Psoriasis on the head: picture, symptoms, causes, treatment

Scalp psoriasis is a quite common is the cutaneous form of the pathology, which does not represent any serious danger to the life of the patient. Despite the many times this disease causes the development of serious complications of a psychological nature. Also it is worth mentioning that it is not the aesthetic appearance of the patient makes it impossible for its full existence in society and the leads in most of the cases, the self-imposed isolation.


Psoriasis in the head

The characteristic sign of this pathology are the name tag in the head, do not fall in the hair and in skin-to-skin. These belt outbreaks may have different sizes and, in most cases, indicate about the development of the initial stage of the disease. Psoriatic flakes you can easily differentiate between dandruff excess number of this secret.

As the main reason for the development of psoriasis in head the modern medicine considers the violation of metabolic processes in the body.

It should also be noted some of the factors able to cause the appearance of this pathology:

  1. Mechanical damage to the skin of the integument, located on the scalp.
  2. Weakened immunity.
  3. The susceptibility of the patient to stressful situations.
  4. Wrong and non-modal nutrition.
  5. The progression in the body of the patient chronic diseases, with infectivity etiology.
  6. The presence of vices that are destructive, particularly the abuse of alcohol-containing beverages, and tobacco.
  7. Irregularities in the organs of the digestive tract.
  8. Long-term acquisition of medications (especially steroids).
  9. Systematic impact on hair and skin curtains head low-temperature modes.
  10. Hormonal disorders (for example, the period of gestation, transition age, endocrine diseases and t. d.).

Suddenly, the psoriasis on the back of the head, eyebrows, forehead, and beard can manifest themselves with the female and male audience, over the age of 35 months, and years. In patients of lower age for the group that the disease develops due to a genetic predisposition. According to the statistics, which is one of the medical institutions from all over the world, this form of psoriasis progresses in term of 5 days, while that in the other parts of the body, the disease can occur acutely during 3 weeks or more.

Symptoms and treatment

If a man can occur in the early stage of the disease, it may not manifest characteristic of semiology. In this case, when the disease enters the progressive phase, the following will be visible even naked with the vision of your manifestation.

During the study of psoriasis in head, it is possible to notice the bark in cutaneous coverage, that is accompanied by a strong itching.

With the passing of time, the patients in the scalp start to appear psoriat- diffraction of platelets and signs of cracks. Space peel will start to become thicker and thicker, around the leather, do anything and become inflamed. If patients do not give value symptoms have appeared, very quickly, the pathology of the will to other areas of the body.

Psoriasis of the scalp


Psoriasis manifest in the scalp, it can have multiple stages of development:

  1. The initial. The patient has to appear in the cutaneous coverage of isolated papules, which in appearance resemble pimples, has a pink hue and well-defined edge. Towering over the skin, they cause a strong itch. If the patient does not resist and begins to comb, papules may bleed. Some patients don't give the value that appears cumntomatuke and realize psoriat- diffraction flakes usual for dandruff. They begin to apply different means to get rid of dandruff, exacerbating during the psoriasis. At this stage, the disease reaches the fibrous part of the head, but also can capture and the area of the neck, the ear shield, and the face.
  2. Progressing. When the disease begins to progress, patients that appear on the skin the skin with new rashes.
  3. Fixed. The old psoriatMATIC skin rashes join the new.
  4. Back. When the transition of a disease in this stage occurs the neutralization of pronounced symptomatology. Around papules are formed of bright rings.
  5. Heavy. This stage is the total defeat of the scalp. Psoriatic flakes increase in size and thicken. Male patients are exempt from military service.

Diagnostic activities

If the person noted on the scalp, and symptoms such as peeling, pimples, or itching, he needs to immediately consult a doctor for advice. The dermatologist will perform a physical examination of the patient and prescribe you a series of additional searches, such as, for example, a blood test and biopsy.

After I was diagnosed with psoriasis, the expert of the fans to the individual patient's treatment regimen, which usually includes:

Diagnostic activities
  1. The medicines and the outdoor use of medicines.
  2. The transition diet.
  3. Step-by-step visiprisedur.
  4. Regular visit specialized spas and health centres.
  5. Prevention activities.

