With the guttate psoriasis

The guttate psoriasis is a type of psoriasis are the features that are missing from the center nail first full-length lp, and the spontaneous, the unpredictable, the spread of the disease-of-skin-rashes), associated with the presence of infection in the body. The main element is the rose, tear of the label. The appearance of the papules, accompanied by itching. Initially, a rash located on the trunk and limbs, but soon spread all over the skin of the clouds, except for the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. The disease is diagnosed clinically in the identification of the psoriatic triad, using the data from the history. The most effective methods of treatment are PUVA therapy and plasma exchange.

with the guttate psoriasis

General information

The guttate psoriasis – enough, they rarely appear in a form of a flock of starving to auto-immune colouring with the flow. Skin conditions do not have a gender, or racial differences, you do not have a clear-cut seasonality, and frequency. Most often, the guttate psoriasis, is diagnosed in school-age children, young people, men and women alike. In this world, more than 4 per cent of the population-suffer from psoriasis, at a fraction of the tear which is responsible for about 2 million. people. Guttate psoriasis, it has an organic, specificity, often combined with a disease and somatic) acute or chronic infections, which have been rising. It is assumed, that these combinations are due to the violation of the protective properties of the skin, and is easy to penetrate into the body of infectious agents, is one of the main triggers to select the mechanism for the development of the disease.

It is believed that the widespread guttate psoriasis, it shortens the life of the woman, it is only 3 years old, male, in 1,5 year. The root cause of a reduction in the term of life, they become immune to violation. In the development of teardrop psoriasis affect of bad habits, especially smoking, and atherogenic profile in the diet. Smoking one pack of cigarettes per day increases the risk for developing tears of the psoriasis-in 2 times. The ingestion of a large amount of fish (a natural source of polyunsaturated fatty acids reduces the likelihood of the occurrence of a disease in a 3-fold. The relevance of this problem is related to the severe populations, a process that, essentially worsening the quality of life of the patients.

The causes of tear drop psoriasis

The vast majority of the dermatologists believe that the main reason for the development of tear drop psoriasis and passed the infection of any etiology: with the flu, angina, pneumonia, an acute respiratory disease of the upper airways. candidiasis of the mucous membranes. In favor of the infectious theory is that it demonstrates the determination of the pathogens in a scrape with a tear on the label. It is an infectious disease, or it results in an English language condition, or worse, by other forms of psoriasis, and to stimulate the transformation of guttate psoriasis. Against the background of pathological changes in it if you of the stress of the increased workload, decreased immunity, hereditary predisposition, or a combination of several of the above factors. In spite of the fact that, in the scraping plates in a given pathogenic agent, guttate psoriasis is not contagious it's not contagious.

In the pathogenesis of the development of tear drop psoriasis is the main role in belongs to autoimmune reactions. The presence of active infection, the genes that are responsible for the development of the disease, and the stress affects the neuropeptides are able to stimulate the keratinocytes, which, in turn, secrete inflammatory cytokines. The cytokines activate the cells of the immune system, and histiocytes-connective tissue component of skin, called the eosinophil. There are three stages in the development of the tear psoriasis: raising the awareness of the latency of the existence of, and the effector. In the first phase and start of the mechanism of the reaction of antigen-antibody, where the antigen-acting pathogens that accumulate in the skin and antibodies are cells of the immune system, and the reticuloendothelial system. In the second phase, is the latent accumulation of the antibody produced by dermal cells and lymphocytes of the immune system. The binding of antibodies due to either an excess of to bind not only to foreign substances, but it is also endogenous to the structure of the skin.

the symptoms of psoriasis

Finally, in the third phase starts with the precipitation of primary elements on the surface of the skin. The time from the start of the final stage, it is impossible to predict, because of the length of the latency period depends on the virulence of the pathogen or of the cytotoxicity of another pathogenic the beginning with the number and strength of the body. It should be noted that, in the event of a tear of psoriasis, genetic predisposition does not play a decisive role, because of the genes, which are responsible for the development of a tear of psoriasis, a lot, a lot, and genetics, the sending of any form of psoriasis it does not conform to the laws of Mendel. Consider guttate psoriasis of the genetics of the disease, it is not possible, you can only talk about the genetically influenced heterogeneity of the disease.

