Ladonna-plantar psoriasis

Ladonna-plantar psoriasis, it is sufficient to have a common form of psoriasis, which will lead to a defeat of the stop, and the palms of her hands. It is characterized by the surface roughness of the top layer of the skin, as well as its great thickness. These changes in the skin leading to the appearance of the callus, thus bringing discomfort to the patient.

Ladonna-plantar psoriasis

Externally, this manifests itself in the cards in the shape of a circle or an oval, with scaly, the coat, of course. The affected skin affecting mainly the hands and feet, and a limit on the number of healthy from the skin. If you have symptoms that are similar to, as well as those that are in the area of risk, it is important for you to know how to cure your psoriasis.

The symptoms of

And regardless of the form of psoriasis and stop it, and the palms of the hands are common symptoms. The skin is affected, slightly swollen, and in one of them it appears as a small rash, that is no greater than the diameter of 1.5 mm. The following is developed in the plates, which, when not dealt with, merge into the action of the large pockets, a clear-cut distinction.

The result of the hyperkeratosis begins to take shape from the crack, causing the feeling of pain and a reduced quality of life. In a later phase of the inflammatory process is decreased, the skin is affected in a significant, compacted, and take on a yellow tinge. As a general rule, that is, the label covers the entire surface of the foot or the hand.

Pustular psoriasis, A pass is a little bit different. Its first symptom is a of the pustules, which eventually fuses, forming a festering one's home. When the contents of pustules comes out, they will harden and form a flaky skin. These rashes are characteristic of the large toe of the foot and its arch.

At sites of injury, where calluses and cracks can appear in symptoms such as the following:

  • The dryness of the skin, the pathological nature.
  • Pain.
  • Flushing of the skin;
  • In the face.

Causes of

Psoriasis on the hands and feet, and in the majority of cases, is passed on by inheritance, but in the absence of factors that favor the development of the disease may not have any symptoms at all. The common causes that contribute to the development of the disease are:

  • The Regular irritation of the parade and the palms of the hands, a mechanical character;
  • The direct contact of the skin with chemicals and other aggressive media;
  • The sole
  • Pain of tight shoes;
  • Frequently, the use of protective gloves;
  • Migrated to infectious diseases;
  • The prolonged contact of the skin with water;
  • Preparations with a basis of arsenic, oral contraceptives, and other drugs;
  • It is prohibited to;
  • Diseases of the endocrine system;
  • Frequently from stress;
  • The abuse of alcohol.

Types-of-ladonna-plantar psoriasis

Psoriasis to to stop, and the palms of the hands, it is to be divided into three basic parts:

  1. The cornea a way.
  2. Popular-rough (typical of the form.
  3. Vesiculopustular form of psoriasis, A)

The symptoms of these forms are quite different, which complicates the process of diagnosis of the disease.

The cornea a way

In this way, the process of cornification skin exceeds the hyperemia, which leads to the following symptoms:

  • The round shape of the cards;
  • The yellow, Horny, of the skin;
  • The high density of damages.
  • The presence of the small papules to large plaques;
  • Psoriasis on the palms of the hands, it leads to a complete loss.

The presence of such symptoms needs a diagnosis, the foot of the athlete members, and syphilis, as well as keratoderma.

Vesiculopustular form of psoriasis, A)

The clinical pústulasesnoga psoriasis of the palms and soles is as follows:

  • The appearance of the pustules, containing pus;
  • Redness of the skin and complexion;
  • A strong itch at the area of inflammatory eruptions;
  • The fusion of several forthcoming pustules;
  • Layout of a flare-up.

Purulent pimples appear on how to clean the areas of the body, and the psoriatic plaque. In the majority of cases, they do not cover much of the fingers and thumbs of the hands, and the arches to stop. As for the symptoms, and the treatment of pústulasesnoga psoriasis and the soles and the palms, the Berber differ in other ways as well. It has a rapid development of symptoms of frequent and difficult to treat.

The typical form of the

This form of psoriasis of the palms of the hands and soles are characteristic symptoms such as the following:

  • Flat papules within the surface of the skin;
  • The presence of both plaques and papules of bright colours;
  • For a location of the scales on the surface of the skin;
  • Frequently, the manifestation, in the sole and on the side of the brush.
Vesiculo-pustular form

The disease

The skin on the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands is much thicker than in other parts of the body, and therefore, the development of the disease occurs in a way that is a little bit different. In the early stage of psoriasis on the palms of the hands and feet, it implies the appearance of small, yellowish, in pimples, which are similar to the abscess. These pustules are delivered, the itch is strong, but by the time you purchase a shade of red, crusting, and itching gives way to your grief.

In the latter stages of the psoriasis on the palms, which is represented by the large plates, which are connected between each other by increasing the size of the loss. The skin around these boards, it becomes brittle and crack.

How to deal with ladonna-plantar psoriasis

Treatment-ladonna-plant pústulasesnoga psoriasis, and other forms of it should occur as it did previously. This will not only facilitate the flow of the disease, but also to minimize the development of a relapse.

What is the doctor looking

At the first sign of psoriasis, you should consult with your doctor, as a doctor, specialising in skin diseases. In the absence of the narrow-profile professionals, and can help you and your therapist from the clinic. If it's psoriasis, to stop the complicated injuries of the joints, you need the intervention of a rheumatologist.

It is important to seek qualified help and get the treatment for this disease is peculiar to the development.

Why self-medicating is dangerous

As shown in the practice of medicine, in the majority of the run in the shapes of ladonna-plantar psoriasis a treatment does not exist or is not consistent with that of the physician. Self-medication is dangerous, because it can serve the development of pustular generalized in the form of subsequent dangerous complications. There are known cases where treating the wrong ladonna-plantar psoriasis has led to the complete loss of vision.

