have an affinity for "stealing", it is not legal for many, this is due to the lack of awareness about psoriasis. Flock-of-ringworm is not a sexually transmitted disease, and it is not a threat to the partner, in the case of close contact. In this case, it is the pleasure you get during sex, it increases the intensity of the synthesis result, it is likely to positively affect the overall health of the person and enhances the functioning of the central nervous system. With a partner on a regular basis is an important step in the adaptation of the patient to his normal life. In 50% of cases of sexual satisfaction affects the success of getting used to the new way of life, which is required by the condition. The socialization of the people with the scaly deprive, acts as an important role, as well as the emotional and psychic well-being of a rigidity, and a person is able to take on the complex emotional disorders.

Psoriatic arthritis disease

You can get the patient in the process of taking care of the patient

Pins in the shape of the transmission characteristic of the wide range of varieties of disease of the skin that are caused by micro-organisms. Over the bed is hypo-allergenic and contact with them can spread the bacteria, fungi, and viruses. When you tap on a patient with a rash of different disciplines, in the form of flakes, can get into things, but contact with them is not a threat to the health of other people. The disease is caused by a disturbance in the rate of cell division, and that he did not have an infectious aetiology. In the process, the care of a man who has been infected with psoriasis get sick, it is not possible in the absence of any hereditary predisposition to this disease. The pathology, it is not possible to be infected and you touch your skin, as well as a flock of ringworm is not passed on to the home and the water from the roads. The patient is not a danger to others, and, even when close to the body in contact with it, to get the disease, it can't be. Psoriasis is an immune is a chronic condition a type of the power supply. The disease reduces the quality of life, and the ways to be able to make a full recovery that does not exist, but, with proper treatment, it is possible to get a long remission duration, which is calculated in years. When the psoriasis is supplemented by a staph or fungal infection, and the disease germs that remain in the objects of everyday life. When they come into contact with them, for otherwise healthy people, is transmitted exclusively to the pathogen, but not for psoriasis.

By infection through the blood

In the pins of the infection, but it is a characteristic feature of chronic hepatitis B and C, HIV, and other illnesses that are basically brought on by a virus. Diseases with similar characteristics are made possible through the donation of blood, the application of non-sterile mel.de tools, needles, tattoo parlors, beauty, insect bites, and in the intra-uterine period, a transmission occurs from the mother to the fetus. During the study, all cause the disease, the factors that may be able to determine that the psoriasis is not passed on through the blood, as well as the causes of the infection, and the genetic code in the 9-locus and disruption of cell division in the epidermis. Medicine, it has been confirmed that psoriasis is not able to be passed on to a person who is healthy, who lives, along with those who are suffering from psoriasis, regardless of the intensity of the contact.

Flake recently

It is transmitted the disease is inherited or not

Psoriasis is not passed on genetically to its full extent but only to the version of the set-up. In addition, each patient is "their own" for psoriasis, as well as a variety of diseases in which there are differences according to the characteristic of the current therapy. The presence of bias at the level of the gene, the organism responds to the start of the disease, and factors in a different way. Psoriatic arthritis, the disease has different manifestations in men, women, and children. The transfer of the gene for psoriasis" from a father to a son is proved by the scientists is the fact that in the order of 50 per cent of the children whose parents are patients of psoriasis also have it set-up. When the condition 1 is that of the parents ' populations, the pathology is diagnosed in 10% to 25% of the children. The disease may not be seen until 30 to 35 years old, and will develop only in old age or in the third, when the immune mechanisms are reduced, and the transfer processes in the body are not as intense. The provision is already there in the genetic makeup of the fetus, that there are already a couple of "failures" of the genes that make up the body of a child in this condition. Genetics is at the moment still haven't figured out a way to stop the transfer of such populations, a gene" of the older generation followed.

That flake recently: the real causes

At this time, the doctors also suggest that in psoriatic arthritis, the disease is a specific reaction of the organism to the various stimuli from the environment, which is the formation of the sheet, and the amount of erosion of the skin's complexion. According to the opinion of scientists, from the flock of the ringworm might be caused by the following factors, adverse, and long-term impacts on the body.

