The symptoms of psoriasis – how it starts

Psoriasis is classified in medicine as a chronic disease that is serious in nature autoimmune disease that affects not only the skin, but to the whole of the overall body. The symptoms of psoriasis are similar to each other, the signs of the pathology of dermatitis, however, are its striking features: when the progression of the disease from the plaque is actively impacting the body. As well as the onset of the disease is to be healed, you must adhere to, such as therapeutic, courses are assigned to a doctor, and keep you amazed at the body.


What is psoriasis

Psoriasis is a pathological model, skin conditions, accompanied by extensive skin manifestations in the form of large spots, coalescing with the itching and flaky on the plate. The disease cycle and the duration of the chronic, and therefore heal it, it's not possible. However, the need to comply with the journal, and a series of measures to maintain the intensity of the discharge period. The active drug treatment, should be carried out at the stage of development. Location of populations, the manifestations, is quite extensive:

  • the head and the face, the neck, the eyelids, the ear and the shell;
  • the elbows and knees and in the folds;
  • in the lower part of the upper back.
  • on foot and in the palm of your hand.
  • the hands and the feet.
  • military service of the meal and of the sexual organs.

In severe cases, psoriasis affects the nail plate, the joints, and affects the activity of the central nervous system. The disease can occur in any person, while under the influence of genetic factors, and thus to the external non-pathogenic manifestations.

The symptoms of psoriasis

When you are prompted for psoriasis, the first symptoms are not that obvious: the spots are of a smaller scale. However, every day it occurs and the growing populations of the plates to them, then it becomes more, grows to the size of the lesion. The first signs of the development of psoriasis if you become more and more intense:

  • startled, the surface begins to peel off;
  • insert the fuse that is separate from the cluster.

The first symptoms are the appearance of psoriasis on the skin it can appear as a result of injury to the upper word of the skin: rubbing, scratches, cuts, burns, and sunburns. Psoriasis can develop in different areas of the body, and is progressing according to the configuration, therefore, the symptoms depend on the location. Such as if you develop the disease, depends on a as well the internal and the external, which provoked, among which the following stand out:

As it seems to psoriasis in the initial stages
  • in violation of metabolic processes in the body.
  • average of the immune defense of the body.
  • causing the infection;
  • neurological disorders;
  • hereditary predisposition.

The rapid progress of the disease can be correctly identified, it is frequently confused with various forms of dermatitis. Seen in these cases are similar: itching, redness, and inflammation. Therefore, it is important to identify with precision the symptoms of the injury.

As it begins to psoriasis

How do you start a disease-of-skin-psoriasis-can be understood, and identifies the internal and the external trigger. When correctly diagnosis, the doctor will determine the provocateur, and gives the treatment. Usually, medical therapy is dependent on the type and stage of development. The highlight of the general stage of onset and development of pathology.:

  • home;
  • is in progress;
  • fixed
  • at the stage of appeal.

In a patient subject to the formation of the inflammation of this type, all of the phases are formed into loops, by passing in its development from the design stage right through to the regression or remission of, and then the cycle begins again. However, the large value of the individual characteristics of the body, and some patients as pathology is rapidly advancing, with other smaller eruptions that are formed and then quickly move back. Psoriasis can appear at any age, although the nature of their training, and to explore it fully, today, the source for the formation of a pathogenic environment, the experts call " a hereditary factor.

How it manifests itself on the psoriasis

In order to distinguish the disease from an allergy or contact dermatitis, it is necessary to understand how, initially, it manifests itself on the psoriasis. More often than not, the symptoms to the correct diagnosis of the location of the eruption:

the location of the psoriasis location of rash or allergic
on the scalp, neck, on the face: on the eyelids, on the cheeks, around the lips and nose;
the elbows and the knees; allergy in the chest;
the hands, arms, ankles, etc; an allergic rash, it covers red patches on skin legs and arms completely.
on foot and in the palm of your hand.

Populations on the precipitation-to the contrary, in the allergic and contact dermatitis, they always have a movie to the top of the silver-gray layer, consisting of dead skin cells.

The board common

As it seems to psoriasis in the initial stages

As it seems that psoriasis is visually can be traced back already at the initial stage. The breach is immune from the character of the barrier function of the body, and lead to a change in the time period of a cell's life. The primary symptom of a pathological problem manifested in the fact that the cells are beginning to be abnormally fast to share, it is not lying in the natural time of the death program. The result of this process, they are formed in the plate, raised on the skin by a layer of epidermal scales. Although psoriasis has a different from the first signs of demonstrations in different parts of the body.