Classification of teardrop psoriasis

Dermatology is ranked guttate psoriasis, according to the degree of severity, taking into account the prevalence of skin lesions of the integument. Be distinguished:

  1. Soft-guttate psoriasis – precipitation is presented with a unique primary elements of the square, which leads to a less than 3% of the skin. The items that appear, they are over in 2 to 3 weeks, after he sustained an infection and are in need of urgent medical care. They can be found in the trunk of the body and limbs, move back in with the phenomena of hyper pigmentation.
  2. Moderate to guttate psoriasis – a skin rash with multiple, prone to peripheral growth, and the defeat of the skin, the integument of 3% to 10%. The general condition of the violated, it was observed itching of the skin, the patient requires the care of a home. Elements of the rash can be solved independently from each other or turn into disseminirovanne on the application form.
  3. Heavy-guttate psoriasis – common in the rains, are distributed in more than 10% of the integument of the skin. They can be found all over the place, and seriously affect the state of a patient, in need of medical intervention, in the conditions of specialized hospital, and the treatment of an individual programme, up to a total of a return to the primary populations of the elements.

The symptoms of psoriasis and tear

The disease has a choppy period, in order to replace the reference comes from relapses, and especially frequent during the period from the fall / winter season. The clinical manifestations of tear drop psoriasis can occur spontaneously. A key element is the bright red papule teardrop-shaped, classical of from 3 to 10 mm in diameter, coated silver flake. Papules grow up in the suburbs, merge, and turn into plaque. When the injury of the elements tend to be ulcers and a change in exudative psoriasis. The appearance of acne is accompanied by severe itching. The rash is on the trunk and on the limbs is the typical location of the primary items on the tear psoriasis. The person will almost always remain outdoors, the nail plate which are not being met. The rash can be solved independently from each other or morph into a variety of psoriasis. The disappearance of the acne is not a guarantee of recovery.

The diagnosis of psoriasis in tears

The diagnosis of "guttate psoriasis," taking into account the data on the newly-migrated to the infection of the complaint and the availability of a specific diagnostic triad of: stearic spots, end of the story, the bleeding "drops of dew". OAK is determined by the increase of ESR and leukocytosis, consistent with the biochemical is detected by the presence of the rheumatoid factor. The children, exposed to the infection of streptococci, undergo hiv testing, charge for a spot in the nasopharynx with bacterial loads of the research on the syndrome and streptococcus.

The histology is typical for water in psoriasis, morphological changes indicate immature epidermal cells in the use of T-cell and the phenomena of hyperkeratosis. The disease is distinguished from other kinds of psoriasis, the colour pink stripping, secondary syphilis, intoxication of drugs, the dermatitis, and viral skin rash.

in the treatment of psoriasis

In the treatment of psoriasis and tear

Skin conditions-resistant in the course of your therapy, and you need the patience and of the patient and the dermatologist. Comprehensive treatment depending on the severity of the process is carried out on an outpatient basis, or in terms of the steady-state. First of all, to engage in the remediation of foci of infection and chronic, are a residual of the acute forms of the ARI, and the CONDITIONS, amend, as a consequence of a pathology of the somatic. The doctor picks up an individual program of anti-atherogenic profile of the diet, with the food intake, the polyunsaturated fatty acids. Simultaneously, they spend symptomatic therapy. When the psoriasis is the most effective form of PUVA therapy that is charged, in small doses, and only under the supervision of a medical doctor. The use of plasma exchange may decrease the rate of recurrence.

The drugs for this form of psoriasis, has been applied with different objectives, and in accordance with the different regimens. For example, the steroidal ointment, considering the area of the injury to the skin use only a very short exchange; therapy, appropriate antibiotic against the hemolytic streptococcus to pass to the assignment of long-term cycles of antibiotic therapy with cephalosporin. Most of the time it is receiving immunomodulators.

Shows vitamins (E, D, a, C, e, F, group A), and preparations containing the monoclonal antibodies. If the dispersion of the primary elements is significant and will continue to make progress, to apply retinoids in and the other polishes in the calcitriol overseas. Prescribed as a sedative, antihistamine therapy, and anti-itch. A good effect is to take a bath with the bran of the wheat. The prognosis is relatively good taking into account the rippling of the stream tears of the psoriasis and a reduction in the quality of life of the patients.