Psoriasis on the hands and the palms of the hands

Psoriasis in the hands of one of the most serious diseases of autoimmune character, which, in the first place, has skin manifestations. If you do not treat the psoriasis, he in the future can affect the joints. How to cure this disease, what are the symptoms and causes?

psoriasis on hands

The symptoms of psoriasis in the hands

Signs of psoriasis on the fingers and palms of the hand arise suddenly. Initially appear small rash, which over time turn into big patches. The manifestation of psoriasis on the hands:

  • Well-defined papules, having a circular shape bright pink in color.
  • Dry, high on the skin a reddish stain – psoriatic arthritis plate.
  • Flaking, itching in the area formed of the plates.
  • Is possible bleeding of the skin at the location of papules, plaques.
  • Often when psoriasis are amazed by the nails ("symptom thimbles") – appear small dots, nail plate begins to flake.
  • Psoriasis hands manifests itself as well: the rash begins on the back of the palm of the hand, between the fingers and on them.

Psoriasis is a condition in which is stopped the process of cell division, resulting those begin to divide into 5 to 10 times faster than the healthy cells. When the psoriasis, the skin cells actively breed, this process soon connect immune cells, the blood vessels. On-site, the smooth skin occur psoriatic arthritis plate. Point rises above the surface of the skin, the blood vessels grow, to form these charges are responsibility, highly raised above the surface of the skin.

Psoriasis is not shared by sex or race. More often, the disease manifests between the ages of 15 and 35 years, and after 60 years of age.

The cause of psoriasis on hands

Today we do not have installed the exact cause for the appearance of psoriasis on the fingers of the hands, the palms of the hands or other parts of the body. But, according to the medical research, it is possible to discover the following risk factors for the occurrence of the disease:

  • hereditary predisposition;
  • the stress;
  • the kind of skin — installed, that most often the psoriasis are the people suffer from dry type of skin;
  • the reception of certain medicines, for example, anticonvulsant, sedative drugs, antidepressants;
  • diseases of the thyroid;
  • mechanics of skin injuries – cuts, scratches, and Dr.

Increase the risk of developing psoriasis in people who:

  • smoking, abuse of alcohol;
  • have excess body weight;
  • wrong feed.
the stage of the disease

The stage of the disease

Include such phase psoriasis on hands:

  1. The aggravation – progressing stage of the disease. It is characterized by the increase in the number and size of patches, increase itching and peeling.
  2. Fixed phase – it is characterized by the attenuation of a disease, color change psoriatic arthritis platelet (they become less red, white), and also the reduction of spots.
  3. The phase of remission – is characterized by complete disappearance of all signs of psoriasis.

Look to the hands, hitting psoriasis, extremely unpleasant. But the disease is so common that people should know how to is psoriasis on the hands to the time of identifying the problem and in a timely manner to start the treatment of the disease.

Forms of psoriasis

Include various types of psoriasis of the hands:

  • Pustular – is more often than on the palms of the hands, forearms. This form of psoriasis in humans appear red spots with purulent content. These spots coalesce, forming the so-called purulent the lake. Pustular psoriasis of the hands is the most dangerous form of the disease, it is often complicated by extensive swelling of the hands, the development of nephropathy, as well as the appearance of degenerative phenomena.
  • Teardrop-shaped – most is formed in the upper part of the hand, next to the shoulders. Plate shape that resemble drops.
  • Uneven – fusion of the cards in the group, coverage of white crusts.
  • Nail psoriasis – the appearance of longitudinal or transverse lines of grey or white in color; thickening of the skin around the nail; loosening and destruction of the entire nail plate.

