The initial phase of psoriasis: picture, symptoms and treatment

Many doctors believe that it is the result of increasing tension in society, and constant stress. It plays a significant role in the pollution and poor feeding since birth. These adverse factors and hereditary predisposition lead to the manifestation of the disease and make the current.


It is very important in order to timely recognize the onset of the disease and consult a specialist. On this depends the success of the treatment and the final destination. After all, with the progression of the disease and the deployment of the clinic painting dramatically changes the quality of life of the patient.

The problem side of evil of the disease lies in the fact that the demonstrations are clearly visible to the other. Expresses the skin to change in the form of flaky red spots, with a tendency to fusion. Flakes peeling of skin in the eyebrows and in the head, dandruff in the hair, brittle nails deformed. All of this accompanied by itching and hemophilia.

This is a partial list of suffering that cause the disease. The man becomes irritable, introvert, trying, without much the need to not leave. People avoid psoriasis patients with fear of being infected, although many know what is the disease to others is not dangerous. In addition to the physical suffering blended with, and the painful anxieties of the patient.

The patient is in a state of stress is prolonged, which aggravates the course of the disease. Depression occurs still due to the fact that psoriasis is quite difficult to heal. The chronic disease has relapsing.

This means that, at some point, the symptoms disappear, the skin is clean, but after some time, it can occur a exacerbation. Competent patients well informed about this and try to time take measures to prevent recurrence.

The first manifestations of the disease - the initial phase of psoriasis

Psoriasis genetically deterministic disease, which is transmitted by inheritance from fathers to sons. If you are sick, a parent, a period of relatively favourable. If both parents, the disease manifests very early in childhood, and flows very difficult. This is why it is very important for parents to remember this and observe the children. The first dark rashes on the skin need to immediately contact your dermatologist.

The first symptoms in children may be papular eruptions on the skin of the upper and lower limbs. Favorite location elbows, hairy part of the head. The papule is a skin rash, towering over the surface of the skin. Color - red, pink, clear boundary. Gradually, they can merge and form the items by type of cards.

The initial phase of psoriasis

Because of the hyperkeratosis characteristic of psoriasis, appear gray-yellow flakes, which peel, exposing the bloody surface. The adhesion of the bacterial flora and the inflammation leads to redness, swelling and itching.

Typical symptoms are called psoriatic triad. If there is, can say for sure that it is psoriasis:

  1. If the scratching of the plate, then the surface becomes white as the stearin. Flakes peel. This phenomenon is called "stearic macula";
  2. More scratching of the plate, beneath the scales is red swollen surface, as if covered with cling film. Is the phenomenon of the "thermal film";
  3. If you damage the film, you will see a drop of blood. This signal is named "red blood dew".

Psoriasis in children

In children, vulnerable to the exudative manifestations, that is, the assignment of the exudate - serous fluid, skin become coarse, thickened. Areas occupy large surfaces. Many times the child like skin rash, confused with the atopic manifestations of allergy.

The attempt to treat the traditional methods do not bring the desired success. Thus, during the long duration of allergy, you should consult an experienced dermatologist to verify the diagnosis. Only he can set the disease and assign the correct and timely treatment.

The initial symptoms in the hands

The appearance of spots on the hands, with a tendency to fusion, the bark, the label is an excuse to go to the doctor. The skin on the palms of the hands when psoriasis tends to be actínico - thickening, she begins to crack.

The application of creams does not give almost any effect. The disease progresses and can cover the joints, leading to its deformation, swelling and pain.

Psoriasis of the nails

When the defeat nail plate, it thickens, and deforms. The nails become brittle. In serious cases, may be the detachment of the nails". Many times the nail psoriasis, it is confused with the fungosas defeat. In the treatment of fungi, the process is even more pronounced.

Psoriasis on the elbows

Psoriasis on the elbows

It is the most common one is the location. First appear isolated precipitation. Then, they begin to merge, appear flakes. The plates increase in size, capturing all the new locations.

Psoriasis in the head

This is one of the most unpleasant varieties. First appear small stains on the leather parts, that it is hardly noticeable. The hair in this case, do not suffer. But, to the extent that the progression, the plates are starting to spread. Sometimes, affect all the hairy part of the head.

The focus can be on the neck, on the face, in the region of the forehead, the eyebrows. Flakes peel, appears strong itching. When you brush cracks appear and inflammation. Areas immerse yourself in the face and head.

Psoriasis on the body and on the feet

The manifestations are the same, as at other sites. Also appear for the first time the unique elements that gradually fuse together. Can occur the thickening and roughness of the skin, especially on the back.

Causes for the occurrence and the recurrence of an order are not clear. The main ones are hormonal and metabolic changes due to several factors stimulants.

The disease refers to the auto-immune, that is, the violation of the mechanism of the immune response, when the owner of the immunocompetent cells that attack the skin, causing the disease. Relapses frequently occur in the cold season of the year, after stressful situations.

How to treat psoriasis

The therapy of the disease is carried out under the guidance of an experienced physician, don't forget to come to the reception of the same for long periods of remission. Self-medication is filled with the weighting progression of the disease, the emergence of forms of resistance. As before you start treatment, the more favorable the result possible to be obtained.

Psoriasis in the head

Comprehensive treatment and long duration, with application to drug drugs, that attaches the doctor. In the initial phase is carried out protects the therapy, without the use of "heavy artillery" - cytostatics and hormones.

In no case can be dealt with these drugs alone. Uncontrolled application takes a devastating and repugnant to the downstream of the disease. The specific cure for psoriasis only defines the doctor.

To begin with, a complete examination is performed of the patient in search of comorbidity, such as diabetes or thyroid disease. Are identified violations of state hipovitaminose, of the disease on the part of the digestive system.

To restore the functions of the body facilitates considerably during the pathological process. To decrease depressive states are applied antidepressants.

The local therapy includes the application of various ointments, gels, sprays. Ointments are made on the basis of tar and solidol, oil. Medicines, hydrating the skin and removing the inflammation at the base of salicylates, apply as additional therapy.

A good effect gives physiotherapy and spa resort therapy. The application of therapy baths, ultraviolet radiation greatly facilitates the course of the disease.

Psoriasis on the nails

In the house are applied broths and extracts of medicinal herbs, such as chamomile, celandine, succession, calendula, appliques.

For the treatment of psoriasis in head if you apply treatments, special shampoos, ointments. Comb the hair need much care not to damage the skin.

Do not need to despair and depression. When the outer problems, psoriasis is not a life-threatening at the initial stage and responds very well to treatment. It is necessary to believe in success, and then everything will be all right.