With the power on, when the psoriasis

Products on a daily basis that are consumed by man, and plays an important role in their lives and have a significant impact, positive or negative, about the state of your health. It is for this reason that the question of proper nutrition is very important, especially when it comes to chronic diseases, such as psoriasis and eczema, the increase is directly related to the diet of the patient. Generally, patients who are interested in that, they are not in the psoriasis, and vice-versa, you will have to enter in your daily diet, as well as the receipt of any of the products on the best to change it.

with the power on, when the psoriasis

The table of products

The article provides information on what can you eat when psoriasis is and what can't, what rules you must follow in order to "normalize" the failure of the metabolic processes in the body, and, in so doing, reduce the symptoms of the disease and achieve remission.

Important! Under the strict observance of a diet when psoriasis involving the observance of certain rules, the purpose of which is to limit the use of the sick, a certain number of products. Although psoriasis and it is related to the category of chronic diseases to stick to a diet it leads to an improvement of the status of health within 7 days.

Nutrition in psoriasis: the basic rules

As part of the daily diet of people that suffer from psoriasis, it is necessary to adhere to the following rules:

  1. if you have previously, the patient did not use low-fat milk and milk products, which must be included in your diet provide your needs.
  2. eliminate from the diet all foods that can cause an allergy, it is strictly forbidden to eat with psoriasis, chocolate, and citrus fruits;
  3. to enter into the dietary of cereals, especially wheat, and
  4. complete abandonment of alcohol, and other bad habits have a negative impact on the human body in general. Smoke and drink when the psoriasis, is contraindicated;
  5. eating raw vegetables. Raw veggies contain fiber needed to improve the patient's condition of psoriasis;
  6. that is, you must, on many occasions, and little by little, on the average, the number of meals shall not be less than 5 times a day;
  7. to delete the products, all of which are present in conserved, and the different types of emulsifiers;
  8. do not eat prepared foods, tobacco, and all kinds of jams, sauces and pickles;and
  9. limit your intake of salty foods, and other products with an excessive amount of salt.

The diet while psoriasis by means of the dr. John P.

According to the theory of the doctor of the patient's condition when the psoriasis is directly related to the balance of acid-alkaline balance. To maintain the progress of the disease, and the number of products that form a glass, and they are eaten on a daily basis, should be 4 times greater than the number of the acid.

More information. It should be noted that this method prohibits the combination of the products of the undesirable, and the use of solanaceae vegetables, and I have seen your application and it has gained considerable popularity among patients with psoriasis. What's more, it is paid in full, in practice.

when the psoriasis

What is it with this method, the fundamental principles of the

  1. A daily presence in the diet of fish, vegetables, fruits, and berries. With the exception of the brussels sprouts, bacon, bacon, veggies, and some berries, in particular cranberry, blueberry, cranberry, and cassis. Consuming the banned products, but a limited number;
  2. Reduce your intake of sugar and products with a high level of it
  3. Also, a prohibited product, that is, the vinegar, the consumption of the need to ensure;
  4. Apples, melons and bananas, it has to be separated from other types of food.
  5. Stick to a combination of the consumption of citrus fruit, including the juice from them, and dairy or whole grain products;
  6. To avoid the alignment of the starch, jams, meats, and fatty foods. In addition to this, fatty foods is usually better to exclude from the diet;
  7. Leaving the consumption of sweet potatoes, peppers, and eggplant. We encourage you when your psoriasis should also be included in the diet. More preferably, the carrot, beet, parsley, celery, onion, and spinach;
  8. Have a beneficial effect on the patient's condition, to exercise the juices of fruits, mineral water, alkaline ph, and in particular, "Borjomi";
  9. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol.

What can and what can't, when the disease is psoriasis,

Psoriasis is a chronic disease that is chasing you, the patient, in the course of his life. In addition to the physical discomfort, whether expressed as a constant rash, with the patients of psoriasis often occur in psychological problems such as depression, increased anxiety, and isolation in the society. On the scale of the point (label), and the abscesses may be formed not only on the skin of the hands or other parts of the body, but in his mind, the one that led to the rejection of a skin, and a lot of times, it is the root cause of social anxiety disorder.

To completely get rid of the disease, it is not possible, then the only option is to improve the health and promote the development of the disease is to limit or even eliminate from the diet products that are prohibited and the type that are useful. You can keep the disease through diet and how to do so, please refer to the following.

that is, when the psoriasis

You can have the patient-of-psoriasis

  • the vegetables, especially the carrots, and the beet, cabbage, radish;
  • the fish
  • grapes, oranges, orange juice, pineapple juice, fruit juice;
  • the lean varieties of cottage cheese;
  • dairy products;
  • pumpkin, watermelon;
  • nuts;
  • rose hip oil, sea buckthorn;
  • brown;
  • rowan;
  • the grain crop, wheat bran.

When the psoriasis

The importance of plant-based foods, and products with a minimal content of sugar, salt, preservatives, coloring agents, rippers, of the emulsifiers and other food additives.

The use of any of the products, it should go down:

  • peas;
  • mushrooms;
  • corn
  • drain;
  • very nice;
  • prunes;
  • almonds.
  • nuts;
  • rhubarb;
  • prohibited products – on alcohol. The exception to this is one of the best red, except for the dose should not exceed 100 grams per meal.

The type of products, it is best to avoid the following:

  • foods that contain a lot of protein, fat, and sugar;
  • product with a food additive;
  • sauces, pickles, vinegar;
  • potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and other plants of the family solanaceae;
  • smoked and fatty dishes;
  • mollusks,
  • the alcohol, the only allowed type of alcohol – red wine (limited quantity);
  • the seasoning and spices in a sharp edge.

Recommendations on how to cook it

Info about what can you eat when psoriasis is essential in the study of the question, however, is of the greatest importance, and the method of preparation.

Advice on how to:

  1. the most vitamins, except for fruit and vegetable intake following the manipulation of history. The possibility of using this method, it is best to eat a on the raw product;
  2. for the fish, it is recommended to bake it in the oven in the cabinet, and without the deep-fat frying, or cooking in steam. You can have the fish steamed, and you can eat it pickled, and smoked fish;
  3. the egg of a hen does not need a long time to cook, so that it becomes soft;
  4. all kinds of meat, preference should be given to the lamb." The lamb is the source of protein, which is necessary if a psoriasis. If you compare the meat of a pig, the meat of the sheep, the first in nearly three times as much fat;
  5. do not use the yeast for baking.
the drinks, when the psoriasis

Is it possible to use the fast, when the psoriasis

The condition of your diet, when you psoriasis – the cleansing of the body. The most effective way of cleaning is considered to be a famine. The maximum number of hours per week, during which you can't eat it, it's a 30 — to 40-hours. If the duration of the fast, and exceeds, the standard set, it can result in a process of change and the problems of health care.

More information. The food when it's psoriasis, it's for women, it is not different from that of the male. The representatives of both sexes, should rethink not only your diet, but it is also a way of life.

The correct approach to the treatment of the disease, and the continuation of these rules will help to reduce the symptoms of the disease.