You can cure your psoriasis for ever

Diagnosed with psoriasis, it causes a lot of worries, including how to really get rid of psoriasis for ever. The desire to finally get rid of the disease is understandable, considering that if, as a result of the symptoms, such as inflamed red license plates of the surface is flaky. In addition to this, the disease can affect auto-immune, and it is applied with a severe chronic pathologies. Respectively, to fully cure the psoriasis, it means to get rid of recurring exacerbations, and enhanced injury to the skin. It remains to uncover the effectiveness of the therapeutic activities offered by the modern medicine.

psoriasis on the hands

If you are able to get rid of psoriasis

In order to solve any kind of condition, it is necessary to know the reasons which have caused their development. Respectively, in order to cure psoriasis is to always make sure that you understand why it was made. And here arises a difficulty, because the answer to that is fairly to cause disease, the factors that did not exist. The condition does not apply to a contagious disease, it occurs as a result of a reaction of the immune system of the cells. The result becomes excessively rapid division cycle of normal, is about a month, with psoriasis, this period is shortened to three to five days.

You have the disease, there are a number of characteristics that are confirmed in the statistical data:

  • In all of the world's population, the disease affects about 3 percent per year.
  • The most common one is the ordinary type of the disease is observed in about 80%.
  • You are suppressive in the affected areas of pathology are detected between the ages of 15 and 25 years of age.
  • Many times the challenge factor, it's an emotional turmoil, because the release of cortisol, adrenaline pumping.
  • The disease can be passed on through inheritance. If a family has one parent or one parent has psoriasis, a 25% of a newborn is detected with the disease. In the case of the existence of the disease, and that of his father, and the mother's risk of illness of the child, it rises to 60%.

It is important to you. Considering the chronic character of the pathology, to get rid of psoriasis for once and for all, it is not possible, then you can just throw the flare and the length of periods of remission.

In some cases, the disease can manifest itself, sometimes resulting in deterioration started, for no apparent reason. More often than not, that psoriatic plaque occur in the folds of the limbs, with the growth of the thin line, at places, a perfect fit of the garment. When you do this, the inflammation may spill out and on to other sites.

Of the psoriasis the degree of severity of the development of the disease

If you win your psoriasis forever, you need to resolve the negative symptoms.

When you do this, it is of great importance to the degree of severity of the disease – making it the smallest, the easier it will be for the treatment of:

  • On the first level. In the area of the skin affected is not more than 3%, it is easy to stage of the disease.
  • The second-grade level. When the center of gravity, the defeat affects 3% to 10% of the whole of the skin.
  • The third-grade level. This is a very serious stage, when the pathological process involved more than 10% of the surface area of the body.

When, on the defeat of a disease of the joints, they say, on the way to the grave, with an area of skin that has been damaged, it doesn't matter. To treat psoriasis is to always (or at least trying to resolve the negative symptoms for a long period of time, you will need to determine the level of severity of the condition, and that it is necessary to assess the affected area of the surface, and the presence of redness, swelling, a skin manifestation of rash, presence of psoriatic plaques, and its secondary infections, swelling of joints and pain.

It also takes into account the total number of the symptoms of leaking process is the high level of ESR, rapid fatigue, and the concentration of the uric acid level at the time of the delivery of the blood test and so on.

Treated if psoriasis completely, and what are the principles of therapy

the symptoms of psoriasis

The research on the complete cure of the disease occurring at different health centers and clinics, and in 2008, he has managed to develop three effective methodology of treatment. The full cure of the psoriasis, even when using advanced methods of therapy available today, it is not possible, however, to remove quickly the performance of the negative as possible. Often, what is needed is a step by step approach, starting with the treatment, with a more user-friendly, secure way. Gradually, it is made up of the weighting methodologies – the expected impact on the the most effective, but the risk is even greater.

In order to quickly cure the psoriasis is a need for an integrated approach, but it is the way in which they are selected, to increase the toxicity, or in the order of increasing number of suspected side-effects:

  • The local therapy with the use of creams, lotions, or solutions of their cause the heads to the surface of the skin.
  • If the effect is to be expected when you start to apply the treatment is at fault, the damaged areas give off the ultra-violet light of type b
  • In the next step, the system of treatment in which the medicines are to be entered into, in the form of a shot, prescribed an iv infusion of medicinal solutions, in order to suppress the symptoms of the disease.
  • The severe pathology and the need for the introduction of drugs to strengthen the immune system.