The variety of psoriasis of the hands depending on the location of the

Depending on the location of appearance of papules, plaques highlight these types of psoriasis:

The location of psoriasis on the hands Description of the problem
On the palms of the hands Redness of the surface of the skin of the palms of the hands, itching, thickening the upper layer, the appearance of calluses. Externally, the psoriasis on the palms, many are confused with ringworm or eczema. For the correct diagnosis, one must consult a specialist.
In your hands and fingers of the hands Inflammation, swelling of the fingers, the peeling, cracking skin, pain and itching.
the dangers of self-medication

The dangers of self-medication

Do not know the correct way to treat psoriasis on the hands, when independent trials is the ai-the treatment may end up in tears. Although many medications for the treatment of psoriasis are taken without a medical prescription, the person should know that in order to be treated by them only after the approval of your doctor. Otherwise, the consequences can be irreversible:

  • hypercalcemia – occurs when you use some ointments, creams place of action. This condition can lead to violations of the heart rate and even muscle toning seizures;
  • the burn of the skin – when you use a location of funds, but also a method of treatment of psoriasis, such as phototherapy, the patient may develop a burn of the skin;
  • the syndrome of dependence, of the cancellation;
  • the appearance of inflammatory reactions;
  • a variety of breach on the part of the endocrine system, the cardiovascular system – if you use hormonal medication;
  • the pigmentation of half of the healthy skin – your coloring on the brown color;
  • the occurrence of atrophy of the skin;
  • frequent recurrences of the disease, the worsening of the current disease.

Use any of the methods, medicines for the treatment of psoriasis without the recommendation of a doctor in frequency, duration of application, the square of the application of the ointment, cream, and also without considering the individual characteristics of an organism is extremely insecure. Not knowing how to treat the psoriasis, the man in the first place, it can harm other organs and systems. In the second place, he runs the risk of not only not healing, but much worse during the disease. And, thirdly, in the absence of proper treatment, the disease can pass to the discharge running, get rid of that will be very difficult.

How to treat?

The treatment of psoriasis on the hands, necessarily, must be comprehensive and include:

  • The use of tools for local action.
  • The use of medicines total shares (reception inside).
  • Herbal therapeutic treatment.

Drugs local action

Each year the tactic of treating this non-communicable disease is changing. Now it is popular anti-inflammatory non-hormonal, as well as aromatic retinoids, whose task is to remove dead cells from the skin, remove the inflammation, the prevention of the formation of psoriatic plaques, as well as the process of cornification of the skin. For local therapy are used various creams and ointments with vitamins a and D.

Creams for the hands when the psoriasis

the treatment of psoriasis

Creams when the disease can be:

  • Hormonal – they suppress the immune response and to reduce the intensity of metabolic processes in the affected cells of the skin. If the composition of these creams include and vasoconstrictor substance, so it is doubly effective, as well as when the impact of the medicine on the skin occurs the process of reduction in the concentration of nutrients, normalizes the process of exfoliate the skin.
  • Non-hormonal – they have a moisturizing effect. In comparison with hormonal creams these do not cause dangerous side effects, does not lead to the imbalance of hormones, and are also more accessible in terms of cost.

It is also great to help normal children creams for the hands, with the addition of chamomile extract, celandine, marigold. They relieve the inflammatory process, to moisturize and soften the affected skin.

Before you apply in one way or another outside tool for the treatment of psoriasis, the need to conduct a test on a part of the body healthy.

Ointment to hands when psoriasis

Many people who have been exposed to psoriasis, getting to a pharmacy, or to be with a doctor at the reception, ask: "What the ointment of psoriasis on the hands differs from the cream of milk?". A patients really experts ascribe only the ointment, the other cream. What is the difference? The fact is that the ointment of psoriasis dr. assigns, in case, if you want to soften the skin. Cream is assigned, in this case, if necessary, to avoid itching, burning sensation, quickly relieve the swelling, because it acts much faster than the ointment, cream penetrates quickly under the skin.

The administration of drugs total actions

In the treatment of psoriasis, as well as the tools of the local action patients are assigned to drugs to the ingestion of:

  • The anti-drugs – to the resolution of a strong itch, especially if it intensifies during the night.
  • A monoclonal antibody is an antibody to the factors of inflammation. They are substances which "label" of cells, which are the cause of psoriasis, and these cells are later destroyed immunity. This method of treatment is used only when severe forms of psoriasis. Are introduced to antibodies only intramuscularly.
  • Preparations for-), that are involved in the pathogenesis of the formation of psoriatic plaques.
  • The medicines of the group of corticosteroids that have immunosuppressive action.
  • Immunomodulators, vitamins, medicines.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs. They inhibit the growth of plaque, relieve the inflammation.
  • Homeopathic remedies.
  • Sedatives – they normalize the psycho-emotional state of man.

