Psoriasis is contagious or not it is passed on to the man's man

Today, psoriasis of the leather and raises a number of issues, in particular, can get around, you can come into contact with the patient. It is for this reason that a large part of society reacts to the populations label the other negatively, being careful not to make contact with these people. We'll talk more about this dilemma, and we will try to help you, our readers.


We want to reassure you, to communicate with the man, who revealed himself to the disease, it is absolutely secure, in spite of the ominous view of the stinging papules. Therefore, the notion that psoriasis is contagious, it is a myth that has no evidence base.

The causes of psoriasis

Psoriasis is not an infectious disease, so it is not transmitted from one patient to a healthy person, for example, when you use the object for personal use via saliva, sexually transmitted diseases). Unfortunately, the etiology of dermatological disease, scientists are still studying it, in spite of the ever-more popular.

However, with the experts in a particular area, to present one of the main factors for the occurrence of the disease is a genetic predisposition to the disease of the skin. There is a possibility that psoriasis can be passed on through inheritance.

The patient of skin disease occur, of the changes in the interior of the cells of the skin, covering the body. Psoriatic papules develop, particularly in people who are predisposed to the disease. At times, the disease is manifested to our children. A characteristic feature of psoriasis is that a person does not mean that the disease, they can, at any time in their development.

In addition to the factor of the genetic origin of the disease, it is possible to highlight a number of reasons:

  1. The consequences are migrated to the infectious diseases. The pathogens, and will have a negative impact on the overall health of the body, and having a negative impact on the overall characteristics of a person. However, scientific studies have shown to have a lower likelihood of the development of a pathology, without any previously existing susceptibility to psoriasis. According to scientists, the good doctors in the field of dermatology, the infection can speed up the process of departure of the disease from a state of latency.
  2. An allergic reaction. Some of the luminaries of medicine, to believe that psoriasis is one of the manifestations of allergic reactions at influence of some of the products and / or viruses.
  3. Disorders of the metabolism and the immune system. When problems occur with the exchange process, involves the company in some of the places that the skin is excessive numbers of lymphocytes, and, then, it is shown that the itch and inflammation. In this case, the patient may have, as a rule, there is a genetic predisposition to the disease. In addition to this, the immunity of a person and exposes him to the development of many serious and infectious diseases (tonsillitis, angina), and so on), and allergic reactions.
  4. The fault levels of the hormone. Violation of the natural functioning of the endocrine system involving the variance of the functions in repair of the epithelium of the human skin.
It is contagious and psoriasis

Psoriasis, captures so many innocent people on the development of a health condition, as a complete surprise. It is usually the effect of a heavy, nervous agitation, prolonged depression, or other defects in the central nervous system. Disorders, psychosomatic starts the engine of the violations of the metabolic processes in the human body, which, in turn, implies the development and worsening of this disease.

In addition to internal to have a negative impact on the situation in the presence of a patient with an infectious disease, such as flu, colds, sinusitis, tonsillitis to ear infections, tooth decay and other diseases as well.

In accordance with the foregoing, it can be concluded that in dermatology, the pathology of the disease, only in this case, if a person has a genetic a genetic disease, or you suffered from severe forms of the infection. In connection with this, it is clear that low immunity in the probability of the occurrence of the disease is much greater.

The symptoms of psoriasis

To confirm the diagnosis, must go through a screening in a health care facility. The symptoms that are characteristic of psoriasis are:

  1. The spots of a scarlet colour, with a rounded at the edges, especially at sites of damage to the skin.
  2. Education is peeling in the center of the papules.
  3. Severe itching at the sites of the rash (occurs in people with low immunity).

The pathology of the skin characteristic of the gradual expansion of the skin. It usually appears in small plates, which, after a few days, they begin to multiply within the body, covered in scales of gray. The initial phase is not more than 2 to 3 weeks and then the spots will increase in size and unite, their number will increase considerably.

Localized rash can be on any place on the elbows, hands, feet, and head, her nails, her face. It appears with the disease, even in young children (including babies) and elderly people.

It is contagious and psoriasis

It is contagious and psoriasis, or for others, and ask the people who have a family member, friend, or other acquaintances with such a diagnosis. In order to answer this question, it must be assigned to the pathology of the skin with a certain disease.

The other name of the disease – flake recently, and that the majority of people it is seen as a disease, a skin disease transmitted through animals, and people. In addition to the external environment, these are 2 diseases that don't have nothing to do with them. For the psoriasis non-contagious skin skin disease is, therefore, to live with a man that is suffering from it, it is not only possible, but necessary. The patient is in need of the support of family and friends, so it's well worth it to give it some attention. The heat, and a relationship of trust and confidence with the disease, you will as well.

The psoriasis on my elbows

This disease are suffering in both women and men, but the beautiful half of humanity, it is most often found, and bring them to one of the worst. With the onset of the pathology of the skin that occurs during the replenishment lead time of hormonal adjustment in the body of teenagers, and aged up to 25 years of age, as well as the formation of the the endocrine system, which is a breeding ground for disease. Unfortunately, scientists can't figure out the origin of the disease.

