Psoriasis on the hands

Psoriasis on the hands, it applies to dermatology diseases of the skin of a chronic character, and, in spite of the fact that it is not a disease, it creates serious problems of social adaptation of the patient, in the surrounding of a company.

Psoriasis on your toes

The disease begins with the appearance of a specific plate in the region of the palms, and the extension member. The reasons for the development of psoriasis by the end, it wasn't clear, but it is not contagious, is not transmitted to the contact by means of, for example, by means of a handshake, and personal hygiene items, provided the old notes for the patients. However, it is a need, if not, the release is able to lead to a serious infection of the skin.

The causes of the injury, psoriatic arthritis hands,

For the most frequent causes of psoriasis are:

  • hereditary predisposition;
  • faults in the immune system;
  • in violation of metabolic processes in the body.
  • the causes of psoriasis on the hands can be an emotional overload;
  • a poor diet;
  • to the evil ones.
  • full of the intoxication of the body.
  • often, it is enough that the causes of psoriasis are a viral, bacterial, and fungal infections;
  • a sudden change in the weather;
  • chronic diseases of the skin;
  • the long-term use of some of the interactions with the media (anti depressants, anti convulsants, steroids, and t. d.).

In addition to this, the reasons for the worsening of the disease, may be in excess of the free, because of the different materials of the drugs to strip the skin natural protection. Therefore, it must be remembered that psoriasis is not a contagious disease and it is the excess of hygiene is required.

The symptoms of psoriasis on the hands

As a general rule, the psoriasis on the surface of the palms of the hands are more severe than in the rest of the form, and it's much more difficult to treat because the hands are in constant contact with people, objects, and household cleaning products. When the involvement of an inflammatory process in the finger, and the nail may occur, loss of sensation and swelling in the joints.

The surface of the hands dry, are brittle. When psoriasis appears on the palms of the hands are marked with the signs of thickening-and coarsening of the skin, such as calluses. The clinical symptoms of psoriasis on the hands, reminiscent of lichen and eczema, and therefore, it is often carried out on the sample of the material for the biopsy.

The main symptoms of psoriasis manifest:

  • redness, and increases the dryness of the skin;
  • they may develop in the swelling and thickening of the skin;
Psoriasis on your hands
  • many times, it is marked with the crack ncopuatuheckux nyctyl;
  • on the surface, is affected you may experience any of the symptoms of the merging of the items of a one-time occurrence, and the consequent spread to other areas of the skin.

At the time of the cold weather, the signs of psoriasis, manifests itself in the form of a blistering and peeling of the affected area. If it is not dealt with in the your toes that appear swollen, and the thick ncopuatuheckue of blood platelets, which can be painful.

Forms of psoriasis

The fingers of the hand.

With the development of this form in the first place the shell in the affected area, which later become inflamed. Generally, psoriatandhESCA, all the symptoms become aggravated in the autumn-winter season. If psoriasis is left untreated, it can be hassle-free.

In their own hands.

This is a form of psoriasis that only occurs in 25% of patients. The signs of the disease are similar to cumntomatuke on the fingers of the hand, however, when the pathological process in the skin under the arms becomes rough and is hyperemic education, while the corn, which is highly itchy, and itchy, and creating patient discomfort.

LadOnno-plant is on the way.

This type of psoriasis occurs more frequently only in patients whose work is connected with increased physical activity. The symptoms in this way is developed by the appearance of small papules, which is covered with silvery scales and can, later on, to merge with the uniform ncopuatuheckue of the plate. With the further development of the process of the disease, the symptoms of psoriasis and may occur on the lateral surfaces of the palms of the hands. Psoriasis in palms, with itching, painful, that it takes the patient to the development of the neurosis, and insomnia.

Arthropathic psoriasis.

This is one of the most severe forms of psoriasis, which is accompanied by a loss in the joints. Initially, we are surprised that the joints in my arms, and then the process that is involved in the major joints. Many times, pain in the joints and may appear prior to the beginning of papular eruptions. Many times a patient is present in the eye. When you do this, you ncopuatuheckux a rash is not.

Psoriasis on the palms

Psoriasis Barbera (Pusthavelesny).

Pusthavelesny psoriasis of the palms of the hands and soles from various infections, stress, or hormonal failure in the body. Precipitation, surface-pustular, if you work in the middle of the ncopuatuheckux of the plates, the limits of light. Most often, a rash that is located high on the thumb and index finger. When you do this, it is not a deterioration of the general condition of the patient. In this form of the disease is marked by frequent recurrences, and therefore, the psoriasis and Barbera, is very difficult to cure.

ПсорandandtandhESCA эрandtrodeрмandя.