Folk methods for the treatment of psoriasis in hands

Even before the opening, and application of anti-inflammatory, hormonal medication, people have tried to get rid of psoriasis, with the help of remedies. Some patients actually managed to suspend the process of pathological change skin, to improve the state of the skin on your hands. Let's look at popular and effective popular treatment methods for psoriasis of the hands:

popular methods of treatment
The tool of folk medicine Action
The flaxseed or the oil of sea buckthorn Regenerates the skin, prevents dryness, and protects against the penetration under the epidermis of various infections, quenches the skin with vitamins a And E.
A bay leaf Features cleaning action. Applies like this: 300 g of bay leaf pour boiling water (200 ml), boil 10 minutes. Moisten a clean faq, or a unit of cold broth, put compresses on hand. Can support throughout the night.
Aloe Has an anti-septic action. Cutting along a leaf of aloe vera, attach it to a space problem in hand, a band-aid or wrap a bandage. Keep from 20 to 30 minutes.
Sodium bicarbonate Relieves inflammation, helps soothe the skin, eliminates the flaking. Lotions of soda are made thus: prepare from soda powder and pure water from a mixture. Moisten it a ball disk, apply to the patient areas on their hands.
Clover Gently clean the curtains of the skin, prevents the appearance of inflammation. Pour 2 St. l. dried flowers of clover of boiling water (1 cup). Rest for 5 minutes, drain, put the local problem in 2 hours.
Desk in birch wood tar Prevents the flaking of the skin, makes the spots more clear. Moisten a cotton ball clean the disk in a solution of birch tar, wipe it off the dead spot (the palm, the area between the fingers, hands) multiple times per day.
The hydrogen peroxide Purifies the epidermis, has an anti-septic action, disinfects. Make appliques with peroxide 15 to 20 minutes.
The salt of the sea Baths with sea salt help to relieve the inflammation, the itch, cleanse the skin of crusts and scales. Need to dissolve a handful of salt to 2 litres of warm water. Lower the hands in the ability, the time to take a bath can be 20 minutes.

Other methods of treatment

In the treatment of this severe disease non-communicable nature recently doctor steel assign to people such methods of therapy:

  • The treatment of fish. Fish, to kiss, is as soon as they are called these therapeutic fishes, due to the fact that they bite, clean the skin damaged psoriasis. After this treatment improves the condition of patients by six months or more.
  • PUVA therapy, phototherapy – apply special drugs in the skin with the consequent activation of the ultraviolet radiation.
  • Cryotherapy – the premise of a person in a camera with very low temperatures.
  • Bioresonance therapy – effects on the affected skin weak electromagnetic oscillations.
  • The ozone – gas application of beauty treatments and funds with the ozone.

Psoriasis is one of the few diseases in which the tan has a positive impact.

How to prevent exacerbations?

To avoid the re-emergence of psoriatic plaques in your hands, it is necessary to observe measures of prevention:

psoriasis in hands prevention
  • Proper care of the skin of the hands. To prevent dryness and flaking needs as much as possible moisturize your hands. You should also use special detergents, which does not dry the skin. Hand soap or liquid soap that is prevented from use.
  • Avoid abrasions, cuts.
  • When the first manifestations of psoriasis on the palms of the hands need to exclude the contact of the skin with all the tools of domestic use.
  • Respect the way of proper nutrition. Key concepts in that it is a complete failure of alcoholic beverages, the restriction of meat products, an increase in the amount of fluid intake.
  • Leave all bad habits: smoking, alcohol, drugs.
  • Sleep at least 8 hours per night. Sleep and wake up need at the same time.
  • Avoid stressful situations, if necessary to take anti-anxiety medications, teas of melissa, peppermint.
  • Take a sun bath. But in an early stage of the disease it is prohibited to sun exposure.

Considering the causes and treatment of psoriasis in your hands, it becomes clear that this disease is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Sometimes it is not enough to cure it with the help of drugs local action, then it is necessary to resort to the comprehensive treatment. If there is not a proper treatment, the disease can lead to arthritis. The treatment of this disease it is necessary to perform only under the supervision of a dermatologist, you can only use the methods and tools, which subscribes to the dr. given patient.