About psoriasis on the face

One of the most unpleasant skin diseases is considered as the psoriasis. Typically, the manifestations of this disease can be noted in the limbs or trunk. However, the more traumatic by the emotional state of the patient are wounds on the face. The treatment here is directly dependent on the variant of the disease and with the degree of severity, defined in the diagnostic process.

psoriasis on the face


The etiology of psoriasis is still the subject of many disputes. Different experts relate to the reasons for the occurrence of the following theories:

  • endocrine;
  • a;
  • psychosomatic.

In addition, a growing number of scholars tends to the genetic in nature manifestations of psoriasis. About this says and statistics, according to which affects most people who are carriers among the close relatives.

In any case, it is obvious different character in the causal of this disease. It is not transmitted through direct contact.

Important! The pathology can the next few years, be in phase of remission (weakly in the manifest), however, does not lend itself to complete healing.

As well as the defeat of individual sections of the body, especially the face, give the patient severe psychological discomfort.

Types of psoriasis on the face

Classification of the disease is quite complex, due to the presence of a large number of varieties. For example, it can differentiate by type of occurrence: pustular and non-pustular form. In addition, different types of psoriasis, are characteristic for each of the sections of the skin. The guy is not the most "popular" place of defeat. More often that here manifests seborrheic form, which extends up to the hairline of the person. Also often are diagnosed and other forms of psoriasis.


Dermatitis psoriasis in something like the seborrheic eczema. Usually it attacks the fibrous phase of the head. However, it can manifest on the skin by the ear sinks, nasolabial folds to the chest.


It is considered one of the most heavy variations of the disease. Usually it occurs because of the very aggressive treatment of other forms of pathology. However, it can manifest itself and, due to a genetic predisposition.

types of psoriasis


Is located on the 2nd place in frequency. The complexity of your treatment is that it is very difficult to identify the disease in its initial stage. Space location, initially, may appear in the invisible areas of the skin.

Other types of

Other types are not so common. This may be the atypical of the disease. It is characterized by the fact that the space of the manifestation of lesions are found in atypical (less common) areas of the skin, in comparison with the most frequent cases.

The look of a variety of disease

Normally the psoriasis manifests itself on the face, in the form of small papules, which are located in the area of nasolabial folds, the eyebrows, the area near the eye. Can also be affected by the other parcels, depending on the type of pathology.

The main symptoms of many types of the disease:


Pockets separate and islets, which feature a remarkable the bark. Normally, they are migrating from the front area down to the scalp. However, this pathology can manifest itself, and how the red of the eczema. In them, it is possible to notice a festering husk, that tend to tear. Seborrheic form accompanied by itching, which delivers to a sick person strong discomfort.


In the first place, the symptoms is the formation of blisters, filled with clear liquid. In addition to demonstrations, visuals, one can notice the weakening of the immune system and the deterioration of the metabolism.


Skin appear papules of reddish color. Many times, they together form the so-called plaque. These areas may have different shapes and sizes. It is one of the few forms of psoriasis, which can reach virtually any area of the skin.

Other types of

The symptoms of other types of disease are very similar with the most common types.

Pay attention! Often, the condition manifests itself, such as allergies, therefore, difficult to be diagnosed in the early stage.

Eruptions may have a different format, but generally cause itching or even a sensation of pain in the face.

psoriasis near the eye

There are characteristics of psoriasis on face of children

The clinical manifestations of the pathology in children do not differ in many aspects of the symptoms in adults. But here, the disease often manifests itself in the shape atypical, which complicates the diagnostic process. Furthermore, lesions of the facial skin in children may have more severe consequences.


The first time that a doctor should perform an extensive diagnosis. In the process, the doctor confirms the presence of psoriasis, and determines the degree distribution. In general, the procedure includes the following steps:

  • clinical history;
  • the inspection of eruptions;
  • diagnosis of diseases of the fund.

To refine the diagnosis dermatologist assigns analyses. This can be a skin biopsy or micro study of scales. This is usually sufficient to determine the presence of psoriasis, and fully exclude similar pathology.


The first thing you should do if you suspect this pathology in the face – see a dermatologist.

If we can diagnose psoriasis in the early phase, may be more likely to translate it at the stage of cushioning. The choice of treatment is made by a physician, and depends on the type and severity of the pathology.

