Psoriasis on hands - the picture of the disease, a description of its development, and methods of treatment

The psoriasis belongs to a problem of skin disease. The nature of the advent season to the end is not clear. When you create a contact list that is passed to it. It gathers all of the children from a very young age.

It adopts the scale. It affects all areas of the body. For a disease that is accompanied by severe itching, and hair. It occurs in the hands. Too much spoils the appearance and makes people uncomfortable.

psoriasis on the hands

The causes of psoriasis

Initially, they are formed in the plates at the places of bending. The skin acquires a reddish colour. The foci are located differently, have uneven edges, you can mix it up. The causes of the appearance of psoriasis on the hands, will often serve the food to wrong, hormonal breakdowns, psychological overload, the malfunction of the internal organs, heredity, the application of the chemicals used in the process of cleaning up and washing the dishes.

The symptoms of psoriasis

In the event of a breach of the skin the nursery that occurs between the toes, it can affect the entire brush. It is possible for the swelling of the extremities. What happens is that the pain, which can affect the mobility of the joints. It is accompanied by itching and hair.

The appearance of the skin, reminiscent of eczema. It becomes dry, the cracks start to appear. As possible the infection. It is necessary, it is a legal requirement for the consultation of the physician and the patients.

Forms of psoriasis

In the process of the development of the disease, may acquire it in various ways.

A simple way is characterized by the appearance of the cards. Without treatment, small areas of red are mixed, and the capture surface. Strike with the fingers, the palms of the hands and on the hands.

The guttate psoriasis is one type of tear. Most of the rainfall that has intense red color with cyanotic the touch. It can occur following the migration of infectious diseases. One more way to get ill with a woman.

Exudative form of a skin rash, a liquid filling. They are most commonly affected by bacteria when the lesions on the skin, and it can rot. Take allergenic in nature, and occur when the purchase of certain types of drugs.

Psoriasis on the palms, appears in the people who carry out physically demanding work. It is the appearance of a callus on the skin, as well as on the surface.

Psoriasis of the nail, affect the nail plate. They are on the way, they break. Change the color of the nail. He, stratification, and thickening.

Psoriasis, contributing to the development of arthritis. In the severe form, which affects the joints of the brush.

Everything is so hard for me. The skin will become rough. For the sake of the irritation and the itching disturbed their sleep. In the winter the increase is due to the low temperatures. Often, the disease occurs in other parts of the body.

The stage of development of psoriasis

Highlight the four stages of the disease. In the initial period of precipitation is small, and peeling is minor. The disease affects the skin between the toes.

In a second step, it is the progress, in the form of new blemishes. In the third stage of the disease is marked by the emergence of the blue states.

The final stage is marked by the ending of the skin and remove the inflammation. When you treat your skin to regain its original color.

In the treatment of psoriasis

How to treat psoriasis on the hands? It is necessary to consult a professional doctor who will do the diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment. The treatment is aimed at eliminating the root cause. What are the tools and the medicine is the best cure for psoriasis on the hands?

The dryness of the skin, it retracts, with the various moisturizing creams. Drink, drugs and anti-histaminic agents, for the removal of the itch.

To normalize the stomach and intestines, with the help of the sorbents. Useful homeopathic remedies.

They use a wide variety of the paste to the base of the sulphur, and salicylic acid. For a calming drink, motherwort, and a solution of valerian. When the lack of sleep, the prescribing of sedatives.

the symptoms and treatment of psoriasis

Pay attention to the state of mind. Clean up the consequences with the treatment. Ease the pain with pain killers.

During the period of the aggravation you need to maximize it to eliminate the alcohol and the tobacco. The diet must be present fruits and vegetables, cereals, cheese, yoghurt, etc. Excluded if smoked, sharp, and canned food products.

Folk remedies

If you cure it, along with the drugs used for the treatment it is necessary to name facilities. They can help you achieve a positive outcome. In the bathroom with water, with salt, with salt and soda, you will be able to clean the surface of the plate. Herbal medicine, celandine, succession, calendula flowers, chamomile, extract of pine and valerian, lower your swelling and redness.

Every day, take the juice, and tinctures, which can include leaves, lingon, valerian, mint and the marigold, chamomile. The affected areas of your hands, processed aloe vera juice, apply to all.

On the pitch, and sulphur in the composition of ointments are better and hands. These properties are a short journey from the juniper. For these and other home remedies are able to give the skin a healthy look.


The psoriasis tends to return. You should follow the advice of a doctor. Means a chemical for the cleaning of the dishes and the cleaning, replace the sparkling water. To carry out the work while wearing gloves. Adhere to a diet, avoid stress.

The skin of the hands, to hydrate it with special creams. Visit your prescriber or health care professional. In the winter, protect your hands from the cold and dryness of the skin. You regularly take vitamins and minerals, rest, and more outdoor seating