Psoriasis on the legs

Psoriasis refers to a disease, in which the surface of the physical discomfort is not the aesthetics of the onset of the disease is supported by the unpleasant sensations. Appearing on the arms, legs, and other parts of the body psoriasis, cause harm to a person's whole life, from the once-effective medication that allows you to forget about the problem once and for all, has not yet been found.

Psoriasis on the legs

This type of dermatitis has an unusual origin and is widely spread among the problems of skin diseases, what causes them, scientists in the medical field looking for new and novel ways to solve the problem. But, today, the pharmaceutical industry and folk medicine can offer to patients, with psoriasis as just tools that will help you to forget about the disease and reduce its forms of expression, enabling the person to live a full life.

So what is psoriasis and what are the causes of this grace, unusual for the disease? But so far I could not find a cure for the disease, it is known to people for many centuries?

The risk factors for

Once you fully understand the nature of psoriasis is still not achieved, difficulties arise in the definition of the reasons of its cause. Clearly identify the the cause of the illness has not yet succeeded, and are still carried out specific research, allow us to suppose that the risk factors for the development of psoriatic arthritis conditions can be applied:

  • the personal injury and the damage to the skin (if you consider it, the more often exposed to mechanical abrasion, it can be assumed that, in the context of psoriasis on the hands and feet and has great distribution
  • hormonal imbalance is the reason for which the changes are related to the age of persons of a different sex, pregnant women, and Dr.
  • it's a different kind of poisoning, including alcohol poisoning, a drug overdose from medication, chemical exposure
  • infectious diseases, such as bacteriological and viral in nature
  • stress strong emotional experiences

Lead to the development of psoriasis may also be a violation of variety of metabolic processes in the body.

One should not lose sight of the genetic factor, because there is every reason to believe that the disease, in one form or another, which is passed by inheritance.

The pathogenesis

Psoriasis, which, otherwise, is called a flock of ringworm, it is not a infectious disease. Recently, more and more scholars lean towards the fact that the disease is of the nature of auto-immune underlying, t. e. on the question of the development of the disease is the improper use of one's own body, which is aggressive for the cells, thereby destroying healthy cells and tissues in the body. In other words, the body's immune system is fighting with the mystique of the infection, in speaking out against one of their cells.


Psoriasis on the legs is of the same nature, and that in other parts of the body, and brings it not to the least pain. The favorite of the displacement can be considered to be one of the thigh, the skin over the joints of the fingers, fingernails, and soles of the feet. It also has a seasonal variation of the current, with periods of exacerbation and remission. The deterioration occurs more often in ground that is migrated from the acute infectious diseases (angina pectoris, hepatitis, cholecystitis, and doctor).

Up to the end of exploring the nature of psoriasis and the doctors even, that it is not in the power. But you asked the witness that, in addition to the problem of the skin mantle as a consequence of psoriasis are affected on the internal organs of the person's liver, kidneys, lungs, stomach, adrenal glands, thyroid, and others), can be considered to be a disease like sort of a pathological process. In the middle of the psoriasis will often develop a disease of the joints, heart, nervous system and digestive system.

There is information on the development of the disease also plays an important role hereditary factor, but to fully acknowledge this fact, yet he couldn't.

The symptoms of psoriasis on the feet

As has already been mentioned, the psoriasis on the legs are the most vulnerable to the skin in the region of the joints, legs and feet. In these places, you can see specific, a dense inflammatory conditions, precipitation of a red – pcopuatuheckue "blood platelets", which is chips, and the highly memorydIt. On the surface, eruptions are very flexible, and covered with scales, which periodically ontwithlaivaytwithI and fall off. Sometimes pcopuatuheckue seal the cracks prior to the award of the blood, and the pain that it brings even more to the anxiety of the patient.

In addition to this, a lot of times it is diagnosed by the swelling of the legs, and inflammation in the joints (psoriatic arthritis).

Psoriasis on the nails of the feet resembles that of a fungus, when it appeared in the form of a breach of the health and appearance of nails and a board. Nail color, exfoliated, it becomes thicker, and the t. d. to Establish a precise diagnosis in this scenario can only the doctor do the necessary tests.

