Psoriasis of the nails

Most people attribute the psoriasis with skin disease, but as it seems to nail psoriasis, many do not know. The defeat of the disease nails in many aspects similar to the manifestation of the disease in the skin-to-skin. Psoriatic plaque transform on the nails, in the ugly laminate and thickened nail plates. The disease refers to a rare form of psoriasis and occurs in the middle of the psoriatic arthritis.

Psoriasis of the nails

The causes of psoriasis on nails

Psoriasis identify the complex diseases of the nature of education. For many years the doctors meditate on a mystery precise causes of the disease. Expressed by the authors of the psoriasis on the nail, the medicine is not installed. Express the causes of the disease, the doctors point out factors that may lead to it:

  • frequent stress;
  • failures in the peripheral circulation;
  • metabolism;
  • several chronic pathology;
  • sensitive to the perception of phenomena of the environment;
  • heredity.

The diagnosis of psoriasis of the nails

As an independent disease psoriasis in the nail plates is rarely diagnosed. The disease derives from the total of bodily injury, when the immune system fails and attacks healthy cells, transforming them into pathogens.

Special procedures that allow them to diagnose nail psoriasis, it was not designed. The doctor will perform an external examination of the problem areas, assigns the donation of biochemistry and general analysis of blood. During the search of the blood reveals the rheumatoid factor, the presence of auto-immune diseases and inflammatory disorders. In some cases it is necessary to perform a skin biopsy to exclude other pathologies.

The symptoms of nail psoriasis

What is psoriasis of the nails is a pathology with no explanation until the end of the nature of education. Notice the first signs of nail psoriasis is difficult, the disease comes slowly, when it appeared under the symptoms. The defeat of nail plates are expressed in a small thickening in the soft tissues of the nail and temporary inflammation. Negative changes can occur in the central bed of nails and a board. Visually the defeat nails can look like this:

  • fast actinic and the expansion sub-nailbed epithelial (hyperkeratosis);
  • under-fingernails bleeding in the form of strips or dew, painted in brown or black;
  • the syndrome of oil stains, when under the nail clearly visible a spot of dirty yellow hue;
  • santa soft tissues around the nail plate covered with scales, have stearic structure;
  • psoriasis under the nails is called partial or total, of its separation of the store;
  • the progression of the pathology results from the deformation of the nail plate, which gradually takes the form of a bird's beak.
Psoriasis of the nails in his hands

In the initial phase and during the period of worsening appear itching and burning sensation. The symptom painful comes later, when the defeat reaches the deep layers nail plate and soft tissue. We have listed the main symptoms of psoriasis of the nails, but specialists consider them in relation, for stages of the disease.

The stage of the nail bed psoriasis

Psoriasis on the nail, passes through the same phase as the rest of its form:

  • Progressing to the stage characterized by the formation of white or yellow-brown papules, which slowly and increase in size. The changes do not affect the under-nail area, and the disease is easily treatable. On the surface of the nail noticeable peeling, but the starting point of the pain of the syndrome, the patient does not feel.
  • Certain fixed phase of deceleration of the growth in the number of papules. The intensity of the inflammatory process attenuated, but the physical discomfort remains. The pain appears when the person tries to touch the cuticle. When psoriasis on the nails, the hands, the epidermis can be covered with the eruption. Occurs dryness of the skin, it appears the cracks.
  • The backward stage is different than the emergence of a strong itching. Papules disappear, and in their place on the edges nail plates are formed pseudo-sclerotic borders.

Experts believe that the progression of the pathology the psoriasis of the nails can turn into psoriatic arthritis. The disease is dangerous the complications. Under the negative effect of the process occurs the deformation of the joints, the man loses his physical skills until you get disability.

Methods for the treatment of psoriasis of the nails

The question about how to cure psoriasis in the nails, sooner or later rises up in the face of a man, who faced with the disease. A common approach to the treatment when the psoriasis is not triggered, all the actions of the doctor are built by a plan.

The professional must carry out an analysis of the development of the pathology, consider the age and the presence of other diseases of the patient. However, how to treat nail psoriasis as well, in order to completely get rid of the disease, the doctors is not yet known. The power of modern medicine to stop the progress of the disease and keep a man accustomed to a life style.


