What psoriasis is, the causes of the disease

According to the statistics of the diagnosis of psoriasis " is registered in the 3 to 6% of the entire population of the world. To the fullest extent that you are affected by the people with a fair complexion. The appearance of psoriasis and it occurs more frequently in the age of 15-45 years of age. It is also possible for the representatives of both sexes. The statistics you are talking about a disease, but a serious problem. Considering that the risk is great and relevant, it will be in the possession of general information about the condition of the broad strata of the population.

The key points to the location of the psoriasis

What is it?

Psoriasis is a complex chronic disease, and the development that is connected with the working of the cells of the immune system. They cause inflammation, spreading of the upper layers of the skin. The result is a hit of leather, as well as the nails. It occurs the abnormal growth of the skin and capillary vessels. This disease is one of the most widely studied, but for now, the scientists can not answer all of the questions about its causes. Officially, it is considered to be incurable. While the disease is accompanied by periods of temporary improvement and relapse.

For the last name of cohn – flock-of-ringworm. That is associated with the appearance of the manifestation of a disease, such as red / flaky patches. They are only acting on the surface of the skin that have a rough surface, with a white ring. But "recently" — the name is provisional, since the micro does not play the root cause of the disease.

Causes of

Scientists have extended to various theories as to the cause of your psoriasis.

  1. It is an autoimmune disease, the causes of which are to be found in relation to the functions of the immune system. The cells that carry out the functions of protection, it will begin to penetrate the upper layers of the epidermis, which leads to the development of the disease. They cause the active division of the cells of the skin.
  2. For the reason that become a disturbance in the growth, maturation, and division of the epithelial cells. These changes mean that the immune cells of macrophages and T-lymphocytes to examine the cells of the skin, with a disability, such as the sick, and they attack it.

None of the theories do not give the main answer to why is that happen this immune dysfunction, and failure? Due in part to a lack of knowledge about the disease remains incurable. There are factors that can contribute to the development of the disease.

  • Hereditary predisposition in the child, the father or the mother, who was suffering from psoriasis, the risk of disease is 15 to 17%, both parents – 25 per cent. But, even among the family members of the disease is not diagnosed, the risk remains and it is about 5%.
  • Some of the features of the skin is dry and subtle. According to the statistics, the holder of such skin are at risk for the development of the disease.
  • Erythrodermic psoriasis
  • The excess of hygiene is an obsession for personal hygiene, in this case, you can either play it as a joke in bad taste". Constantly exposing the skin to a mechanical external impact, in conjunction with the cosmetic, and the man that destroys the protective barrier, and it violates the work of the immune system.
  • External irritants – contact made with household cleaning products, all types of alcohol, solvents, cosmetics, and t. d.
  • Taking certain medications – this disease can be one of the side effects. This is a group of medicines that fall the anti-malarial and anticonvulsant drugs, beta-blockers, anti-depressants, lithium carbonate, and others.
  • The disease fungal diseases and the golden – statistics are observed to have a large number of cases, such as when the illness began, and after such infections.
  • The tendency to allergic reactions.
  • A number of "stressful" situation for the body to move, Kardinulina the change of climate and time zones, the strains and depression.
  • The presence of bad habits, especially long-lasting for them to follow.
  • HIV and aids is one of the mysterious reasons for the onset of psoriasis. The fact is that HIV is a decrease in the activity of the cell, and is the cause of psoriasis is a increase in your business. But the statistics show that people with Aids are at psoriasis.
  • Regular basis of the impact effect on the skin as well.

Types of psoriasis and their

It stands out in three phases:

  1. Progressing along with the emergence of a new rash, and the defeat of all the major areas of the skin.
  2. Secured to save of the different size and shape to the existing flare, and the lack of the emergence of a new one.
  3. Retrogressive – it reduces the number of plates and their sizes.