Medical therapy

This category of patients specialists can assign the following drugs:

  1. If the pathology is accompanied by strong itching and edema, that are written histamines.
  2. To strengthen the body, but also to increase its resistance notdyeah, we recommend that you receive supplementation of vitamins and minerals complex.
  3. To improve the work of the immunity, patients must take special drugs, included in the group of immunomedUHLtHur.
  4. The patients received prescription of retinoids.
  5. If the pathology is more severe, the sick are assigned to corticosteroids.
  6. If the notdyeah join the infection (secondary), professionals are changing the treatment regimen and include in it a course of antibiotics. Such medicines, patients should take great care, as they can lead to several complications.
  7. If the pathology in humans is manifested in the midst of tensions or permanent psycho-emotional voltage, the doctors can prescribe psychoactive drugs.

In the treatment of this disease often involve drugs, intended for outdoor applications:

  1. Are written pomade (to enhance and accelerate the formation of the horny layer of the skin).
  2. It is recommended for the treatment of diseases of the skin covering special lotions, which is present in the vitamin group D3 or dithranol.
  3. When the severe form of the disease are written ointments, gels and creams of a group of glucocorticoids.
  4. To perform the procedures free patients they must activate special shampoos.
  5. To counteract the symptoms, the doctors advise to apply salicylic acid ointment. This reasonably-priced amenities you can not only use in the period of remission, but also during the acute phase of the disease.

For therapeutic purposes, patients can use special shampoos:

  1. Have action antifungal.
  2. With an acid (salicylic acid) or ichthyolum.
  3. With the addition of tar.


Psoriasis is a pathology of the skin, which needs treatment in the integrated approach. That is why, in addition to medicines, this category of patients shows the different visiprisedurы:

  1. We recommend the step-by-step sessions rupydotepanuu.
  2. In the skin of the curtains should be provided the impact of the laser (erbium), by ultraviolet light.
  3. Shows the sessions of hemosorption, plasmapheresis, or PUVA therapy.
  4. A huge benefit brings the step-by-step specialist treatment and spas.


People who have this incurable disease, must review your diet. Due to the fact that this category of patients, almost always, occurs a violation of lipid metabolism, it is advisable to do a special diet. They should observe the following rules:

  1. It is forbidden to consume products, which are present in dyes and chemical additives.
  2. You must abandon all the gas stations, and spices.
  3. Exclude from the menu all harmful dishes, the alcohol-containing beverages.
  4. In the menu should not be products, that they are able to cause allergic reactions.
  5. It is forbidden to eat fruit, vegetables, and fruits, vibrant colors and the citrus and chocolate.
  6. Discount can be consumed with milk and honey.

How to take care of the hair?

Patients, psoriasis developed on the scalp, you should know how to properly care for this area:

  1. To perform the hygiene procedures, you can use only shampoos medicinal.
  2. To comb the hair, you should choose the hair, the bristles are made of natural materials. During the performance of manipulation is not possible to exert a strong physical influence on the affected area, as this may cause injury psoriatble plates and subsequent infection.
  3. Regularly deal with the drapes skin disinfectant, which has designated the dermatologist.
  4. The wet hair is not worth it to dry by using a hair dryer, as well as in the psoriat- diffraction of platelets should not be given to the thermal impact.
  5. Throughout the course of the drug therapy the patient should avoid the haircut procedures. It is expressly forbidden to paint the hair, as well as the dyes, that can cause serious complications.
  6. If a woman have long hair, and progresses psoriasis in this area, it is recommended to do a short hair cut, and thanks to this, it will be more easy to take care of the thin skin and vicesimatü psoriat- diffraction flakes.
The treatment of psoriasis


In the first place, that the pathology of the skin such as psoriasis, it becomes the cause of serious psychological disorders of the patients. Due to the fact that the patients occur strong changes in the skin-to-skin, they start to close in on itself and in every way abstain from contact with the outside world. Many patients in the context of external changes begins the prolonged depression, skipping, which is capable of only an experienced therapist.

The psoriasis developed on the scalp, in rare cases, becomes the cause of the development of physical consequences. But, if the patient will not pass for adjuvant therapy, the disease can spread to other parts of the body, and this, in turn, faces the following complications:

  • develops hepatitis (psoriatic arthritis);
  • the infection occurs blood (if you join a bacterial infection);
  • develops arthritis (psoriatic arthritis).

Prevention activities

To prevent the progression of this pathology of the skin patients should regularly perform its prevention:

  1. Along find under direct sunlight should be excluded the possibility of overheating and burning.
  2. In a timely manner need to treat all chronic and infectious diseases.
  3. Patients should completely abandon all addictions are destructive.
  4. It is recommended not only in the process of treatment, but throughout the life adhere to a proper diet.
  5. During the wash hair, must use treatments and prevent mechanical damage to the skin of the integument. After completing hygienic procedures recommended opolskietü herbal hair ontvary.