The shampoo of psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic disease of the skin, pursuing the patient for the whole life. The way to completely get rid of the disease at the moment, there is not, however, there are a number of means by which it is possible to reduce the symptoms of the disease and achieve remission. One of these means is the shampoo of psoriasis on the scalp.

Psoriasis in the head

The title of the education or plate on the head of a person who suffers from psoriasis, became the cause not only physical discomfort, expresses the itching, but the psychological trauma. In addition, bulging of the red dot and pink, which appear on the head to aggravation of the disease, contribute to the development of social phobia.

The article provides information on the causes and manifestations of the disease, as well as the shampoos of psoriasis of the scalp are considered to be the most effective. In addition, you will be able to learn how to choose the remedy and what attributes it should have.

The main causes of the manifestation of psoriasis

The causes of the manifestation of psoriasis can have as its aim the exposure to external factors) and subjective (heredity).

The number of objective reasons relate to:

  • the manifestation of the disease as a result of mechanical impact on the general characteristics;
  • the worsening of the disease can be a consequence of the interaction with chemical media, excessive use of cleaning products and cleaning chemicals;
  • the profession of the patient, including direct contact with the acid, polishes, solvents, paints and other chemical products;
  • the disease is more exposed to the patients, general features that are characterized by excess of drought;
  • a sudden change of the weather;
  • the abuse of alcoholic beverages and narcotic drugs;
  • the presence of bad habits, in particular, such as, eating too much, and the violation of the day;
  • excessive exercise;
  • the cause of the manifestation of the disease can make the use of certain types of medicines.

The symptoms of the disease

How to recognize the disease (symptoms):

  • flaking of the scalp that may be confused with seborrhea;
  • branch of cover plates of the head;
  • The shampoo of psoriasis
  • peeling of the skin, leading to the formation of blood cells of wounds in the head;
  • continuous itching, however, comb the dead of the place is not recommended, it can cause the worsening of the disease.

Important! With the onset of the first symptoms of the disease, should immediately contact the clinic by skilled workers. Self-medication can cause deterioration of state of health, and the worsening of the disease.

Many times patients are trying to cope with the disease using non-conventional methods of treatment, in particular in folk medicine. Herbal infusions and ointments can actually be used to treat psoriasis and achieve a positive effect, but only as ancillary drugs. The basis of the treatment must meet the the traditional methods and the recommendations of professionals.

What attributes should have the shampoo of psoriasis in head

While the tablets cure the disease from the inside to the outside, the execution of the function outside, in particular in head, it is the prerogative and responsibility of ointments, shampoos and treatments and gels. Now the pharmaceutical market is full of various drugs with a promising effect, however, before choosing shampoo, you should pay attention to its properties and composition.

Therapeutic shampoo should have the following properties:

  1. the presence in the composition of analgesic components;
  2. anti-fungal impact;
  3. anti-inflammatory effect.

Stand several types of shampoo of psoriasis, with these properties:

  • tar;
  • an antifungal, as part of what is contained ketoconazole;
  • therapeutics, with a capacity for salicylic acid;
  • child;
  • cosmetic.

Of that it is recommended to wash the head when the psoriasis

Shampoos medicinal

When psoriasis head a positive impact on the state of the skin of the integument have healing shampoos, due to the presence in its composition of zinc, ihtiola, and salicylic acid.

The salicylic acid

The most effective shampoos for psoriasis

  1. With the zinc and salicylic acid.
  2. In addition to salicylic acid and zinc, the composition of the shampoo included vitamins and natural plant extracts (burdock and chamomile). Shampoo provides favorable care with the skin of the head, fine foam and has a pleasant smell.

    Components shampoo, in particular salicylic acid, they have qualities in anti-microbial, promote the softening and exfoliation plates. In addition, thanks to the presence in the composition of remedies pyrrhotite zinc, the shampoo have an antifungal impact on the scalp. Plant extracts and soothing to the skin of the head and, simultaneously, the energization of its minerals, contribute to the healing cells in wounds, tone up and destroy the micro-organisms harmful.

  3. Shampoo with zinc.
  4. The base of a medicine is zinc pyrithione. The use of the shampoo reduces flaking, prevents the appearance of dandruff. Components of the shampoo effectively struggle with the itching and the irritation, contribute to the growth of hair and improve its structure, accelerate the implementation of regenerative processes.

  5. Shampoo with allantoin and zinc.

Contains active components, in particular allantoin, zinc pyrithione. Relieves irritation, expressed itching, regulates the process of sebum production, which promotes skin regeneration and speeds up your update, preventing the desquamation of the integument, nourishes and softens the skin of the scalp, accelerates the healing of wounds.

Tar shampoo psoriasis

Cleaning tar to soften the scalp and inhibit the formation of psoriatic arthritis the components.

Important! Before purchasing the shampoo with tar, you should consult a specialist, to make up the medicine not had a negative impact on the general characteristics of the head of the patient and his health in general.

Indulgent (children), shampoos of psoriasis

Unlike the main types of shampoos against psoriasis, the baby does not contain harmful substances, in particular dyes, odorant, and other chemical elements, whose impact can negatively affect the health condition of the patient.

Properties of children shampoos:

  1. the absence of hazardous chemicals;
  2. the presence of composed exclusively of natural components;
  3. anti-allergic nature.

Children's shampoos nourish the baby's skin minerals, soften your and prevent peeling.

Cosmetics, shampoos

Cosmetics are smoothed with the curtains of the skin, have a healing and regeneration impact, favorably affect the state of health of the patient in general.


To wash the face, it is recommended to use a soap especially developed for the application of psoriasis patients. This can be:

  1. sulsenovoe or soap sulfur;
  2. soap with citrus, additives, production, Germany;
  3. soap, bathroom;
  4. soap contains extracts of calendula and goat's milk, the production of Austria.

The application of treatments of shampoos psoriasis is not recommended for a long period of time. Remember if the shampoo when psoriasis is an auxiliary means of dealing with the disease, therefore, its use should be coupled with other medications for traditional medicine. The application that is described in the article of medicines does not give absolute guarantee to get rid of a disease, it only helps to reduce the symptoms and achieve remission.