The disease, depending on the species, is divided into two major groups:

Vulgar – characterized the end of the eruption, in the form of plaques, or papules — nodules, of a reddish colour, growing on the skin. Most of the rainfall is clearly outstanding, and they have grey-colored due to cover the surface of the silver flakes of the white. The value of the cards, it can be a 1-to 2-mm to 15-mm and 20-mm or more. If you lightly scratch the surface of the plates, then the surface starts to peel off even further. Also, when you remove the scales, the surface can be noted on the mucous epidermal layer, and forming a surface that is wet, the effect of the "terminal film". When the light of the poskablivanii to the shiny surface of the rash may occur in the phenomenon, Auspitz-Politenkova – to-the-assignment-of-drops-of-blood-coalescing among themselves, and, as a result of damage to the skin, a full-blooded taste. The main location of this type of psoriasis – the head, the surface area of the large joints (knee, elbow).


Erythrodermic psoriasis – it is developed in the context of the acceleration of psoriasis vulgaris. The main factors that cause the incorrect therapy of the disease, to the interruption of the treatment, neuropsychiatric factors in parallel in acute infectious diseases. While the disease is spreading actively, and the fusion of the plates. When active, the impact of the negative factors, to a drastic deterioration can occur very quickly — within a couple of hours. By fusing the plates to form a bright red surface, with swelling, and the skin golden brown. It is likely that the appearance of the cracks, the deterioration of the general state of the an increase of temperature, pain in the joints and muscles, cold flashes with goose bumps, increase in lymph nodes, and the t. d. d.

Pustwlasny – more-of-a-kind rare, it is a different record, and it may pose a risk to the life of the patient. We highlight some of the 7 forms, the main ones are:

  • Widespread – disease-you can get started quickly. The skin is covered with red, blistering, and then it will appear pustular eruption of the skin. It is a very sensitive one, and in the course of the disease is accompanied by strong painful feelings. Precipitation, melt, and form a purulent area, which continue to be the distribution on areas of the skin.The disease has a cycle for the first 1-to 8-weeks old. For mitigation of hotspots in some areas, it should be the emergence of a new local centre. Purulent firstly, the falling away, skin erosion of the surface, where it is a lot faster EPItelisala.The main areas of the location, enter the portions in the neighborhood of the joints, is sometimes in the head, face, and even the language.
  • LadOnno-atdolweny pustwlasny (Green) – will be surprised by the area of the palms of the hands and feet. But, in contrast to the shapes that are similar to psoriasis vulgaris, the rainfall has pustwlasny character, with purulent contents.
  • Arthropathic psoriasis – will be surprised by the small plates to the joints. At the beginning of the pain, much, but, in the future, and is in the process of generalizing, which is accompanied by swelling of the joints, severe pain, however, to the limitation-of-motion, and even sprains.

The symptoms of

Psoriasis is a systemic disease, capable of damaging the skin, nails, and hair. The main area of failure in most of the cases, it will become more general characteristics. The Total of the symptom for all the types-of-psoriasis — in speakers in the precipitation of the bright red color, with a rough surface. They are accompanied by severe itching, when it is in a phase of strong pain, and joint deterioration in the condition of the patient. The rash can strike in any area of the skin, but, usually, the first signs appear in the area of bendtfiles has been the joints, head, back.

In order to appear papules may have different shapes:

  • gold.
  • in the bitmap;
  • Monetton-of-focus.
The wheal

The symptoms of psoriasis, according to the location:

  • In my mind, is the absence of the precipitation is in the form of flaky boards. Stand up from the surface of the head, under the hair. The latter will not be damaged. The form of flakes on some of the points that look similar to dandruff, therefore, in the initial stage may go unnoticed.
  • In the face – plate were formed to smooth the skin (on the forehead). Their appearance is possible in the mucous membranes, such as, for example, in the mouth, on the tongue.
  • On the nails, there is a defeat on the cards. This can be the appearance of small of the trench, similar to the marks of the bite of the needle, such as "thimbles". It can occur in the symptoms, it looks like the result of a fungus, change the color, peel-and-t. d.
  • The joints of the precipitation is in the form of plaques with a scaly surface. Plate to substantially protrude above the surface.