It begins psoriasis on the legs most often on the areas of the knees, which are the most susceptible to mechanical abrasion (rubbing), or even in and around the scrapes and bruises. The symptoms of psoriasis is the rash is in the shape of a uzelкonyouх, the convex training (papules), which is limited to one area of growth is in pink color. Papules time does not pass, and the time to combine all in one ("blood platelets"), with flaky silver-white on the surface.

Psoriasis of the soles

The actual appearance of the wheals is still not pointing to the development of psoriasis. But it's enough to make a scraping from them, to put it in the pre-assessment. When the psoriasis is not is a place of water, which, by the way, is the easy-to-do, is formed by the so-called stearic macula over time. If your car clean with them on, you can see the smooth, shiny, slightly moist, pink surface, the incoming call to the terminal of the film. If the film is stopping in the same, one can observe that the foci of the bleeding was due to damage to the small capillaries.

The stage

In its course of psoriasis on the legs periodically, through a number of steps:

  • The start-up phase. The first signs of psoriasis it is characteristic of the initial stage of the process, and the most preferred is the start of the treatment. If the company is to be run, the psoriasis will spread and more. Over a month of 2 of rain just as well as to themselves, but then will appear again and again. And then again in the psoriasis is going to cover already a large area of the skin.
  • By progressing through the stage. If it is the initial stage of the disease is characterized by the points of the eruption, and then, in progress in and around an ancient eruption, are graduates of new foci of inflammation. Papules are beginning to grow, resulting in the patient experiencing a constant itch.
  • In the acute phase of the current. The growth of papules is suspended, and they are formed in the form of flakes.
  • Setting the stage. New eruptions do not occur. The old is a graduate onрongonвevshy layer, that is, it will gradually go away, leaving it behind from the other pigmented spot.
  • The process of regression. Inflammatory drugs the most are often disappear completely, leaving no trace, or even to become subtle. The patient will feel completely fit and healthy.

The form

Psoriasis – this is a concept that is common, since the disease itself has many varieties. Psoriasis on the legs can occur in several forms, including:

Teardrop psoriasis
  • Common (with) psoriasis, occurs in 80% of patients. Most of the time it is to be found in the region of the knee. Frightened, the skin becomes warm, they have the hemophilia.
  • A map of bits, or a decrease in the form of psoriasis is the least common, but it is also very common. So that it is characterized by a strong scatter, or kapleonbрandзnыe the precipitation of a red-colored, which stand out slightly above the surface of the skin. More often than not, the fallout can be seen in the hips, over his legs. Generally, this type of psoriasis appears at the bottom migrated to the infectious diseases of the ENT organs.
  • Reverse or inverse psoriasis-is a lot different from the other types in the absence of the affected surface area of the flakes. Normally, the skin is observed in the inflamed pink patches not rising above the surface of the skin, either slightly, chip, or peel no. The skin at the sites of injury, it is very delicate, easily tRamiroetwithI, which often leads to the joining of the secondary infection, can have a significant impact on the treatment.
  • Экwithwithhavedandticon alternative or phavewiththavelesny the psoriasis manifests itself in the form of education on the skin pyctyl, fluid-filled or pus-filled. The skin in the area of the defeat of ontehnandI, with the increase of the temperature of the plates has a pink hue, they are then covered with a large amount of flaking, that is easy to fall off.
  • Erythrodermic psoriasis covers large areas of the body, the skin becomes inflamed and also exfoliate, which is accompanied by severe swelling, itching, and pain. On the ground, this is the type of psoriasis, and often, there may be an increase in the lymph nodes. This is one of the most severe forms of the psoriatic arthritis the disease.
  • Psoriatic arthritis is different, is strong and contributes to pain in the affected area of the skin and the joints below it. The skin becomes much inflamed, of a bright red, swelling, joint mobility is limited.
  • Psoriasis on the nails of the feet, the cover nongteyoue pads, and the skin of each one of them. The nail becomes transparent, a change in the way it is a noticeable red kaemka. Nail the disc to be prone to de-lamination, if it breaks down, as the yeast infection.
Psoriasis on the nails of the feet

Complications and side effects

Complications of psoriasis, in wide circles, it is considered to be a transition from a disease to a more heavy-duty case, such as the ErietрondeрмandI, phavewiththavelesny for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. This form of the disease is difficult to treat, and cause any particular discomfort to the patients such as physical appearance, and other painful feelings.

