Psychosomatic psoriasis

Psoriasis is a very unpleasant disease that is due to the manifestation on the outside. Many people suffer from in the course of the life of a complex, such as psoriasis, seems to be quite bad. However, with the proper approach, with the complex psychological problems can be tackled, as the disease is that with the right approach, it is not always expressed serious symptoms at all.


Psoriasis is often it develops in countries in europe, and is hardly found in the South-Africans of different nationalities. Why this happens scientists are not yet known. Well-known just in the background of the occurrence of the disease. The doctors are inclined to believe that it is the result of a deviation from a psychological and neurological in nature, and in one of the versions, it appears on the psoriasis. Psychosomatic-it involves the study of the relationship of the problem to the neurologist. The proponents of this theory believe that there is a direct connection between the emotions and the physical condition of the men.

The study of the science of

Psychosomatic - this is the science that studies the relation of physical illness with a psychological state of a person. Psychosomatic diseases of the skin, they usually say that they are, in some cases, they appear in connection with the stress, and complex neurological dysfunction than others.

Skin diseases are often associated, according to the psychosomatic disorders of a psychological nature. As a result, many of the studies, it has been proved that the skin disease to decrease as a result of the treatment of mental health problems, stress, depression, and other forms of psychological and human disease.

The communication of disease by physical and mental illness and diseases, which have received the name of the disorders are psychosomatic. There is, and the point-of-view, which, he says, the contrary, the impact of the disease on the person's head. Many times, the root cause of the emergence of a number of diseases that are exactly the internal. Thus, for example, psoriasis often manifests itself for this reason.

Neurogenic theory of the origin of the cutaneous pathology.

There is a so-called neurogenic theory, the proponents argue that the disease will appear exactly on the basis of their relationship to disorders of the optic nerve and the dysfunction is of a psychological nature. They believe that, in nerve terminals of specific the body's, which act on the manifestations of skin disorders, including psoriasis.

On the spot

Often, after the cure of mental and neurological disorders, such people have gone through and the symptoms of psoriasis. There are opponents to this theory claim that there is a correlation to the internal psoriasis it is not, and that it is only a disorder in the immune.

Each theory has its proponents and detractors. A consensus has not yet been defined, however, and many scholars are inclined to believe that it's still psychosomatic, such disturbances are present.

Psychosomatic causes of a rash on the body

The proponents of the theory of psychosomatic believed that the symptoms of psoriasis will become significantly lower than when it is successful, the cure to the problems of the character of the brain. Thus, for example, studies have been conducted, during which time it was discovered that many of the dermatological problems of the skin, pass through successfully with no treatment after they have recovered from mental health problems and disorders and neurology.

Many times, the doctors could not cure for psoriasis, so finding the problem is mental in nature. However, after a psychosomatic psoriasis has been installed, and the treatment was carried out with a lot of success.

The opinion of the academic

Many scientists believe that there is a close relation of the diseases of the skin diseases and psychosomatic. Some of them say that if you have the body of a person with some type of skin manifestation, has in its history some disorders of a psychological nature. After you have been working with a psychologist or psychotherapist in person and curing the disease of the skin.

Flake psoriasis manifests itself as complex, isolation, and even abuse, because the man can't live with the problem. It's a vicious circle, that he is unable to break it, only an experienced specialist.

The psoriasis and psychosomatic - a clear and comparable things. And, even though not all scientists agree with this, but this theory has a lot of followers. Many times, psychosomatic, if it manifests on the skin, due to feeling depressed, with feelings of dissatisfaction and the constant feeling of guilt and uncertainty.

Psoriasis, from the point of view of psychosomatics can manifest itself in early childhood, due to some difficulties in the upbringing of the child.

  • The excess of the protection that suppresses the feelings of a child, and then it closed, discontent, and difficulty in communicating with each other.
  • The problem is in the mother and the father. Many times, a child will see the problems in the relationship with the parents and is deemed to be guilty of them. This happens unconsciously, your child will definitely want to maintain the health of your family, but you don't know how to help you in this situation. This is a problem with a mark on his personality, and, in the future, it can manifest itself in many of the disorders are psychosomatic.
  • A sense of guilt
  • The children are rejected by their parents. Abandoned children who have been raised in an orphanage, as well as the many times, it tends to shift all the blame to himself. For the life of them, they can build up grudges of their parents, resulting in having a lot of psychosomatic disorders.