Medications when psoriasis of the nails

The choice of what to treat psoriasis of the fingernails in the initial phase, doctors give preference to outdoor tools. Located used steroids.

The inflammation of the skin in the area of the nail plate film with the salicylic acid ointments. In some cases, use the treatment of the fingers of the hands and feet of the solutions of immuno-suppressants. The affected area lose remedy 2 times a day for 3 to 4 months.

In parallel with the side of means, the doctor may prescribe the oral intake of antidepressant drugs. To strengthen the immunity and resistance of the body against the environment, use vitamin complexes. Of preference, to which they were present elements such as zinc, selenium, calcium.

Physiotherapy psoriasis of the nails

In addition to the use of medicines, in the treatment include physical therapy. Variety of treatments is quite broad. Today at the disposal of doctors has physiotherapy as:

  • laser and light pulse;
  • electric current;
  • ultra-sound and infrared wave.

The most significant results in the treatment of psoriasis under the nails gives the application of a magnetic resonance examination the laser therapy, and the inclusion of the therapeutic complex electrosleep. The combination of various techniques of physiotherapy increases the chances of a positive trend. Quickly removed the acute symptoms of the disease, the inflammation, comes from a long period of remission.

Home remedies for the treatment of nail bed psoriasis

During the long years of struggle with the unpleasant and dangerous of the disease invented a lot of remedies. Some of them cause to doubt, the others are well-known doctors, the third requires careful approach. We decided to take part of them.

The therapeutic baths of medicinal herbs. Prepare the broth of classes, camomile or sage, pour it into a deep dishes and soak in the tub sick nails in 15-20 minutes.

To deal with nail psoriasis at home will help the ointment to the special, made from copper sulphate and potassium permanganate. Take 100 grams of copper sulphate and 3 grams of potassium permanganate, dissolve it in 1 liter of boiled water. Within 7 days, lubricate the patients specific area obtained in a solution. Take a break of 5 days and repeat the treatment. Remember that the ointment has aggressive impact, it causes sensations of pain, but it gives a fast healing effect. One way to cause certain doubts, so it is best to consult your doctor.

Decoction for internal use by the application. Make a mixture of equal parts dried root of elecampane, classes, leaves, lingon, celandine, flowers of black elderberry. Fold the herbs into a bowl. Each day, take a tablespoon of the mixture, pour a glass of water, boil 5 minutes, drink half a cup 2 times a day after 2 hours after a meal.

Nail care help medical process

The person who is sick of psoriasis, which must observe special hygiene in the care of the nails and joints. Write your life the following rules:

  • cutting the nails of the hands and feet and a maximum short;
  • use gloves, doing the household chores (washing, dishwashing, cleaning);
  • stop for a manicure and pedicure;
  • avoid injury to the nails;
  • keep it always clean nail plates.

Note!Nail care confronts the development of the pathology. The rules are simple, the important thing is to make sure you fulfill them. Help your body and it will respond to you, coordinated the work of all the systems.

Medicinal herbs

The consequences of the nail bed psoriasis

So, that psoriasis is incurable it is not the only problem. The disease accompanies man throughout his life, creating a certain emotional and physical discomfort. During the disease is changeable, it then quiets down, that progresses quickly. People, contact with the patient, the disease is not transmitted, but to a sick person, she is dangerous due to its serious consequences.

The psoriasis patients, who often fall into depression, feel the nervous tension, addicted to alcohol. In this backdrop of negative, occurs the development of other diseases: heart attack, ischemia, diabetes, oncology.

If the disease takes a serious form, appear new negative symptoms: the increase of temperature, general weakness, poor absorption of folic acid. The generalized form of the disease, psoriasis Zumbusch, can be fatal.

Disease prevention

If you do not want to think about how to treat psoriasis of the nails, face and prevention of the disease. Experts prepared general guidelines on preventive measures, able to prevent the development of disease. Remove from your life of addiction and stress, balance the power, walk in the open air, sleep, take care of your fingers and take care of them. Carry out the prevention is easy, and the use of it is huge.