As it seems psoriasis early stage: photo

Patients dermatologist familiar phase of psoriasis photo symptoms of the disease for they family. People who suffer from a long time of the disease, have an oversized baggage of knowledge. They are sensitive to refer to their health and are seeking to obey the precepts, so that the epidermis has not suffered when you have a relapse psoriatic disease.


As it seems psoriasis early stage

Initially, the patient is celebrated the sudden appearance of reddish rashes in the hands, the feet, the elbows, the torso and the head, covered in hair. With the onset of disease in children, the signs may be confounded with diathesis. Sometimes, the child begins to treat of an allergic reaction. Symptoms in children can be revealed in places atypical. Typically, the disease affected areas most often exposed to friction from clothing.

Of course, the cunning of the disease lies in the fact that the diagnosis is not always the case in a timely manner. And, however, of a true solution of the doctor still depends on the result of a disease. When a fast aid for the psoriasis can calm down for a long period.

In the form of the primary element acts zit red tone pink, with clear boundaries and a rounded shape. Plate covered in grey scales, which can be separated easily. In place of a disease process point inflammation, skin coverage may be processed swelling. Many times, the specific training of the itching accompanied by itching.

To accurately diagnose the disease, make scraping papules. This manipulation manifest characteristics that call the psoriatic triad.

  1. The phenomenon stearic the point. If the scratching of the plate, its surface is white in color, and scales covering it, the shell. Local treatment will be the remembrance of a drop of stearin, which if rubbed.
  2. The phenomenon of the film. If you scrape off all the time, after the removal of scales on the skin cover is well visible reddish surface.
  3. The phenomenon of a dew. Long mechanical contact with papule causes the formation of blood droplets. This signal indicates that the patient has to present punctate hemorrhages.
The phenomenon of a dew

In some cases, the manifestation of psoriasis at the initial stage accompanied by the presence of exudative complications. That is, flakes that will absorb the serous fluid, and form a thick shell in places disturbed. When you delete from any such defect remains weeping skin in the shape of the island.

The danger lies in the fact that through pain are able to penetrate the bacterial infections of the second type. The progress of the disease characterized by the formation of plaques size is significant, affecting large areas of the body of the patient.

Phase of psoriasis

When psoriatic disease in patients mark the 3 phase of development:

  1. Progressing. The onset of the disease is very fast, suddenly, the epidermis of the point precipitation nodular type. The size of less than pinhead. At the top of each papules seen gray scale. To the extent that the prevalence of psoriasis, the eruptions begin to grow, occurs suspension itchy, are born of the plate. Because of the possibility of wet state inflamed stage of the disease often joins infectious defeat.
  2. Fixed. After an interval of time inflamed nodules param develop. They do not disappear, but the formation of new foci is not celebrated. The plate may receive from cork, the inflammatory process is missing.
  3. Regressing. Begins the end of the cycle of the disease, should not be confused with the restoration. The process can manifest itself in the new, as it will only occur if the provoking factor. Resorption and reduction of the plates takes place in mid-education, because, at the end of the probationary period, the patient on the skin can be rings or other strange shapes. Very soon will disappear all of the papules, and against the inflammation and itching, there will be no dash.

In your hands

Progressing the phase of

Initially, skin coverage, manifested clear and papules bright hue, they can be wet, and covered in silvery scales. Inflamed plot is limited, it is visible swelling and the manifestation of the wash. A patient complains of constant itching at the site of injury. Notice that the problem is located in the part of the palm of the hand or the elbows in flexion.

Later, the patient occurs the stabilization of the process of new lesions of psoriasis are unable to. Flakes are distributed throughout the surface of the site. General characteristics have a shadow clear, places thinning. This phase can last for a month.

After each new recurring process of manifestation of psoriatic disease will be intensified. The disease, which struck the hand of the patient, can cause impressive and the roughness and thickening skin on the ground of a disease process.


The genesis of the disease begins with education in the pimples, covered with small scales. When the progression of psoriasis have pointed to the fusion of papules and the formation of new inflamed areas. The active development of problems accompanied by impressive itching.

The acute around the issue of disease of the skin are starting to develop in local lesions of the skin. When you do this, the old papules can be inactivated, differ only by the bark.

The transition to the phase of admission is other than the cessation of formation of new manifestations of the disease, with problem areas almost entirely to the decrease flakes. There, where previously were papules, observed another pigmentation.

The offensive by decreasing phase means to improve the health status of the patient. Psoriatic plaque almost completely disappear, itching and flaking in the skin cover missing.

In the head

When psoriasis begins to develop, the patient observes that the edge of the scalp appear inflamed. In them is present the shell, the plate will be quickly increasing in size. Can be whole plate of bottlenecks, which are visible in the region of the forehead.

In your hands

After a month the patient has the growth of the new cards is not marked, but age will start hard-covered scales. As well as the problem is located on the entire surface of the head, some confuse the signal dandruff.

When adequate treatment is possible in the coming months to deter the symptoms and heal the problem spots.

The rules of home treatment

Today, optional to carry out treatment of psoriasis in a hospital environment. Modern medicine can offer a set of techniques that allow it to hold the manifestation of the disease at home. The most psoriatic arthritis the disease did not completely disappear, but it only goes into remission.

The goal made manipulation – is the control of current psoriasis and the increase of the period without the occurrence of exacerbations.

For the appropriate treatment of the following forms of medicines:

  • lotions or shampoos;
  • herbal infusions or a bath, with the addition of fees;
  • the uv-radiation.

To obtain a pronounced therapeutic effect of the therapy performed, the patient has to obey certain rules:

  1. All prescribed medications must be used according to the appointment, without deviations from the schedule of receipt.
  2. If you lack strong, the symptoms of the disease, it is possible to treat easy means of vegetable origin. Since the course of the disease is defined as heavy, is necessary for the administration of medicines with the content of hormones.
  3. The skin, in places of a disease process should be fairly moist.
  4. In the head
  5. Cover plates gradually become more smooth, your need for time to erase, if they have moved away from the skin. When the regular cleaning inflamed to the stage of flaking absorption treatment forms will occur soon.
  6. In the house assumes the simplified treatment schemes. The therapy, which includes various medicines and ointments is not recommended.
  7. Among the courses should go through a period of time, typically, the rupture is able to get the 12 months.
  8. When psoriatic disease the child needs an exception of factors that can cause a relapse. Sometimes, the effect of the treatment is achieved through compliance with the diet.
  9. The disease requires surveillance, because it is necessary to regularly visit specialized centers. When you do this, the tactic of treatment should be discussed with your dermatologist, after which it will be made of the possible fixes.