How to treat psoriasis

The treatment of psoriasis is difficult, in large part excellent job. Etiological agents there is no cure. For the successful treatment of psoriasis should be eliminate or reduce the factors that contribute to your worsening.

These include all co-morbidities, the foci of infection focal neuro-conflict situations. For a proper treatment of the required accuracy of the diagnosis of the disease psoriasis.

The correct way to treat psoriasis

First of all, before you treat psoriasis, you must know the make up factors, such as: code of psoriasis according to ICD-10, the form (view), the stage and the seasonality of the process. Treat psoriasis should be only after a full study of all the factors as a whole.

Symptoms and treatment of psoriasis

The treatment of psoriasis involves a set of activities, which consist of the common (medical) therapy, physical therapy methods outside of therapy, and a series of measures aimed at the prevention of relapses and the medical-labor examination for the admission of patients.

Total of medical therapy contains in itself a series of tools that aim to reduce psoriatic awareness of the entire skin, to strengthen the protection of the immune forces of the body, and t. d. these are, first of all, allergen means used, mainly, in one phase of the process.

Effective for the treatment of psoriasis it contains within itself the treatment of uncle-sodium sulfate in the form of a 15-25% solution of 5-10 ml are introduced intravenously (for a course of 15 infusions), and gluconatom calcium intramuscularly (enough for 15 of injection throughout the course of the treatment).

You can apply 10-15% of solution of chloride of calcium, when the dose of 10 ml is introduced intravenously (when the treatment course of 10 infusions). When expressed neurogenic component it is recommended the application of bromine sodium at usual doses. To create a mode delicate recommended minor tranquilizers.

Symptoms and treatment of psoriasis

When this symptom of psoriasis, such as intense itching, for the treatment may recommend anti-histamines at dosages normal and hypnosuggestive therapy.

Thus, in the treatment of psoriasis, you should follow a diet, to eliminate from the menu of savory spices, coffee, alcohol, unnecessarily, fatty foods. It is recommended by doctors milk-vegetable diet when psoriasis. In some cases, when a phase of psoriasis is carried out at the therapy unibody cow's milk. Intramuscularly is introduced 5 ml of milk. Next to change the reactivity of the organism in a part of the patients can stop the progression of the process, however, many patients with this method of treatment for psoriasis is able to cause the Erietrodthe Hermes, which greatly limits its application.

How to cure psoriasis

There are many different techniques that describe how to cure psoriasis, but all have one thing in common the concept is the complexity of the treatment, and to apply the vitamins when the psoriasis is not superfluous.

In any phase of the psoriatic process has wide application in the treatment of psoriasis, we find vitamins b-complex, vitamins a, E. Vitamins B1 and B6 are entered in the form of 5-7% solution of/m, when the dose is 1-1,3 ml daily, or in the queue (the course of treatment with this 9-14 injection in general).

Vitamin B12 (nianokobalamin) is introduced by 200-500 mcg (course of treatment in ve number of 15 injection/m). Vitamin E is introduced by 100000. and ed. intramuscularly (daily, 15 injection will be enough).

Vitamin E is used for the treatment of psoriasis and introduced into/m, 1-2 ml; injections are performed through the day, when the course of treatment of 10-15 accidents.

Of that treat psoriasis

Of that treat psoriasis

Each year there is something new in the treatment of psoriasis, however, the relevance of the question of who to treat psoriasis is not quenched.

A prominent place in the treatment of psoriasis in today's time take up the tool, which represent a non-protein liposaharidnye complex of bacterial origin.

How to cure psoriasis is to always

You need to remember that heal psoriasis is to always, it is an impossible task for modern medicine. Cure can only aggravate the manifestations of the disease psoriasis.

In the treatment of severe forms of psoriasis some role, currently, play qitOStandt- diffraction drugs.

Until the moment, these modern methods of psoriasis treatment become clinical tested and have not yet taken their place in clinical practice. They are applied in order to block the excess proliferation of keratocytes in elements of psoriasis and reduce the immune component dермandtозand, especially when andрtroпandtMATIC form of psoriasis.

It is most commonly used drug when the psoriasis, by blocking the synthesis of DNA in the body and the face to the respective the cell proliferation of the systems of the body, including the skin. There are several methods of application of methotrexate, but the most practiced method of treatment of psoriasis in small doses of methotrexate, selective effect on the hyper-proliferation of skin cells.

The drug is used weekly cycles. Each cycle is composed of 3 receptions, drug 6 mg, every 10 hours. That is, the time of taking the drug is limited to 30 hours a week. You can combine methotrexate with vitamins a and e, hystoglobulin and UFO (the ultraviolet radiation).

Due to the heterogeneity of pharmacological steps qitOStandtikov is required supervision weekly leykopoeza, control the functional state of the liver, and at the lowest starting offset of data that go beyond the limits of physiological standards, should stop the application qitOStandtikov. This class of drugs can be applied in all stages of psoriasis.