Shots for psoriasis

Psoriasis – a system of the disease. The core of your symptoms – most of the rainfall on the surface of the skin, but the disease always affects you, and your internal organs. In this context, the treatment must be complex. In conjunction with the topical creams and ointments, and the use of medications that can be taken orally.

shots for psoriasis

The maximum speed of the healing process, it can help the shooting of the psoriasis. Its main advantage - quick acting. The drugs are introduced intravenously, or by intramuscular injection, almost immediately, a denial of the uncomfortable symptoms and improve the well-being of the patient.

Classification: which of the shots are when the psoriasis

The psoriasis treatment injection is given to all forms of the disease, and especially in the implementation phase of leaking. Let's look at the key varieties of psoriasis which are classified, regardless of the specific area from the location of papules and the characteristic of the occurrence of the ailment.

  • Guttate – will be surprised by the body, especially after the migration of infectious diseases. In the skin occur, with purple or reddish papules teardrop-shaped, classical. They are small in size.
  • Of simple, or vulgar, is the most common form, affects people in 80% of cases. On the skin appears small red spots, which is increasing in size. They are covered in scales, white-silver colour.
  • Pustular, the skin is covered with little pimples, the inside filled with a liquid (the exudate). Their number is rapidly increasing, the same applies in large areas of the body. It is a complex form of the disease, leading to serious complications.
  • Psoriasis, flexural surfaces, soft papules of the color red, they can be found in the folds of skin in a natural way. More often than not, they have reached to the armpits, the groin, the folds of the stomach, the folds of the elbows or the knees. The precipitation will not flake on. It often develops when there is endocrine diseases.
  • Psoriatic arthritis – changes in the joints, usually affects the hands and feet, and the connective tissue. In this form of the disease, limited joint mobility, often leading to the deficiency at the end of the treatment.
  • Psoriasis of the nail plate will be surprised by the nail, it leads to their fragility, the change of the thickness, color and the nail plate. During the execution of the form, there is a risk of total loss of the nail.
  • Erythrodermic – will be surprised by the larger area of the body where the skin to peel off, which is highly inflamed, it swells, itchy. All of this is accompanied by painful feeling. During the execution of a form is to exfoliate your skin, it may occur in sepsis. There is a risk of death.

Before giving a bite of the psoriasis, the doctor will diagnose the current condition of the patient, taking into account the form, stage of the disease, and the presence of side-effects. Based on these data, it is the choice of the drug.

The classification of shots against psoriasis:


The drug of the tool, after the introduction of it into the cells and tissue to stabilize the metabolic processes. They relieve the inflammation, and to enhance the activity of the immune system and have a desensitization effect, which can be seen in the reduction of the susceptibility of organism to the pathogenic factors.

the medications in the injections

Immunomodulatory injection, kolyat, in the period of aggravation of the disease. They shoot sharp and to the state, as well as the sensation of pain or itching. As a result of its application, is a fast-paced offensive discharge, skin problems, symptoms that become more rapid.

Regardless of the stage of the disease, they do injections of immune modulators for 10 to 30 days in a row. They are contra-indicated in pregnancy, breast-feeding, when, of the court of appeal for the individual.

Immunosuppressive drugs or immunosuppressants

They contain Monoclonal antibodies, which help to rapidly improve the state of the psoriasis. A rash on the body, it is noticeable less, after a lot of accidents. However, the medicines of this group inhibit in the strength of the immune system, which increases the risk of contracting other diseases. It's powerful, but it is very expensive to tool.


Injections of the hormone, which is prescribed in extreme cases, when, from disease of the other medications will not help you. The hormones which are suitable exclusively for short-term therapy, because that is caused by their action, side effects, and may not exceed the benefit.

The advantages of the application of corticosteroids, fast – paced, anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive effect, anti-allergy. In the year it is acceptable to put a maximum of a 3-5 shot, otherwise the body gets used to the action of these drugs.

Hepatoprotective tools

Delivers antioxidant effect (to negate the impact of free radicals, aggressive, regeneration, and detoxifying impact. Because of the process of the therapy against psoriasis, it turns out to be a huge burden on the liver, and the drugs are working, to the degree that they clean the body of toxins, restoring the cells of this body. During the treatment, which is sufficient to make a 10-to 15-injection.

The anti-histamines

To help you to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling that is usually accompanied by psoriasis. These injections are infections, sedative and tranquilizing effect. They relieve the itching, scaling and pain.

Anti-histamines are assigned only when the disease has a strong physical discomfort with allergic reactions.


In the treatment of psoriasis and provides for the dietary intake of the vitamin. They affect the metabolic processes, which contribute to the rapid recovery of the body, exhaustion and disease. The main thing is to get them out.

As a general rule, complementary to the structure of the therapy against psoriasis and vitamins and it can, if the treatment goes without the use of any drug or hormonal. Since the last time that the intake of hormones, you should go for at least 2 weeks.

When you psoriasis it is recommended the treatment of vitamins

  • And it helps to maintain the normal concentration of the keratin in the cells of the epidermis;
  • And it enriches your skin cells with oxygen and destroys free radicals;
  • the b complex vitamins, especially B1, B6, B12, improves the condition of your skin;
  • D – activates the regeneration process of the skin.

Vitamins a cock by intramuscular injection. As a rule, sufficient to make 10 injections every day, or every other day. All the best medicines and the treatment regimen you choose is the doctor. Alone, don't try it, even with the introduction of the vitamins.

The development of a psoriasis-associated with the deficiency of calcium in the body, to rapidly improve the state of the patient with the help of the hot bite. Under this name hides the injection of free calcium. It strengthens the walls of blood vessels, relieve swelling, itching, and inflammation, has anti-allergic effect. A sting is an effective when the exudative form of psoriasis.

It's been a prick for a number of years and, in some cases, by intramuscular injection. The dose for a single injection – 5 to 10 ml., the number that defines the doctor.

injection for psoriasis

Indications and Contra-indications – to increase the level of calcium in the blood, blood hypercoagulability, thrombophlebitis, pregnancy. Side effects of bradycardia and renal dysfunction.

Indications and Contra-indications and the rules for the application of

The basic rule of thumb is the use of injections over the course of therapy against psoriasis, they are a given when you have moderate to severe disease when other drugs have not been effective.

Assigning to the drug, as well as the dose and duration of treatment can be medical. The choice of drug alone in the house, even if in the past you had to have a similar treatment. Each case is unique, so the therapy is chosen in a purely data-the current state of the patient.

Injections have a in a hospital or health centre remain under the supervision of a medical doctor. This is necessary so that in the event of the occurrence of any complications, and was given the hand of a skilled medical help.

Because the bullets have a strong and almost instantaneous action in relation to the body, always read and follow all the indications and contra-indications for each drug. The neglect of this point, it is not acceptable. Almost all the shots it can have a negative impact on the development of the fetus and thus are contraindicated during pregnancy. They, too, are not attributable to breast feeding for mothers in the period of exacerbation of chronic or infectious diseases.