What you get psoriasis

Psoriasis is called the chronic skin disorder. Over the past few years, and we have a growing number of the population, which may be related to environmental conditions. In the past, this disease was known under the name of "flock-of-ringworm". For the first time, the skin disease psoriasis manifests itself on the people in the next 20 to 30 years of age. With the loss when the disease affects the skin, nails, and joints.

The cause of the disease, psoriasis,

There are a number of possibilities from which you receive with psoriasis, however, in the end, this aspect has not been studied. There is a theory that there are two types of this condition, however, the main causes of psoriasis are not clear-cut.

The first type of the disease, the origin of which plays the role of a factor in genetic changes in the immune system. In this way, you are more than half of the patients with psoriasis. One is struck at first by the skin.

The second type is not related to the immunity, and heredity, is manifested after the age of 40 years. The defeat is found mostly in the joints and the nails.

The cause of the disease, psoriasis,

Thus predisposing factors and causes of the disease of psoriasis, which can be:

  1. Traumatic injuries of the skin, including sunburn, insect bites, and a tattoo.
  2. The psychological causes of psoriasis. It's mostly the stress. Psoriasis in the nerve the ground now, it is not an unusual one. The majority of the individuals observed the primary demonstration of the signs of the disease, following the death of a close family member. As well, the psoriasis manifests itself in the from of the nerves in the workplace, in their personal lives.
  3. The application of a particular type of medication.
  4. Virus (scarlet fever, influenza, and streptococcal infectious disease.
  5. Of the day. It is well known that in psoriasis, and alcohol do not go together, because it weakens the immune system of the body. Psoriasis and smoking here and also you can be attributed to them.
  6. Allergic reactions and toxic exposure of the skin to a variety of chemicals.
  7. Disease, fungal dermatitis, on the basis of which it is the psoriasis more often.
  8. In women after giving birth. Psoriasis and pregnancy are closely related to the experience and the stress.
  9. ARE HIV-POSITIVE. Psoriasis and HIV will only speed up the progress of the disease.

Why is it showing up on the psoriasis

The doctors have a different do you think your psoriasis is, however, a point of view that is not. In general, at the time of the psoriasis is considered to be multivariate in the disease provided a comprehensive exposure to a variety of reasons.

That is truly studying it, then, that the disease of the skin psoriasis and does not have the infectious nature, and, therefore, it is not a contagious disease.

Even in recent times, scientists have written about the reason for the occurrence of psoriasis is due to a poor diet, however, there is a scientific proof that the theory is not.

The symptoms of psoriasis

The first symptoms of the disease manifest themselves in the following manner:

  • de-lamination of nail clippers and a violation of the general structure;
  • the appearance of cracks in the skin, causing the sensation of pain.
  • pustular rash;
  • the bark is strong, and the death of the cells of the skin;
  • the feet and the palms of the hands, the appearance of the blisters;
  • itchy, red spots on the body, especially in the area of the elbows and knees to the face. They have a convex, covered with whitish scales.

Many a times, people with psoriasis, according to the state of depression, and low self-esteem. The defeat of the nails, the joints, and the rise of the temperature, it is said, that, as a result of the absence of early treatment, the disease has no complications.

In the treatment of psoriasis

Diagnosis and treatment: how to remove the worsening of the psoriasis

The analysis and research of lab-on-a supplement to the clinical picture will help you to diagnose psoriasis as a disease. To remove the psoriatic plaque separates from the film and on the surface of the remainder of such a wound, appear the tiny droplets of blood, in the form of a mist. This sign is one of the characteristic differences of the disease, other dermatitis.

When in the lungs, and the center of gravity currents and applies the treatment in the form of creams, lotions, gels. In its composition it is made up of glucocorticoids, tar, oxide of zinc and boric acid. The best proven method of non-hormonal ointment for psoriasis, they do not have any side effects.

In severe cases, to apply this method of treatment is puva therapy when psoriasis as well as in the so-called phototherapy. It is a property of the ultraviolet light to suppress inflammation and reduce the roles of local immunity.

If the disease is of long run, and the other methods do not work, you should use the drug topically, and the injections. Most of them have side effects, such as the oppression of immunity and of the toxic action on the liver, and the kidneys. Therefore, the therapy is you spend only a specialist in the office of and under the supervision of a doctor.