It is transmitted psoriasis for a person-to-person

Skin problems (especially psoriasis) catch your eye, which reduces the quality of life of the patient. In addition to this, around do not want to contact this person, because most of the diseases of the skin, is easily transmitted from one person to the next. This causes the patient to zakompleksovannosti, and social isolation. Think of it, as it is not passed on to psoriasis, and that is the source of the corruption.

psoriasis in the hair

It is a contagious and chronic psoriasis of the skin to the other

It is transmitted psoriasis, and other people, and I care about each and every person, because your health is above everything else. It manifests as a disease with red spots the intensity of which chips-if you. They can appear on any part of the body. Most often, seeing the spots on the face, limbs, back, or abdomen, for people to avoid contact with the sick person, because they don't know the cause of the disease. Your fear is understandable, given that these symptoms have been observed in other "risky" conditions.

The vast majority of the population does not know the difference between psoriasis and certain other contagious diseases, so that the people standing in front of them, then the person may have:

  • Recently.
  • The infection of the skin.
  • To a boil.
  • The infection is a fungal infection.
  • The Herpes disease.

More often than not of psoriasis that you are sick, entire families. Generally, this confirms the fact that the disease is contagious, but it is a mistake, as a psoriasis – a chronic disease that is contained in the human genome. And it turns out that in the circle of friends of the patient, who was diagnosed with a man in the house, relatives that never came to pass, that even the signs of the disease. This does not mean that the disease is once upon a time. Some genetically prone to psoriasis is never for people to come into contact with the disease, since they do not have the factors, you are able to to enhance your. Therefore, if you are the loved ones of the symptoms of the disease not, it might be useful to talk with family members far end of the circle, the more likely it is that someone else has also found this was wrong.

It is passed on psoriasis, a chronic person-to-person

Even if the patient will be confirm the fact that the disease is not contagious, people are still going to consider it to be dangerous and avoided. Commonly, there are a lot of myths, indicating that the disease is contagious. So, we're going to understand, you will get psoriasis for the physical contact with the patient, and the sex, but at the same time.

Is sent directly to the psoriasis-the physical contact with the patient

Psoriasis of the leather, the disease, you don't have to be hazardous to the other cards. Within disease foci did not contain fungal spores, viruses, dust mites, and able to hit the other person.

The Total stock of physical:

  • Kiss.
  • Love.
  • The grip of the hand, it is completely safe to use.

On the contrary, the physical contact with a male healthy, it is necessary for the patient, so that he is not mixed, for the sake of his body, and is not closed upon itself and held in the mental health.

it is transmitted psoriasis

If the psoriasis in one person to another through blood

The holders of the lease of the blood, it is a very popular and useful for the health of the individual. An additional advantage of the procedure that is to be paid. In total, there are obtained the blood, it is transferred to the poor and needy, but the fact is that, after a severe illness, and the loss of the disease is on. Who is to blame in the case of the doctors, or ourselves?

For the donor, even in a patient of psoriasis which the blood does not contain in itself:

  • Pathogenic micro-organism.
  • To be harmful to the human beings of substance.

Yes, it does contain the genetic code of the patient, but it does not affect the human body, that shed blood. Therefore, if you are after a blood transfusion, you have stepped up your psoriasis, and that means that you are suffering from an autoimmune disease process in your body, and it became the impetus for the development of the disease.

It is passed on chronic psoriasis, and sexually transmitted diseases

A sexual relationship with a patient is fully secured to one sexual partner at a time, as the disease is not in the source:

  • Bacteria in the system.
  • Virus.

At the time, the partner of the patient, may occur as patches within the heart of the area, and it looks like a rash. This is not a test of the transmission of the disease. It will come with the rains, triggered by fear. If this is the case, the doctors recommend drinking the rate of the sedative pills, and not have to think about it.

Psoriasis is a disease which is infectious or not

Is installed, which is a well-known company of infection can be transmitted in several ways:

  • When the body of the contact.
  • The air-block.
  • The bodies of the vectors.

More often than not, this question in mind when on a trip to the sea or to the bets. So, when you see a patient of psoriasis for people with a fear of coming into contact with the water.

Scientists have found out that the water in which they bathed the patient, it is completely safe for the others.