The symptoms of psoriasis do not have a clinic in in the form of their manifestations are very diverse. The danger of the special symptoms of the damage system, because they have to say about the combination of the various types of psoriasis.

It is contagious and the psoriasis?

This disease is not contagious! This is the answer to all of the practitioners and the academics. It is very important for the training of people who are suffering from psoriasis in the society. The person does not pose any threat to other people. The disease is not transmitted from any one of the possible ways. The question of the hereditary tendency, discussed earlier.

The methods of diagnosis of psoriasis

For the diagnosis of the disease, the following methods are used:

  • external inspection;
  • the collection of medical history, including information on hereditary predisposition;
  • laboratory tests – the general and biochemical analysis of the blood, and the definition of the level of cholesterol and glucose by urine test in the areas of balance between salt and water;
  • when a diagnosis of arthritis-psoriatic arthritis-is an x-ray examination, magnetic resonance imaging, puncture of the synovial fluid in the joint (type of examination, by a medical individual;
  • further analysis, aimed at defining the general state of the patient, and the identification of comorbidities.

The impact of the diagnosis on the patient's life

Psoriasis is a chronic condition with a bright, express SIMPtonмаtикonй. Therefore, in most of the cases, he will have a serious impact on the life of the patient. Depending on the extent and location of the location of the plates may cause problems in particular with the development of socio-psychological adaptation of a person.

The presence of rash in the open areas of the body, it can also become an obstacle to the professional in the discharge of its responsibilities on all objects with the presence of other factors of influence. It can be difficult lessons for some of the sports-attending public spaces – swimming pools, for example.

The main problem is a psychological complex, and the need to adhere to a certain way of life, and of the rules of the diet.


Methods of treatment depend on the type of psoriasis, the initial phase, the location, the general condition of the patient and many other factors. It is always a comprehensive treatment. All of these methods can be divided into the following groups:

  1. IUdikementonзные.
  2. Non-drug:
    • of physical therapy;
    • in the diet;
    • balneology.

When IUdikementonзнonм the treatment is used on the local system and the preparations for the internal use of the reception desk. A common technique is for, when the processing begins with those who are less active, schAdvalue of the drug. If the action is ineffective, then it is not a replacement for more powerful drugs. But even in those cases in which the treatment of a patient in an appropriate and positive results in the process is replacement of the similar drugs. This is to help prevent the addiction from the body and to maintain a positive trend. For the best effect of the location of the treatment are topical ointments. Thanks to its properties, the paste does not remain on the surface of the skin, as is the case with others outside of the drug and the conditions of the plate and penetrates into the interior. In the early stages of a health care provider may be a method of non-hormonal creams. But the most rapid and high-quality for the purpose of giving the hormone creams. According to the degree of its effect, they are classified as follows:

Psoriasis of the nails
  • poor
  • the average activity of the network;
  • which are mighty;
  • very hard

The medicines for internal use are classified in one of the following groups:

  • such to a decrease in the activity of the immune system (Cyclosporin a).
  • drugs whose action is directed to the treatment of formations in the sore;
  • retinoids have an impact on the process of the formation of the upper layer of the skin, by the elimination of the irregularities, and these drugs are derivatives of vitamin E.

Physical therapy methods include the following:

  • the фontontarapey;
  • лазерontarapey;
  • the ultraviolet radiation from the sun;
  • криontarapey;
  • phonophoresis;
  • elektрonсonн;
  • Rentгенontarapey.

The assignment of procedures to the purely individual.

A set of methods of treatment, it is also formed from a broad area from the location of your acne:

  • for the therapy of leather, the parts that are used for treatments, special shampoos, ointments, face mask, starting from the techniques of physical therapy, the ultraviolet radiation from the sun;
  • in your hand, and your elbow creases are treated in the place of drugs and medicines for internal use and for the reception.

At the conclusion of

Psoriasis is a complex and hard-to-atddaushima the treatment of the disease. It really is life-changing for someone is not the best. In the possession of the patient, together with professionals trained to make your life even with this diagnosis, full, and happy. The key is in the on-time delivery and the reliability of the treatment.