  1. The swelling beneath the hair of the head cover is located on the occipital bone by the ear sinks, you can go to the area on the top of his forehead. Begins the neck the psoriasis resembles small red patches that appear on an infrequent basis. The result of the progression of the patches can cover the whole of the skin of the head, forming a belt, the itch in their homes. When the lesion papules, and flake-like in the hair at the beginning of the disease, and then make up the great whole. The thin, sensitive epidermal layer loses its protective functions, therefore, are made by the bleeding, the pain, putting the stronger the discomfort.
  2. The location is in your hands. The first phase of the education of the psoriasis on the hands, characterized by small eruptions on the elbows, on the hands and between the fingers and the forearm. Small, red patches covered by scales of psoriasis, on their hands, it transforms into the boards hard, at the initial stage it is developed on a progressive.
  3. The first signs of psoriasis in the feet that appear on the skin in the area of the knee. First, a rash of small, in most of the cases. As a result, the progress of which they become a bright, sharp, passionate nursery " series, in great variety. You will receive back in abundant, in areas to be affected by it.
  4. Skin conditions of the feet and the palms of her hands. In the beginning of the education of papules occurs in the same manner, and on the palms of the hands and feet, psoriasis, amounted to a very small area of the skin. Then, the pathological, the education becomes more and more, is covered in a firm outer layer of the skin. The result is that the skin is thin, to stop the palms of your hands start to crack, the blood. There is a risk of a secondary infection from such vulnerable areas of the skin.
  5. A skin rash on the face, ears, and neck. Tinnitus will develop seborrheic so does the hook, a sink in the room and on the outside, like a big stain that you peel yourself. In addition, inflammation can capture an area of the eye lids, cheeks, nasolabial folds, the edge of the lip, and even the language. Flaky papules are red to go to the back of the head.
  6. Psoriasis in the joints manifests itself on the outside, and only when the defeat is already in progress. Early symptoms – with the onset of aches and pains in the joints, and then they start to deform, and the surface of the skin to appear papules. In the area of the pathological changes that appear swollen, and the movement will become self-conscious. The discomfort is during the day and at night. In the first phase, initially, and reaches for the brush and of the feet, and then the symptoms of psoriasis and get a scale, alternating in the knee and elbow joints. This is the most difficult and dangerous setting defeat of the intervertebral joints.
With the guttate psoriasis

Where it comes to psoriasis a

The condition does not refer to any type of infection is psoriasis it is not possible to be infected in a home environment, either through the blood or sexually transmitted diseases. The symptoms of the disease are beginning to arise as a result of the development of white blood cells in the human body, one by one. The immune response in both external and internal stimuli, which explains where that came from non-communicable diseases psoriasis. The signs of psoriasis are the common characteristics of the various forms of this condition are:

  • the form of the papules, always to round;
  • edge-inflammatory properties, formations are always sharp, with no blur;
  • the inflammation is always of a bright red color;
  • papules covered by scales of silver.

The manifestations of psoriasis is based on three key signs, and, due to the presence of a disease, and it can be distinguished from other types of contact dermatitis:

  1. The phenomenon of stearic to the point, it can be seen if you remove the upper Horny layer, with the papules. Underneath is a smooth surface, similar to that of the wax of the particle.
  2. The phenomenon of stearic film. The full faculty of the removed populations, the platelets of more than one layer of scales, the skin is inflamed it will cover up the wet film to a transparent one.
  3. The phenomenon and Auspitz which is visible when the damaged terminal from the movie are bloody, protruding above the surface of the skin.

Psoriasis has symptoms for the occurrence, causes, characteristics, a single for him. The result of years of research lead to only one conclusion, that you can get psoriasis: the formation of the first papules, depends on the immune system. Under the influence of the factors stimulating the cellular and immune response to start alone, it causes an inflammation, and calls out-of-control process is split into the upper layers of the epidermis. The main causes of the origin of the inflammation, and may include the following:

  • a hereditary factor;
  • dysfunction of the carbohydrate-protein metabolism in the body.
  • in the presence of another chronic inflammatory home;
  • in severe situations of stress.
  • in difficult weather conditions;
  • any type of trauma to the skin;
  • clerk of the infection.
Exudative psoriasis

Nutrition-and-diet -

  • the normalization of a metabolism;
  • a reduction in the worsening of psoriasis;
  • the reduction of the inflamed areas, and itching;
  • the normalization of the functioning of the system, the gastro-intestinal.