Medical therapy

Such medicines are usually assigned in serious cases of the disease. For example, during the execution of a form with strong complications. Here we highlight the following groups of medicines:

  • cytotoxic tools;
  • immunosuppressive;
  • aromatic retinoids;
  • glucocorticosteroids tools;
  • biologically active.

Any system of medicines are assigned only by a physician and only in a situation, when the outer form of exposure does not bring due effect. Can't be, and talks about self-resolve on the application of data medicines!

What applies at home

The simplest methods for treatment of psoriasis or ease its symptoms can be applied at home. Here you can select a variety of ointment, cream, spray or even folk remedies. However, even before such treatment, you should consult a specialist to determine the relevance or not of medicines.

Medicines for psoriasis on the face

Due to the bad knowledge of this pathology, there are many different approaches to your treatment. One of the most popular theories is the idea of changing the acid-alkaline balance of the body background after the defeat. Because of this, many times, for the treatment of different acids.

the disease psoriasis

Hyaluronic acid

When psoriasis is used low-molecular hyaluronic acid. It helps a lot to deal with burning. In addition, this substance is, many times, is contained in forms of local therapy.


Are often used medicines that contain lipoic acid. It normalizes the metabolism and has antioxidant properties. In some cases it is appropriate to apply the nicotine acid. It accelerates the synthesis of cells and smoothes out the total of symptoms of psoriasis.

Cream and ointment

Typically, patients choose less invasive methods of treatment. In such a situation, the best option becomes the application of ointments or creams. The advantage of this method in an impact in the own nursery of inflammation.

You should understand that even the choice of ointment, it is necessary to coordinate with your doctor.


One of the more unpleasant elements of psoriasis is a cosmetic problem. Some patients feel insecurity. In addition, the pathology often causes itching and the sensation of pain. In this case, to alleviate the symptoms can range from sprays. Typically a popular imported products. It is of high quality and security. For example, spray skin-cap Spanish shows that the production of a good efficiency and effectiveness. It helps to restore the barrier for dermal and suppress the development of fungi pathogens.

The use of oils

A unusual way of treatment is the application of oils. They perfectly complement chemotherapy and do not cause any harm to a body. Of course, one must initially alert the possibility of any allergic reactions. When psoriasis are used as essential oils and food oils.

Folk remedies

Recipes folk are not able to cope with this pathology. However, they can relieve the symptoms of psoriasis.

In addition, it is sometimes possible to achieve remission painful process. Has some of the most popular, and folk methods, which, in fact, have proved their effectiveness.

  1. You can use lotions of water and salt (in proportion of 3:1), which follow the hit regions.
  2. To relieve the symptoms can influence on the skin of a disc, soaked with coconut or lavender oil.
  3. The redness can process the oil of buckthorn.

Among other things, it is recommended that you follow a special diet and make your diet that the maximum number of necessary vitamins.

the treatment of psoriasis

The diet

The proper nutrition allows you to dramatically change the intensity of the disease or even put it in a long remission. Important – to maintain a stable acid-alkaline balance of the body.

The main part of the diet should be products, that form alkalis. This can be a variety of fruits and vegetables. Your participation in the daily nutrition should be more than 60%. All the rest (meat, cereals, dairy products), you must limit to 40%. When psoriasis is also recommended to monitor the water balance. You should drink a minimum of 7 glasses of pure water per day.


If the person has predisposition to psoriasis, the impulse to manifestation of the disease may be the following factors:

  • the stress;
  • the lesion of the skin;
  • serious other diseases;
  • allergic reactions;
  • environment and others.

In the prevention of psoriasis important to adhere to simple rules.

It's not worth charging your body is too much stress and experiences. Important to adhere to a healthy lifestyle and include in your diet products useful. It is worth to avoid the allergens, limit the consumption of nuts, honey and coffee.

In addition, it is necessary to give your body a rest. You should always walk, to perform at least a part of the day in transit. A great option are the fitness classes or any active sport.

Care with the face

Attention to susceptibility to psoriasis should be given to the care of the facial skin. There are a large number of procedures that improve your general state. In addition, you can create mask from useful essential oils and natural ingredients.

Unfortunately, the complete elimination of psoriasis is not possible. However, when it comes to the relationship with one's own health: planning visits to the dermatologist, the application of creams and masks for the face, respecting the diet, you can significantly increase the duration of remission and, in many respects improve their quality of life.