Before you self-assign your treatment, you should be aware of possible consequences:

  1. The onset of erythroderma;
  2. The violation of the facet joints, which can lead to hospitalisation and fatality;
  3. With the development of congestive heart failure;
  4. The appearance of the bottom of the psoriasis, kidney failure;
  5. The appearance of a secondary infection.

Topical creams and ointments, when ladonna-plantar psoriasis

The treatment of salves ladonna-plant form of psoriasis, you can reduce the process of plaque formation, as well as to eliminate the itchy feeling. Usually, they are part of a comprehensive treatment.

The hormone paste to represent the most efficient method of treatment, however, can be damaging to your health. These drugs have been a large number of indications and contra-indications. They are used in cases when you need to get a fast result. The method of non-hormonal creams that are used for the treatment of ladonna-plantar psoriasis, on the house. The strength of the substance they act on natural ingredients: zinc, extracts of herbs, medicinal plants, cabinet, tar, and others. The most popular drugs are:

  • Salicylic acid ointment. Eliminates the inflammation, and it has keratolytic and anti-septic action, as well as how it acts beneficially on the affected skin. The actor in the main component, acts as an acid and salicylic acid.
  • The zinc ointment. This is different from a good anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antipruritic action. This is done with the use of the zinc oxide. It is often attributed to the integrated system for the treatment of psoriasis on the palms of the hands.
  • Of the ointment to the base of pyrithione zinc is it good for dealing with inflammation, and has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial effect.

Folk, when ladonna-plantar psoriasis

There are several effective methods of how to cure ladonna-plantar psoriasis and folk media. They are the following recipes:

  1. Take an egg white and mix it with 15 ml of a boy (wood), 1 g / l of boric acid, 1 h. l. de mel of 5 ml of fish oil, and petroleum jelly. From the mixed composition to be applied on the affected areas of the body every 12 h
  2. For the treatment of psoriasis on the feet legs and they can be used in the lotions of the junction. For more information about how decisions are taken on the flowers of this plant are put in a bag of the brand, and come down, for 1 minute in boiling water. After that, they are perfectly legal to feed a kiss to the beat of the steps.
  3. At the same blend of dried herbs: agrimony, chamomile, horsetail, calendula, as well as the a thousandhelandStнandк. In 1 l of boiling water is taken in 3 Ot. l. in addition to this, the composition, and onStandandвandeтся 30 to 40 min. Followed by an infusion resulting in an enamel capacity of, and immersed in a 20 to 25 min on the affected parts of the body. This is a recipe well-suited for the treatment of psoriasis of the hands.
  4. In the same ratio, taken from the root of valerian, in succession, st. john's wort, matricaria recutita, and handStотel. The mixture of these herbs, filled with boiling water in the ratio of 2:1, and onStandandвandeтся a 3-4% change Ready make-up is used on the two-meals-per 90 ml). for the Duration of the course is of 14 days.

In spite of all of these recipes include natural ingredients, the pre-treatment for psoriasis the feet and the palms of the hands, unlike the necessary to refer you to a specialist.

Psoriasis on the sole

The tubs, when ladonna-plantar psoriasis

The question how to heal psoriasis on the palms of the hands, often times, advocates of the drug in the sun. It is important to note that the temperature should not be higher than 40 C., the Most common of these are the following recipes:

  • The reservoir from the birch-tar. The application to reduce the inflammation and reduce the itching sensation. For the organization of the water is added in a small amount of tar (75-80 ml).
  • Of stock of the class. Baths, on the basis of this juice, a lot of times that is assigned to ladonna-plant pústulaseзном psoriasis. To create a sheet with a series of heated to boiling in a separate tank, and then, after a stretch, they are added to the bath in the bath tub. The water that reaches the light-brown eyeshadow. The time of receipt, is not more than 15 to 20 minutes.
  • The bath-based juniper. 0.5 kg of berries of a juniper to prepare 1 l of boiling water, dump them out, and put it in a slow fire. Residence time of the mixture in the cooker that do not exceed 15 to 20 minutes. The ready broth is poured into a bath with warm water, to promote its adoption. This process can take from 30 to 50 minutes, with a frequency of repetition within 1-2 business days.
  • Small class size, and licorice root. Both of these components in the same proportions as they are added to the leaves of the herb, st. john's, and handStотeland, it's full of boiling water, and onStandandвandeтся for about an hour or so. The obtained composition is used for trays and pads.

Other methods of treatment

Depending on the shape and extent of the development of the disease, your doctor may prescribe medications for the treatment of ladonna-plantar psoriasis, on the following therapies:

  • The PUVA-therapy. To achieve a good outcome of therapy is used in psoralen – substances which are capable of increasing the degree of susceptibility of resistance to UV-rays. They are then taken to the inside, after which the patient will give birth in a cab.
  • The treatment is ultraviolet light of 311 nm. This procedure will give a visible effect in just a few weeks ago. However, it is not suitable in the case that it is likely that the emergence of a festering blisters.
  • The juniper
  • The Re-PUVA therapy) is a type of treatment of diseases of the skin, which involves the use of analogues of vitamin E, which increases with the degree of susceptibility of the patient to uv rays. Reception is held before the session of irradiation of a car.
  • The intake of corticosteroids is a strong distance. These medications that you can take in just from with a clear view to the guidance of your doctor. Wrong, whether or not compliance with the instructions, may cause serious damage to the body.

About what are the best methods that you can use to cure ladonna-plantar psoriasis, I need an answer does not exist. Usually, the doctor prescribes an integrated therapy, which is based on the general condition of the patient, and the health of your skin and the integument, and other symptoms. And it used to be to find out the disease, the greater the chance of a quick recovery.