Among other things, the arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, when the wrong approach in the treatment, you may experience a loss of motor function is the joint and, as a result of a disability. And psoriasis of the nails may lead to the destruction of the nail plate.

The doctors are not going to consider it to be the psoriasis it's not like a neandnфeкцandonnnone a skin disease, but a disease, for, in spite of the fact that, in order to that surrounding a patient that does not represent a danger, the danger is there for him.

The consequences of psoriasis on the legs or other parts of the body, may serve as neuropsychiatric disorders, and stress, leading to the recurrence of the disease. The constant nervous tension, due to the nepriglIdnongon their appearance, feeling ugly, spite of the surrounding to have a negative effect on the health status of the patient.

At the same psoriasis, when the treatment you can return and spread to other areas of the body, and then pwithonriandtandhewithkaI of the disease, it will hurt not only the skin and joints, but also in the central nervous system, heart and blood vessels, gastrointestinal system, cardiovascular system, liver, kidneys, lungs, the organs of sight, and t. d.

In the treatment of psoriasis on the feet

Previously, it was believed that the psoriasis, in general, it is a dangerous disease of the skin that may not heal. But, later on, the doctors have discovered a link between psoriasis and the development of various diseases in health care are occurring at the bottom of it. In addition to the complications of the disease, does not imply bewithpehnone them to action. And that is the pain experienced by people with an incurable illness, stress, a nervous, uneasy feeling, and t. p.

The output of the one – to treat psoriasis, you need, in spite of the fact that the treatment gives only a temporary result. How do you want it to be, but it's an effective therapy, the disease can spread, and the patient gives to the periods of time where they can relax and enjoy a "healthy" life.

And if you consider that you are currently developing a set of methods and techniques, with the use of drugs, medicines, and other methods that can significantly ease the state of patient of psoriasis, on the legs, and other parts of the body, considered to be the same for a non-sense to support both physical and psychological, of the flour.

Available to psoriasis patients, the tools, and the location of the system in the course of therapy, physical therapy, and the methods of folk medicine. And of Psoriasis on the feet is no exception.

Useful for the treatment of psoriasis on the feet

The use of traditional medicine was not standing on one side of the issue, and have found a plethora of resources in the budget, and the revenue is capable of preventing the development of a disease process, and significantly ease the state of patients for psoriasis which is a treatment is expensive, is not available.

For example, a cabinet made of tar, which can be purchased at your local pharmacy. The use of a small bull's-eye as soon as the money is only enough for a very long time. He needs to grease the affected areas of psoriasis is approximately 2 weeks. On the pitch, to leave on the skin for 1 hour, after which the tool is to clean and clear out the dead from the place of delivery huctotela, which can also be purchased at your local pharmacy or make it yourself.

It helps when the psoriasis is not the legs, and this fine linen, which is a term that is within the morning prior to breakfast in the morning. The infusion is prepared from a 1-ct. l. from the seeds of flax and a half cup of boiling water. The composition are in the evening, and on the occasion during the night.

The two-times-a-day pcopuatuheckue the name tag you can just clean it with a solution of bicarbonate of sodium (2. h. l. on a glass of water), or hydrogen peroxide.

The onion

The onion is also beneficial, not only a foodstuff, but it is also an effective way to psoriasis. When you hit those places for 2 to 3 minutes, it is recommended that you apply it on the peeled onion on the mark. After the procedure the skin is cleaned and processed in a cream-based moisturizer with vitamin E.

Psoriasis on the soles may be treated with a mixture of butter (60 f.), honey (8 g), and perforation of the vitamin E oil (10 drops). To prepare the mix, heat the oil and add it to the rest of the components. To a solution of the resulting wet, elastic, and down-jerry's place, by recording the association. The best course of action for the night.

There are also a lot of recipes, most popular recipes of psoriasis based on the chicken's eggs. Many of the reviews talk about the effectiveness of these low-cost funds.

The good deed has a no-collection: aprs marsh, nettle, burdock, licorice, and succession, which can be heated for about 5 minutes in a glass of water and insist in a matter of hours.

An infusion of sage, camomile, oak bark, succession, and huctotela help when your psoriasis on the nails of the feet. And pondonшвennый psoriasis is treated with the help of this goes on with the flowers of the clover, onшpandрennыe in the boiling water, set on the pcopuatuheckue catch the 2-hour-per-day.