  1. The genetic predisposition of the child, which was due to psoriatic arthritis genes", if someone's blood relatives.
  2. An infectious disease of this character.
  3. Harsh, cold, and the weather in your region of residence.
  4. The disorder of metabolic processes in the body.
  5. The abuse of alcohol and the production experience of many years of cigarette smoking, ingestion of drugs, toxic substances.
  6. Immune deficiency, which can be seen not only as a phenomenon, but also occur during transport, fruit is pubertal, menopausal period.
  7. Durable in contact with aggressive chemical compounds, including drugs, burn.
The wing

Often psoriatic arthritis the onset of the disease manifests itself in individuals with a high level of health and a strong body, and at least for now, the medicine is similar to cases in clinical trials is not fixed. However, the doctors indicate that there are factors which potentially could be a triggering mechanism of the disease, even in otherwise healthy people. These factors include any of the following side effects, and the state.

  • thin and dry skin;
  • the constant stress;
  • the huge, free, it can inhibit the natural protection of the skin;
  • dependence on tobacco, substance abuse, and the like);
  • time periods for the application of pharmaceutical medications;
  • the tendency to allergic reactions;
  • frequent serious injuries.

Most of the options are free and the worsening of the disease and its manifestation in an otherwise healthy person, it is not possible. Many times, the populations, the manifestations it takes a combination of many negative impacts on the body, which becomes the trigger for the onset of the disease or its recurrence. The disease manifests itself, regardless of its age, but there is a standard that has previously psoriatic arthritis, the disease was given to know more of the effects and complications of your current will be.

The principles of treatment of the disease in the house

In order to completely eliminate the disease, not the case, even when the car and the center, for intensive treatment. Most of the options, the populations, the manifestations will arise once again after a long period of remission. However, in the treatment of psoriasis, and to maintain a state of remission for many years in the house, it is possible to, as well as the elimination of the symptoms is acute, and the cleaning of the skin, the integument of the papules, and plaques. A fundamental principle underlying the treatment at home, which is in the monitoring of the disease, and the prevention of the complications of psoriasis. To treat the condition in the home is to use one of the following ways:

  • topical ointments, topical creams;
  • the body lotion;
  • shampoo – in the event of failure of the scalp;
  • and herbal teas;
  • for soups and stews;
  • post.
The blood-contact infection

However, the use of any means, including on the basis of natural components, it is necessary to consult with your doctor or health professional. The council will also reduce the potential risk of complications because of the inappropriate use of prescription drugs. All of the options in the therapy of a target to the relief of the state, as well as the translation of the disease is in remission. In the case of an at-home treatment is necessary to monitor the compliance of all the rules, which are these:

  1. During the period of drug therapy of the application site is a must to protect your skin and your nails from dryness. It is important that from the sun. Also, it is not necessarily the one you want to use moisturizers, which allows them to preserve the natural moisture of your skin and complexion.
  2. When the lung earlier stages of the disease, it is not desirable to apply the powerful medicines, as well as the psoriasis, and lends itself well to the subject of the drug at the base of the plant.
  3. To achieve the best therapeutic effect, prior to the application of the drug in the skin, it is necessary to thoroughly clean it from scales and crusts.
  4. It is not desirable that an amount to apply to a variety of medications, as well as their interactions, can give an unexpected result, as well as turn out to be more effective, for a reasonable price standard amenities will be a difficult one.
  5. It is necessary to adhere strictly to stick to a particular recipe, and an outline of the treatment at home.
  6. In the case of an aircraft, and in the sun it is necessary to read the response from the applied drug at similar effects after the use of certain medications, should not be exposed to processed of prolonged direct sunlight.
  7. It is important to adhere to the mode of the day, and build a better world. It is necessary to overcome the addiction, as well as the therapeutic effect can be compensated for by a weakened by the alcohol, and the substances contained in the tobacco. It needs to review its own walk-in closet – wear only natural fabrics.
  8. After a single course, it is necessary to have a break. How much more powerful and a reasonable price standard amenities apply, at most, there should be a gap before you can continue to use it.

Compliance with the listed rules, contributes to enhancing the therapeutic effect. Also, these recommendations are intended to help you avoid the complications and side effects due to safe drug use. Rule of thumb – on a regular visit to your expert witness and the evaluation of medical status of the patient.