In addition, the results of the research, the experts have confirmed that not even a known way to the transmission of the disease from one person to another, and is not a threat to the people surrounding the patient of psoriasis.

routes of transmission of psoriasis

The path of transmission of the theory of the appearance of the psoriasis

We have found that, just as with the psoriasis is not passed on, but the health-care staff, there are a number of theories (apart from genetics), but where does it come from the disease. With it, you can find it all on the person who suffers from autoimmune attack in your body. This is a completely non-related to the human, but bad for psoriasis. Usually, the diagnosis can be installed in the men's and women's, with more than 15 years ago, but, at times, the disease begins to manifest itself earlier than that. Consider the doctor's theory of the broadcast.

Types of psoriasis

Based on a study of a science, experts claim that the disorder is of 2 types:

  • The first one is due to the irregularities in the functionality of the immune system and a genetic way. This type is found in the majority of patients, and it is recorded in the patient for up to 20 years of age. It is characterized by injury to the previously wounded skin, as well as the hairy portions, and bending of the limbs.
  • Lots of times a type 2 record in the people after the age of 40 years. So, for the disease is located in the joints and the nails.

This theory suggests that those who have type 2 of the disease are less with a "bar" from the point of view, but they do have the disease, it is a more heavy duty one, because it affects the ability of the joints.

The theory of genetic

As it was mentioned before, the disease manifests itself, not all of those genetically predisposed to it.

This is due to the fact that the disease is likely to be achieved only in favourable conditions for it, the environment, and with the help of certain factors, such as:

  • Salty, sweet, and spicy food.
  • Any kind of alcoholic beverages, Tobacco.
  • Those with chronic diseases.
  • Of the disease, resulting in a decrease in the activity of the immune.
  • Of the forum.
  • The charges of rape.

Thus, psoriasis is a disease that is on the source system, as this can result in a number of cases which fail in one's body.

the disease is psoriasis,

The effect of the seasonal

The year will also affect the development and recurrence of psoriasis, as long as the person unknowingly goes into the atmosphere, triggering the deterioration.

Stand out with such seasons of the year:

  • In the spring term.
  • Years of age or older.
  • The fall.
  • In the winter time.

Most often, the increase/suffer a relapse of psoriasis occurs in the winter and in the summer. In the hot weather, outbreaks of the lesions usually occur on the places scratched or bitten the branches, the grass, and in winter it is a man, and often goes " forum.

The system of the violations of the

In the case of violations that are going on in a person genetically predisposed to the condition, and the condition can be reached or return home. For example, when failures occur, the body's metabolism, psoriasis, operates a complication, when the defeat of the endocrine system.

Allergic to theory,

People are genetically engineered to be susceptible to the disease, and that you have an allergy to something, you are going to be suffering from a chronic condition. Each allergic reaction patient is going to leak, it is difficult for this reason doctors say that the patient is to prevent crises of allergic. And the rest of the psoriasis is not a contagious disease, as well as on the street.

Overall, to sum it up: the infected psoriasis of the patient is possible. The factors that increase the risk of developing or worsening of the disease are:

  • The breaking of the cover (I is subject of the pathology of the individuals.
  • Disturbances in the metabolism of the process, the endocrine system, the immune system, and the system's response.
  • Infectious diseases and inflammatory disorders.

Usually, the disease is not a threat to human health, and causes discomfort and a negative impact on the human psyche, but at times it can be very dangerous.

What are the complications of psoriasis

Psoriasis is a disease that cannot be cured. The most that you can do to help reduce the symptoms of the manifestations, and to facilitate the transfer of the disease to the patient: to eliminate the itching, inflammation, and psoriatic papules.

If, however, the patient abandoned the treatment, and the disease has passed the stage of heavy in addition to aesthetic damages the disease may have an impact on the patient's body:

it affects psoriasis
  • The defeat of the mucous membrane. Without proper treatment, the disease can spread into the mucous membranes and the skin, the shell, rather than the structure of tissues more susceptible to failures in the processes of exchange, and in the presence of a component of dead skin cells. In this case, the opposite may occur for pink eye, ending in a disorder of the visual system.
  • The psoriatic arthritis. The disease is found, not only in the outer part of the skin, but extends also to the tissue, the joints and the cartilage.

In addition, psoriasis patients who suffer from diseases of the liver, and metabolic disorders. This phenomenon can occur in any and all of the patients with this diagnosis. Recommended for the face (s) of a dermatologist and adhere to medication regimens, for a time, to fully heal this disease, it is no longer possible.