What to treat psoriasis of the scalp

Psoriasis – chronic skin disease, non-communicable diseases the sort of thing that belongs in the group of scaly shingles, which is often located on the head. It is capable of causing serious disturbance to the physical and mental state of a person. The main danger of the psoriasis in a possible development for psoriatic arthritis-forms of arthritis, and hepatitis. But they knew how to treat psoriasis on the head, it is possible to avoid more serious consequences.

It's as if it was the eruption of psora in the scalp.

psoriasis on the head

Causes of

Psoriasis is not a contagious disease, what are the factors for the occurrence of the following:

  1. The frequent mechanical impact on the soft tissue of the head, in the form of scuffing, rubbing, intense style.
  2. The use of cosmetic products for the care of the hair, providing a risk of serious damage to the skin.
  3. Allergic reactions, describing the appearance of the constant.
  4. The dryness of the hair, and the skin covering the head, and they manifest themselves in the form of dandruff which is the root cause of the development of seborrheic psoriasis.
  5. Often the stress and into a state of depression.
  6. The presence of non-communicable diseases as the type.
  7. A sudden change in life-style, expressed in the abandonment of the bad habits and follow a strict diet, as well as the weather conditions are, and if you move to another climate zone).
  8. Hereditary predisposition.
  9. Hormonal failure.
  10. Inadequate and lack of energy.
  11. The abuse of children."

The symptoms of

The clinical picture of the disease depends on the variety of psoriasis:

1. Common

The most common form of the disease, is diagnosed in 90% of patients with psoriasis. It is characterized by the following features:

  • inflammation of the skin, the spots of the head are red in color, which is top-covered with a gray skin, different, dry, and scaly. A segment from the center observes a local increase of the temperature.
  • a grey layer of skin, with the ease it provides for the removal, and the skin is red, and under him quickly to the wounded and the hurt.

These patches of affected skin are called plaques. They have a tendency to increase in size, merging with other boards, as well as the entire cluster.

2. Guttate

If it manifests itself in the form of a skin injury, like falls, it is celebrated for the dryness, redness, and swelling. The main reason for the development of tear drop psoriasis is a strep infection.

3. Pustular

The most severe form of psoriasis, which is characterized by the appearance of the skin, the skin, the head of the bubbles, or vesicles, full of a transparent fluid of the pustules. The skin around the data from the injury gets red and swollen. When the exudative form of psoriasis there is a great likelihood of the occurrence of the deterioration, as a liquid inside the bubbles change with purulent contents.

psoriasis on the head-stage of the

The stage

The development of psoriasis of the scalp it is characterized by the steps:

  1. Moving forward. In the initial phase, resulting in the emergence of a large number of small formations, with a tendency towards exponential growth, and the european union.
  2. Fixed. At this stage, you may experience a cessation of the growth plates, which are to be charged at the time.
  3. Back. Notice the resorption of the plate, thereby reducing the flaking of the skin covering the head, an education, acquire a pale view of the situation.


Therapeutic measures aimed at the elimination of the psoriasis, is characterized by complexity, involving, simultaneously, both the external and the internal, the impact of hiv / aids. The main tools of psoriasis on the head is:

  1. Drug interactions
  2. Physical therapy
  3. The light therapy. It is a way to curb the signs of psoriasis, by uv radiation. More positively, if you set the PUVA therapy, suggesting that the effect of ultra-violet light. The irradiation is carried out after the receipt of a photosensitizer, a drug that increases the sensitivity of the skin in the complexion to the light. As soon as they enter it, if possible, the penetration of uv light into deeper layers of the skin, which allows for an effective cure for the disease.
  4. Instantly. The method is characterized by the short-term, the influence of the cold, in the affected skin, staining of the head. The purpose of cryotherapy is to be achieved after going through the complete course consists of 30 sessions. Every day, they can be held for up to 4 procedures that can contribute to the resolution of the itching and pain of the process of inflammation.
  5. With the laser therapy. In this case, the laser is used. Its advantage lies in the hospital, and the impact on the affected area of the skin, without touching the healthy zone. There are different procedures in the absence of a bole, and it is harmless:it is manifest that in the absence of a scar and follow-up of the skin pigmentation after the treatment.
  6. Topical creams and ointments. To get rid of psoriasis over the local medication, it is advisable to make use of.
  7. Hair. Shampoos treatment for psoriasis on head hair is divided into several different categories.
  8. Folk remedies

In order to remove the manifestations of the psoriasis often use recipes of traditional medicine. We pay close attention to the most readily available for use in your home:


  • Key. Often used in one of the essential features of the essence are: ylang-ylang, oregano, myrrh, sandalwood, geranium. The oil from the heads - not the least that is effective in the treatment of the disease. It has a very soothing effect, healing, general characteristics.
  • The flax seed. The oil of the flax seed is contributing to the solution of inflammatory processes, to relieve the swelling and healing of the affected areas, the head.

The aforementioned oils are made up of the mask on the head:

Recipe #1:

  • burdock oil, in quantity, a pair of tbsps from the a mixture with 5 drops of ylang-ylang, and chamomile;
  • the mixture is then heated and rubbed on the skin of the head;and
  • with the mask on for 40 minutes, after which it was washed with the shampoo.

A positive test result is manifested by the healing process of the skin, improving the structure of the hair follicle, preventing further hair loss.

Recipe #2:

  • the grape seed oil in the amount of one teaspoon, mixed with about a tablespoon of the pulp of the grape;
  • added 10 drops of the ethereal essence of lemon;
  • the oil mixture is rubbed on the affected area, and for the next half hour
  • after a time the mask of the uterus (womb).
tar soap

Tar soap

Especially for the popularity of soap is the result of the following properties:

  • the improvement of blood circulation;
  • the destruction of the pathogenic bacteria;
  • the disinfection of the affected areas;
  • to remove the painful and itching sensations.

Tar soap may result in dry skin. It is important to consider the patients with the higher the dryness of the scalp. Also, it pays to be prepared for the fact that the soap has a very strong smell.

The onion

A prescription for the treatment of psoriasis: the onion is sliced, wrapped it in a bandage, and is superimposed on the affected skin for a few minutes. After all, the head will need to wash them with cold water at the place of location of the plates to cause the bandage to the bandage.

The diet

One of the main causes of psoriasis is an allergic reaction. During the period of treatment, it is important to follow a specific diet:

  • the exception from the diet of an alcoholic product;
  • in the presence of a fraction of a diet, involving eating, small portions, and the support, a break of three hours.
  • to minimize the consumption of salt;
  • the refusal of food, smoked, and pickled vegetables;
  • the exception to the diet of artificial additives such as colouring agents and preservatives;
  • frequent consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits products;
  • the daily consumption of the products, the dairy products brand.


for the prevention of psoriasis

For the purpose of preventing the occurrence of psoriasis of the scalp this is helpful to you:

  1. To prevent sun burn.
  2. The time of diagnosis, and treatment of any medical condition.
  3. With the thought of washing and combing your hair.
  4. Periodically, carry out the washing of the head, and through a prevention treatment for hair.
  5. Adhere to a healthy diet and full of energy.
  6. To avoid the negative emotions and avoiding stress.
  7. Choose products of care of a skin of a head and the hair according to their type.

In spite of the fact that scalp psoriasis is a serious disease, its treatment can be a fast and pain-free. The following are the recommendations of the doctors, and to more closely monitor your health and alert you to any manifestations of disease.