Currently, there is a specialized diet, designed, physician-scientist, Pehano. The basic principle of its action is to reduce the level of acidity in the blood pressure, the mainstream, and it blocks the production of autoimmune antibodies, and also for the construction of a proper functioning of the intestines. He believes that the diet should consist mostly of the following:

  • alkaline-make up products, vegetables, fruits, nuts, berries, grains,) in addition to the prunes, plums, red currants, and cherries.
  • the rest of you should take the acid-forming products (such as meat, fish, vegetables, cheese, and milk and milk products, and eggs).

However, you need to understand that there are products that have allergens that can trigger an allergy, such as a secondary reaction of the organism, and lead to the development of psoriasis. Allergies, you must carefully pick it up with the diet.

When the psoriasis is to follow a diet that should be based on the use of the following products:

Recommended Can
leafy vegetables; this is pone, and bread products;
fresh fruit and / or juice; artificial additives, dyes, or preservatives;
the bird and the rabbit; smoked sausages, canned food, red meat;
lean, with milk-containing products;and sugar, honey, soft drinks, sweets,
vegetable oil; alcohol;
the seeds of pumpkin, flax, sunflower seeds, almonds; rice powder; the fatty acids and the grill;
the whole-grain bread; rice, Solanaceae, fruits, nuts, citrus.
Dermatitis, psoriasis,

How it is handled, with the help of drugs

The beginning of the therapy based on medicine and not the conventional must of necessity be carried out with the consent and under the supervision of a medical doctor. You have to apply the basic rules of self-medicating the problem:

  • during the course of procedures for the treatment of the folk media should be parallel to continue to receive the drugs, and the use of topical ointments;
  • the result, after the application of herbal infusions, and ointments you can see, it is not in the immediate future, the need to maintain the course of the procedure, such as 10 or more applications;
  • the most effective would be the result if you apply it at the same time several of the tools in the medicine of the people.
  1. The stock on the basis of a mixture of herbs: st. john's wort, calendula, flowers, marigold, root, celandine. You should take 10 grams for each herb, fill out the vessel and pour in about a tablespoon of natural oil in the sunflower seeds. Received the lotion, care should be taken to lubricate the affected skin. The other version of the recipe, instead of oil, you can boil the herbs in the infusion to your bath water and use use. Each and every one of these herbs or you can use it in a mix, but it is used in conjunction officinalis, the product.
  2. The beginning of the bandage to the base of the pitch, it is anti-septic, soothes, and moisturizers for the environment. In order to prepare a paste, it is necessary to mix it in a bowl with natural birch tar (1 St. for the soup), and the acid-boric (half a teaspoon), two capsules of fish oil, egg whites, and honey (if you don't have an allergy to it). Received the ointment is applied once a day before you use it, you should give it a try over the area of the skin healthy in order to prevent an allergic reaction.
  3. Bath with a decoction from yarrow who has made a practice of precipitation to alleviate the itching. The grass is dry (about 3 cups), pour in the water and to insist for an hour, then you will need to boil the pot for about 20 minutes and set aside to cool. The resulting infusion is poured into a bath for the duration of the procedure should not exceed 20 minutes. For optimum impact, it should take you about a 10-to 15-sun.
  4. The stock on the basis of a mixture of medicinal herbs
  5. The ointment base in propolis that is prepared by the addition of a pharmacy at vitamin E: a tablespoon of the tools mixed up with the 3 capsules of vitamin a, and a stick of butter. This ointment can also be used, such as the apply it on the affected area.
  6. Soda baths and baths with sea salt , then you should take it before I go to sleep. The temperature of the water in the therapeutic bath should be close to 37 degrees celsius. The soda ash and the salt from the sea have an effect on, in order to alleviate the itching. It is, however, the alkali is able to retain moisture without the dry skin, so after you take a shower, and they should be thoroughly wet.

In the treatment of popular media in a combination with the drugs, it is worth noticing that it is completely cure the psoriasis, it is not possible, because this disease is chronic. However, when a treatment is correct only under the supervision of a doctor, you may be able to a strong period of remission.