In some cases, such as in the worsening of the usual form of psoriasis on the hands due to exposure to irritants can get psoriatandhESCA эрandtrodeрмandя, which ncopuatuheckue lesions are to be observed, not only in the area of the hand, but on the whole body. The affected areas become opaque, hyperemic, with heшhaveйhandtsмand eruptions of various sizes. The patient may be heat stroke, landмфanddeнandts, and the sharp deterioration of the general condition of the body.

On the stage of the disease

Psoriasis on the hands is divided into 4 stages:

  1. The initial one is expressed in the form of small papules, which have a round shape with a gloss surface and smooth over the contours. Many a times, the disease in the form of initial looks, such as psoriasis vulgaris. After 2-3 days, you will receive the shell and to an increase in the size of the acne. Psoriasis on the fingers of the hand, in which the primary method most often manifests between the toes, there are 3 specific expression (stearic dot, psoriatandhESCA in the film " the blood of the dew), the so-called "psoriatandhprogramme of the triad". Further, a start-up form, you'll get to the progression;
  2. Progress — during this period, it is celebrated for the growth of new and existing ncopuatuheckux a flare-up. Papular nodules that are painted on, and the skin over-expressed in the center of the papules. Many times the cause is at this stage, they are minor injuries. In this case, a papular eruption of the skin, linear;
  3. In the fixed — facing the termination of popular growth. The skin of the hull, thereby reducing ncopuatuheckue of the precipitation becomes cyanotic;
  4. Back of the stage, when the regression papule surrounding white zone is 2-3 mm in diameter. it can Occur by resorption of the nodules from the center to the edge. The rash will disappear, and the skin is completely. On-site papules is it possible to hypopigmentation of the skin.
The stage of psoriasis

The traditional treatment for psoriasis on the hands

In the treatment of psoriasis on the hands, it is quite a complex one. Normally, the reference ncopuatuheckue plates are visible on the skin, in spite of a significant reduction in file size. The treatment needs to be comprehensive, and especially a decrease in the irritation of the outer skin.

Most often, they are assigned to:

  • dealing with psoriasis is, first of all, we highly recommend you using the media wing, which is smooth, and perfectly heal the skin;
  • to relieve the swelling in the hands and tingling that are attributed to the anti-histamines;
  • for the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract and the liver, it is also recommended that the administration of the drug;
  • to boost the immune to the forces that are assigned to the drugs for immunity;
  • many times, the doctor to the psoriasis it is recommended homeopathic remedies which gently stimulate the body. In addition to this, they are almost non-existent manifestations of side-effects;
  • depending on the stage of the psoriasis, the doctor will prescribe пrotandвовоспandlandtelьнhaveю of the wing, as well as the kepatolutuheckue, and reducing the outer tool;
  • if there are no contra-indications, are given fotохandмandоteрandпandя, and physical therapy;
  • aches and pains in the joints, it is advisable to take away the pain.

A good effect is observed when the massage with fingers and palms of the hands, and special ointments and creams. These drugs enhance the the circulation of blood, and the landмfotOK, which has benefited from reflecting on your skin. However, one should keep in mind that you apply the cream, and then use the ointment only after consulting your doctor, taking into account possible contra-indications.

Popular forms of treatment

The key to get rid of psoriasis on the hands, has medicine, alternative and popular forms of treatment. At times, these techniques will allow you to achieve a long remission.

Popular forms of treatment include the following:

  • have a positive impact on the skin to have a bath with sea salt, they take it to the front of the exterior with the use of the product. The salt has an anti-impact, take the swelling and clear the skin of the calf. After this procedure, the skin is a lot better
  • Popular forms of treatment
  • it is recommended that the adoption of the herbs in the trays and (1-ct. l. 1 l.) warm water with the addition of calendula blossoms, chamomile, medicines, valeriana officinalis, and huctotela. The procedure is to be performed no more than 20 minutes per day;
  • at the affected locations, it is a good idea to apply a paste prepared from 0.5 h. l.) powder huctotela + child lotion (5 oz.) + 1 for chicken for the protein;
  • well, it relieves the itching, the infusion of juniper berries and the peel is reduced when you use the birch-tar.

However, it is not just the recipes, the folk, and the treatment is symptomatic and can counteract the symptoms of psoriasis on the hands.

A long remission may occur if prevention activities, which include the following:

  1. a regular moisturizing the skin of your hands, by using a cream or ointment;
  2. warning from falling into the hands of a detergent;
  3. it should be on a special diet.

In order to obtain maximum efficiency in the treatment of psoriasis, it is necessary for a compulsory obedience to the appointment of a medical doctor. It is important to remember that this disease is not contagious. Psoriasis is not passed on to the contact path.