What happened to the man of

Of the skin dysfunction can occur for a variety of reasons. The proponents of the theory of neurogênica to believe that the psychological causes of psoriasis are some of the most important things. Thus, in the treatment of psoriasis, with a point-of-view, one must begin with the solution to the root cause of the disease. They believe that flake psoriasis for a man, it's a way to switch off from the outside world, and don't leave it in the excess emotion and feeling.

There is also a relation to the depth of the rest of the skin. For the peace of the disorder, the more visible they become, the symptoms of the disease.

A sense of guilt In the hands and fingers
The unwillingness to make decisions In the back, neck and
The inability to accept oneself The hairy part of the head
Children with complex My hands and my head
The desire to quit the world The face and head

The doctors are also more likely to believe that the symptoms of psoriasis on the location of the hotel, have a certain value. Psychosomatic states that the disease, which is reflected in the hands and fingers, it appears as a result of an excess of irritability of a man. The manifestation in the head as a result of their dissatisfaction with it, and get on with your life, a constant sense of guilt.


Anyone who is the subject of the disease

There are certain groups of people, and most of the rest of the above, the problem of skin diseases, including psoriasis. This includes those of you who can't take responsibility for their actions, those that do often offend, and offend, their loved ones, as well as those who are constantly experiencing a feeling of guilt.

The advocates for internal people believe that psoriasis can be appear in people who suffer from a deficit of attention in children. As a result of a problem with older adults, they are more likely to suffer from diseases of the skin. And it also has a large role in the expression of this is the Hyper. For such people, it is very difficult to find a place in your life, they don't know what they want, because they are used to their parents deciding for them on all issues.

The first signs of psoriasis in children-click here to read psoriasis in children.

The group's risk

The people who are trying to protect themselves from the outside world, do not be too quick to show his emotions, very discreet, and even more aggressive, are more likely to suffer from diseases of the skin, and the rest of it. Experiences and psychological shocks play an important role in this regard. Experts point out some of the at-risk groups.

  • People who are afraid of the violence. Those of us who suffer from this phobia, it is very common to find that the problem is in your body, in the form of the scales of psoriasis. Thus, the body tries to protect itself from the outside world.
  • People who are obese are more likely to have a history of psoriasis, and skin problems.
  • For those who have the syndrome of burn-out. Your body is tired and you want to protect yourself from irritating activities.
  • For those of you who tend to blame themselves for many things.

Psychosomatic psoriasis is a highly manageable, but as we all know, the disease is easier to prevent than to cure. Therefore, it is not really worth it in the advance register in the at-risk group, so that in the future you do not receive the manifestations of psoriasis, or other psychosomatic problems.

What to say to the staff

In the treatment of psoriasis and other psychosomatic problems, it often comes down to going to a health care professional. He is able to discover the initial causes of the disease and to dispose of them later. With the elimination of the root cause, is it possible for me to a cure for psoriasis.

The harmonious personality

The treatment is at the level of psychology,

Many scientists believe that the treatment of psoriasis, lies precisely in the psychological problems. During the course of troubleshooting, you can also be a cure for this disease. Psychosomatic implies that the removal of the cause, after that it cured the disease.

The result is a work of psychological discomfort, the person starts to accept himself as he is, to get rid of these feelings of guilt and depression, and start thinking in a positive way. Many folks are trying to figure out the root of the problem. Often, they are going to go back to their childhood. Fixed a problem in the social status in the society or with the law in your life, you can completely get rid of the psoriasis, or at the very least greatly reduce your exposure.

The harmonious personality is rarely disturbed, psychosomatic, such as peace and the well-being of each and every person to have a significant impact on your health.

And, even though this theory has not many fans, but, even so, a lot of people believe that it is the relationship of neurological and physiological problems. Many of the scientific studies that are testament to this. In an integrated system for the treatment of psoriasis and psychosomatic plays an important role in this. To get rid of this gloomy state of mind, a person will often look at the improvement in the flow of a particular disease, and often the total elimination of the same.

Disorders, psychosomatic it may appear to many people, however, there are certain at-risk groups. So don't get any kind of disease, it is necessary to keep close to your body and your state of mind. The people of a stable, peaceful, harmonious, loving and very, very rarely suffer from diseases of the skin, on the contrary, of those who are afraid to take on the responsibility, you have the constant feeling of guilt or grudges of old.

Taking care of your health, it must be remembered that the psychological and physiological issues that have a direct correlation. And, although not all of these professionals adhere to the theory, but its proponents prove, the reality of it.