The initial phase of psoriasis: the symptoms of the disease and treatment options

According to the observations of dermatologists psoriasis suffer from more people. He does not spare anyone - men, women, youth, new-born babies. Many live in the dark, until the skin does not occur catastrophic changes.

Photo the initial phase of psoriasis

Unfortunately, completely cure the disease, is not possible. But relieve the state can recognize the disease. For this reason, it is especially important to understand how is the psoriasis in the initial phase.

The causes of psoriasis

There is still no consensus, which is the current boot mechanism of the disease. Scientists lead an extensive list of possible factors:

  • Heredity. If the parents are carriers, then there is a high chance of transmission of the disease to a child.
  • Malfunction of the immune system. Expressed in the fact that it attacks healthy cells, causing them to pathology.
  • Infectious-inflammatory processes. The development causes not only the infection, but the prolonged intake of medicines.
  • Endocrine failures. Companions of psoriasis may be diabetes, thyroid problems.
  • Frequent stress, obesity.

In the interest of people who enter the risk group, know the symptoms of the initial phase of psoriasis.

The symptoms of psoriasis

The disease affects the upper and lower limbs, head, torso, at least - the armpit, the groin. You can prepare a "portrait" beginning of psoriasis:

  • First, you receive pink-red papule with distinct borders. General characteristics - dry, there is a mild itching.
  • Then, it is covered by scales white, well outside of the epidermis.
  • After the scraping is visible thin, shiny cuticles. In some cases, it is fixed "bloody dew" - emerges and drops of blood.

Distinctive signs as well show the photo of psoriasis in the initial phase. Unlike an allergic reaction, the scale of the disaster much more, is missing from the swelling.


If you missed the first signs, the psoriatic arthritis education merge with each other. The disease's move on to the next phase.

Location on the hands

One of the most difficult ways to defeat the skin fingers, the palms of the hands, brushes. In the first time the disease can easily be confused with fungi. For both characterized by a rash of red, flaking.

An important detail that distinguishes psoriatic arthritis is also the case of flakes ("stearin stain"), under which hides, slim dermis ("terminal film").

Palma are inflamed, the skin becomes rough. In areas of active inflammation detect cracks, calluses. Some patients exfoliate nail plate, to deform the joints.

Manifestation on the elbows

Elbows, the folds often common the concentration of platelet. The foci of inflammation, located symmetrically on both elbows. In the initial stages it flows very easily - concerned only redness and individual round neoplasms. To the extent that he feels the roughness of the skin, occurs discomfort, the desire to scratch.

Ulnar: psoriasis has undulating nature. The periods of exacerbation are replaced with calm. Worst of all, you have winter, when it begins the active phase of the disease.

The defeat of the scalp

Let's look at one more example of how psoriasis might manifest itself in the initial phase. The discourse on the scalp. Notes that the place of location becomes the area of the forehead, ears, neck, nape of the neck.

The patient is permanently combing plate, therefore, there are multiple wound, scratch. The abrasion is logged dirt, which leads to the occurrence of inflammatory reactions. In the future, it formed flakes and silver, papules, unite, and extend beyond the line of growth of hair.

The treatment of psoriasis

The treatment of psoriasis at the initial stage is the application of drug funds. Depending on the individual characteristics can be entered multiple ointment:

Psoriasis on hands
  • tar;
  • Ichthyol;
  • salicylic acid.

They cause 2-3 times a day externally in the form of compresses, bandages, tampons. With caution should be treated with hormonal medication. There are a number of contraindications and side effects.

Physiotherapy psoriasis

An important point in the earlier therapy of psoriasis - therapy. They occur in a period of remission. Among applied techniques - ultraviolet radiation, PUVA therapy, laser therapy, magnetic. All of them are painless, have no bactericidal action, do not have age limit. The specific way determines the expert.

The advice popular in the treatment of psoriasis

Alternative medicine is rich in ideas about the treatment of the disease. Give 2 popular recipe:

Dye plant. Grab fresh celandine, mint, leaves of blackberry and walnut in a ratio of 2:1:3:1. Mix the ingredients, the bay of your cup of boiling water. Remove the infusion in the blackout a cool place in 30 min. Use morning and evening.

The mask. Prepare a mixture of sea salt and clay in the ratio of 1:1. Apply on the affected area, leaving in 30 min. the Remnants rinse with warm water.

Psoriasis is a disease that can and should be regularly to fight. Remember that the omission leads to a deterioration of appearance, pain syndrome, psychological problems.