In other ways, which include the folk music, recipes, diet, carrying out physical therapy to plasma exchange. If necessary, it can be recommended to psychotherapeutic sessions.

Drugs for the completion of the treatment site

The treatment allows you to get rid of the psoriasis, mild to medium, and to record in the house, which damaged the surface of the body and cause various ointments, solutions, lotions,.

The most popular relate to:

  • Hormonal medication. Assigned to steroids allow you to lock up the inflammatory responses, a reduction in the rate of cell division, and immune responses. As a result, it diminishes the scaly plates, but the skin is getting used to" the medication, you may receive the pra. Respectively to the exterior of the application of hormonal substances may not be over.
  • In parallel, the corticosteroids have to be prescribed the drugs in order to suppress the division of the keratinocytes. They are not to be used at the same time, with all the facilities, which include salicylic acid to avoid the inactivation of the properties that are useful.
  • The assignment of the drug to the base of the salicylic acid allows it to slow down cell division and to arrest the inflammatory process.

One good effect of the medicines that may contain tar, zinc oxide, acid boric. They have a calming effect on the skin and has a Ichthyol, it is used when the shapes of the pathology, is clearly of the inflammatory process.

how to treat psoriasis for

The methods of irradiation in the skin

To defeat psoriasis help of the radiation and the skin, to actively apply yourself to the therapy, such techniques are of use for a serious condition, prone to re-offending. Ultraviolet light helps to suppress excessive immune system activity and inflammatory reactions in the skin. It should be noted that the method of give-and-side-effects – redness of the skin layer, its drying in the impact areas.

It can be attributed to:

  • In the course of therapy, as they have to, B-radiation. In this case, to communicate, or the whole, of the body, or in a certain area. When a small area of defeat to use special equipment, with which the treatment can be carried out in the home.
  • PUVA therapy, the skin can stimulate the the combination And ultraviolet light, and medicines, photosensitizers, that is, to develop the sensitivity of the skin to the rays. To achieve remission, it is necessary to carry out the 10 to 30 sessions.

Keep in mind that PUVA therapy is accompanied by many other phenomena. Because when you the completion of the procedures, examples of which can reach the lens of the eye, high risk of cataracts.

It is important to you. The greater the number of sessions, the greater will be the likelihood of the formation of cancer in skin disease. Respectively, the PUVA-therapy is given only when other techniques have not given you the results you want.

The use of systemic therapy

The system is a treatment applied to a serious illness. To remove the psoriasis, by using this technique, you have to take the medicines, which are capable of suppressing the activity of the immune system and preventing cell division. The treatment system involves an internal receiving therapy or an injection to get started. The applied drugs, for the most part, they have a lot of other phenomena, producing a toxic effect and inhibit the thyroid.

The reception of these drugs have a negative effect on the liver, and the kidneys, is because in therapeutic systems have been developed, one at a time and that their implementation requires the control of blood tests.

The treatment system shall use one of the following groups of drugs:

  • it disrupts the synthesis of DNA, which increases the rate of cell division.
  • stop unwanted actinic layer of fat.
  • the innovative making of the inflammation of the skin.
  • that normalize cell division.

In order to effectively overcome your psoriasis need to be considered addictive, the body and the therapeutic techniques, which require the regular review of the approach.

The involvement of the people in the income

the system of therapy

The revenue, on the basis of various natural ingredients allow you to beat psoriasis at home before you can use the recommendations of the traditional healers, you should talk to your doctor.

On your own, you may want to make a variety of an ointment, is highly effective, it is considered to be the inclusion of propolis:

  • On the company's ability to melt 200 grams of butter.
  • Adds 10 grams of already crushed in honey.
  • To a mixture of to bring to a boil, boil, boil, boil and stir for 15 minutes on a small fire.
  • The tool is to be filtered, and the legal scrubbing on the psoriatic arthritis the damage.

The other tool is simple – it is a mixture of equal parts of petroleum jelly and a powder of a celandine so as to obtain a homogeneous mixture and a uniform that must be worn on the skin, and leave this gauze on for two or three days. Then, you need to quartã a pause, and the repetition of the above procedure. This treatment is carried out prior to the loss or destruction of the plates.