The cause of psoriasis

The cause of psoriasis are not known. There are several theories, but none of them with precision, does not explain the nature of the appearance on the skin plaques psoriatic nature. Psychosomatic cause is the subject of a separate article, and now we will see often mentioned by doctors, but not demonstrated scientifically factors.

Causes of the disease

Causes of the disease

There are a number of factors that can cause the appearance of unpleasant symptoms of the disease in men and women. There are several types of disease.

Psoriasis can occur for the following reasons:

  1. Hereditary predisposition.
  2. The presence of co-morbidities.
  3. The bad food.
  4. The consumption of alcohol.
  5. Acquisition of medicines.
  6. Damage to the skin of the integument.

Where it is taken to psoriasis is difficult to say, cause the appearance of the disease can be very stressed or nervous shock. In this case, the treatment of the disease is based on the receipt of funds as a sedative nature. And the symptoms of psoriasis removed with the help of a mitigating creams and ointments.

In 40% of cases of plaque in the skin appear after a stress. In addition, the nervousness leads to worsening of the disease and the strengthening of its manifestations.

The causes of psoriasis, associated with a genetic predisposition, are observed in 65% of patients. In this case, the symptoms of the disease become manifest in patients at an early age, before 25 years. Appear of platelets in the follicle scalp, in the region of the elbows and in back of the knees. Simple psoriasis otherwise, it is called vulgar, this kind of disease does not reach the bones, and rarely enters the nail plate.

The metaphysics of cause is bad diet and alcohol consumption. Some doctors say that the intake of alcoholic beverages can lead to an exacerbation of the disease. The treatment in this case is based on the diet, and the refusal of the use of alcoholic beverages, such as beer and strong alcohol.

Purchase of medicines can cause an allergic reaction. Psoriasis appears in the background the first signs of allergy and is characterized similar symptoms. But, in addition to itching and rashes in patients may occur peeling of the skin of the integument.

Diagnostic methods

Metaphysical causes of disease can be related to the lesion of the skin of the integument. That is, to the appearance on the skin of the plates is capable of causing burns, trauma, a scratch or a strong abrasion.

In women, the disease can develop in the midst of the fall of immunity in the period of pregnancy.

If the disease is diagnosed in adults above the age of 40 years, it rarely affects the curtains of the skin, often the disease cut bone, tissues and leads to the development of arthritis.

Diagnostic methods

To study the photograph of the people with psoriasis may observe that the disease has some similarity with the allergic, eczema, or dermatitis, especially, often confused with seborrheic dermatitis. Therefore, diagnosing the disease is complicated. It is necessary the consultation of an expert.

Bother unpleasant symptoms, so, first of all, you should consult your doctor. The treatment of psoriasis involved:

  • physician-dermatologist;
  • allergist;
  • a rheumatologist.

The dermatologist places the patient the diagnosis, if the disease appeared in the middle of an allergic reaction that is required to query allergist.

In this case, if the disease is in the defeat of the joints treatment to be carried out under the supervision of a rheumatologist.

Metaphysical causes of disease can be related to the activity of the human immune system. For the treatment of such pathology necessary consultation endocrinologist and an immunologist.

In adults the disease develops quickly, it results in tissue damage of the joints and for the diagnosis should consult a rheumatologist who will prescribe a series of searches:

  • the x-ray;
  • Magnetic resonance imaging of the joint;
  • Searching through the puncture to the articular capsule.

If the disease manifests itself at an early age and (or) reaches only general features will be enough to do a skin biopsy to make the diagnosis of the patient.


The main symptoms

Psoriasis symptoms are clearly pronounced, these include:

  1. Intense itching on the skin of the integument.
  2. Peeling of the skin.
  3. The dryness of the integument.
  4. Irritation, redness and the appearance of the rash.

The symptoms develop quickly, the person feels a strong discomfort, itching is so strong that prevents you from sleeping. With time, the skin receives the unpleasant brightness. Plate, begin to merge among themselves, forming extensive areas of skin lesions.

Metaphysical causes of psoriasis may be associated with your stay in cold weather. The cold dry the skin of the curtains and increases its sensitivity.

The first signs of disease emerged in his head, with the time, itching and flaking of the skin covering can cause the loss of hair and baldness partial.

Symptoms progress rapidly, and in the absence of adequate treatment, the psoriasis can cause serious complications.

Also patients, experience the following symptoms:

  • the fragility and the fragility of the nail plates;
  • the color change of the nail;
  • the deterioration of the mobility of members;
  • the pain in the joints.

In the photo, people with psoriasis often hide the hands, neck and neckline. The skin in these areas is very delicate and the first symptoms of the disease appear in these locations.

Scientists actually managed to establish that the psoriasis is not passed from person to person. Therefore, with the patient of psoriasis, which is not possible.

Suggested therapy

Methods of treatment of psoriasis have several varieties, will be applied to following treatment:

  1. Purchase of medicines with a sedative nature.
  2. Medicines tonic steps.
  3. Tools anti-histaminic nature.
  4. Of drugs local action.
  5. Vitamins and Immunostimulants.

The cause of psoriasis different they can be metaphysical (that is, scientifically unfounded), but depending on various factors, the doctor selects the patient for treatment.

In most cases, the therapy is comprehensive. It is aimed at the general strengthening of the body and the dispensation of unpleasant signs of illness.

The medical treatment is assigned a doctor, he performs a diagnosis and makes a required destination. In addition to medicines, it is permissible for the application and physiotherapy-treatment. One of the methods of what is phototherapy.

Advantages of the treatment with the use of photo-ray:

  • it helps to restore the skin of the curtains;
  • removing the shell;
  • correct redness and irritation.

But also the need to use the tool regularly, with mitigating and anti-inflammatory. They help clear the feeling of tightness and soften the main manifestations of the disease.

Therapeutic methods involve intake of vitamins and medicines, strengthening the immune system. They accelerate the regeneration process of the cells. Protect the body against the harmful effects of toxins and radicals.

The treatment has a variety of methods, which includes the interior and the exterior of the impact – is the efficiency of the procedures performed.

Some experts estimate that the psoriasis, such as the malfunction of the immune system. The skin cells die more quickly than usual, so that your top layer of skin.

Suggested therapy

Possible forecast

Psoriasis is a disease that tends to have a relapse. The deterioration appears in the background of adverse factors. Therefore, the therapy comes down to the resolution of unpleasant symptoms, as well as the treatment of the cause of the origin of the pathology.

Is no cure for psoriasis is not possible, but necessary to carry out therapeutic procedures, can prolong the period of remission. Some patients the signs of psoriasis do not appear over several years.

For this, it is necessary to take medications regularly, monitor the condition of the skin the integument and minimize contact with possible allergens and aggressive chemical media.

The metaphysics of cause itching and flaking can be problems with the digestive tract (gastrointestinal). If the body is trapped toxins and harmful substances, patients are encouraged to take drugs for the purification of the body.

The psoriasis treatment can last for a long period of time, so it is necessary when the first signs of disease to look for a doctor.