Shampoos for psoriasis

Psoriasis is called the chronic, non-communicable in nature. This disease affects hair on the body is manifested in the convex form of red or pink spots, which will eventually start to peel off. More often than not, the psoriasis appears on the elbows, knees, buttocks, shoulders, feet, in the palms, in the genital organs and into the hair follicle to the top of the head.

the symptoms of psoriasis

The main causes of the onset of the disease

  • Mechanical damage to the skin.
  • The abuse of the means of the body, and any other personal hygiene or unhygienic drug use.
  • Frequent contact with chemical products or detergents containing substances in its composition.
  • On the basis of a professional activity, when the work is related to direct contact with acids, alkalis, poisons, polishes, solvents, dyes and t.p.
  • The excessive dryness of the skin.
  • The stress-condition-body (with a sudden change of the weather, personal problems, substance abuse, narcotic, or alcoholic beverage product, the violation of the regimen of the diet and the routine of the day, your excess weight, re-enforced by exercises).
  • Some of the medicamentoznye drugs also can contribute to the development of psoriasis.

The symptoms of the disease

It is important to note that, when the first signs of the symptoms of the disease, you need to see a doctor. The timely treatment of the disease will help the body to more quickly to deal with the symptoms.

If the psoriasis affects the hair part of the head, then the symptoms can easily be confused with the commonplace dandruff. If it is on the back of the scalp, and are a branch of a small-scale. The most important difference for these scales is that once the psoriasis is the exfoliation of the skin, may be accompanied by blood in the wounds.

In this condition, the scalp begins with a painful itchingtü, but the hair, the skin on the head, it is not possible, it can lead to an increase in the square of the illness. It is important to be treated by a doctor's recommendation. The main ways to treat psoriasis on the head is a sedative and is outside of the usage of ointments, solutions and shampoos against psoriasis.

If you wash your head when your psoriasis?

While the disease is psoriasis of the scalp in need of the most tender, and they were taken care of. The disease brings a lot of suffering, and because of this, the shampoo hair should choose, taking into account the composition were analgesics, emollients, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal substances. In a shampoo is good if your psoriasis is, it necessarily contains the extracts of medicinal herbs, or any medication of this substance.

What are the shampoos that help with psoriasis?

All of the shampoos that when psoriasis head are divided into the following groups:

  1. MoneytArnie.
  2. The Anti-fungal.
  3. Therapeutics, with their composition and medicamentoznye means (salicylic acid, zinc, and t. p.)
  4. Cosmetics by medicine.
  5. Children's shampoos.

Let's look at the details of each and every one of these groups.

the shampoo for psoriasis

MoneytArnie shampoos that when psoriasis the hair follicle to effectiveness of the product

The data in shampoos, can have on your makeup, or wardrobe of a tar or a pine or a juniper. All of the varieties of active substances, when used regularly, also to get in contact with the skin, sore head, effectively prevent the onset of psoriasis and to ease the burning sensation, flaking, and itching of the scalp. In addition to that of a fly on the composition of the shampoo that contains a substance, which may also have a positive effect on the suppression of a yeast infection. It should be borne in mind that the type of shampoo that is when psoriasis of the scalp that is chosen is purely individual in each case.

Antifungal shampoos and medicinal

The action of the sub-group that directly led to the destruction of a fungal infection. In their make-up shampoo that is when psoriasis of the scalp containing active and excipients, during the course of the implementation of the effective way to cure a fungal infection.

Hair medical

This group also contains all the nutrients, which help in eliminating the infection. The most effective shampoos in this group is: shampoo with zinc or salicylic acid.

The method of application of the treatment is to shampoo with the following: - the medication is applied to damp hair and scalp, sunpenivatXia for 5 minutes, then rinsed with warm, running water. Enough to be applied to the specified shampoo 1 time a week, but in the treatment of psoriasis, it should last for at least 5 weeks. Side effects of this medicine, they rarely manifest themselves, it is only possible allergic reactions of the skin in the components. The tool is to be used during pregnancy or while breast-feeding may only after consulting your doctor. The price of this shampoo, the psoriasis on the head is too expensive.

Cosmetics and shampoos for psoriasis in the head

These tools are not only for the health properties, but also has a positive effect on your hair and scalp in general. If you use either of these shampoos for the hair, you can do this with obedience, to get rid of dandruff and hair-loss, to reduce the oiliness and dryness of the skin.


Hair of the baby

Children's shampoos, and generally does not contain the number of months, colorings, and other harmful components. At the same time, in the shampoo composition, has the only cure, the component is useful, which is ideal for psoriasis of the scalp.

It is important to remember that the real cure to the shampoo when psoriasis may refer you to a specialist after a thorough examination of the symptoms of the disease. The question is, what shampoo helps psoriasis will also respond to you only by a doctor. It should also be borne in mind that it is not the treatment of the disease, it can lead to a relapse in the years to come.