It is transmitted by inheritance

Heredity is probably the only reason why the disease has been proven, scientifically, over the. When the diagnosis of one of the parents, there is a great chance for the development of the disease in children.

The scientists also found that the blame for all of the genes that are responsible for susceptibility to psoriasis. In the course of the disease is manifested when an individual earthquake, the factors, on which was written earlier in the article. An analysis of the health professionals, it is not complicated and because of this, they need to from time to start the treatment.

It is transmitted through contact with the sick person

It is transmitted psoriasis for a person-to-person, and a great many of the people on the subject matter. Unflattering flaky papules in some parts of the body, it is impossible to hide it from prying eyes. Don't have any special knowledge in the field of medicine and to the surrounding suspect's referring to unknown phenomena. Watching the eruption on the body of another person, and they're going to avoid get in touch with him, considering that on the way he met a carrier of a contagious disease.

The condition of the skin, it is called a flock of recently, which many people associate with the disease, it will be forwarded to you by a simple touch, that is, the shearers are depriving, you can get the kids after playing in the street with the courtyard cats and dogs.

Since Ancient times, mankind has suppressed the people of the affected psoriasis. The scientific studies were not brought in to smooth out the predictions, thus suggesting that they are caused by the infection, but the evidence is not of this world.

To contract psoriasis of the skin, it is not possible, so there is no need for you to talk with the patient, to escape from being looked at. The only way of acquiring the disease, it is hereditary. Other ways of infection are not there.

Psoriasis on the back

Psoriasis and sex

It is transmitted psoriasis while having sex, in contact with a sick person? With this question in dealing with the patient concerns office of your treating physician. Considering that the psoriasis is not a sexually transmitted disease, by way of the approach of the partner to infect you this is not possible.

In the meantime, all the signs of a venereal disease sexually transmitted infection, sexually transmitted infection, which is reminiscent of the skin on populations of the species. When you test a leather-covered boards, with a purulent bag for the sores and blisters. The fallout may also be taking off. As soon as the symptoms, especially if they had an act of unprotected sex, urgent need of blood for analysis in the laboratory.

As we have seen, the psoriasis, it is not possible to acquire a bed, but on the venereal infection in the other. Even more, some of them cleverly disguised as a psoriasis. So, as soon as if you suspect a skin rash, immediately consult an expert for confirmation or denial, and refutation of the theology of the diagnosis.

Psoriasis and blood transfusion

According to the materials that are contained in the sources of science, close to a variety of patients and dermatologists of the disease after a bone marrow transplant, there was a significant improvement on the state of the skin. And vice versa, and have no place in the rare event of acquiring a disease from the donor's, pain, psoriasis.

As explained by the scientists, it has developed a skin condition in the following way. The cells of the immune system response, resulting in a factor of (internal, infectious diseases, and so on) are moved to the area and the impact of these factors, and inflammation. In the first place, and responding to failures in the processes of immunity in the body to keratinocytes, and a rapid cell division in the epidermis, which involves the formation of a psoriatic flare-up.

Most likely, during the transfusion of the blood of the guilty, for the development of the process of the disease, they were the only immune cells in the blood of both the donor as well as stem cells in the bone marrow. Please note that in the cases cited above are of a single nature, so afraid of getting psoriasis through a blood transfusion, it is practically not possible.

In the treatment of psoriasis

Due to the fact that psoriasis is an incurable chronic disease. When you do this, and thanks to the modern techniques of medicine, it is possible to achieve a long remission, which may last for a number of years.

The methods of treatment of skin disease:

  1. Therapy techniques (eg, photochemotherapy and PUVA therapy).
  2. With the help of medications.
  3. Eating a balanced diet.
  4. The use of the tools of folk medicine.
The stress

For the prevention of psoriasis

If the condition is not treated in a timely manner, it acquires the acute form. The title of the papules grow all over his body, started bleeding, and the scalp flaking, losses may even affect the nails. All of this takes place in and around an eerie and creepy impression.

Not informing the people to avoid psoriasis patients with a fear of getting out of them. Even worse is the case of the children, which followed the disease. At school, the healthy children on them, bullied, and believe it was contagious. The little patients to the dermatology office very much suffer because of this, they are able to develop a complex.

Sick people find it difficult to adapt to and in accordance with the diagnosis, and depressive state, only to make matters worse, the state generally. It is well known that psoriasis is a very long time, it may not occur to you that you do not encounter trigger factors: stress, infectious diseases, bad habits, and so on and so forth.

The people who are suffering from the problem of the skin of the disease that requires the support of family and friends. It is the involvement of the family will help the patient to cope with the complex and lead to a fulfilling life. And the health of the nervous system, it will act in the patient's healing, and to help them to enter into your life.