Psoriasis: picture, symptoms and treatment in adults, the causes of

Patients psoriasis symptoms provide them with a significant discomfort and impairment of quality of life. The disease will progress, if not to get powerful therapy. Treatment in adults involves the application of the system of therapy for improving the health status of the patients.


Symptoms and treatment of psoriasis in adults

The manifestations of psoriasis on the skin vary according to the stage of the disease. The symptoms of psoriasis in adults in the initial stage appear only in some places, locally. Outwardly, it is pink point, taking lisa with a glossy surface, however, will very soon appear wheals pink or reddish dark. Soon the surface papules covered with scales and pustules and pustular psoriasis varies according to its thickness. If the treatment in the initial phase is not served, the patients experience the worsening of the disease.

The symptoms of psoriasis in the body become more evident, the surface of the skin becomes oedematous. The emergence of a strong itching causes patients to comb the skin, which further aggravates the course of the disease. Because of the pathologies of vessels in the wound in the skin is too bad to heal, always bleed. On top of them formed the characteristic psoriatic plate.

The third phase of the development of the pathology is accompanied by the degradation of the skin of the integument. Leather in place of damage to the blue, the symptoms of psoriasis get clear boundaries. Patients insist before a strong burning and itching.

The treatment of psoriasis in adults should begin early. The therapy should allow for multiple tasks:

  • solve the characteristic symptoms of the pathology;
  • relieve the inflammation in the skin;
  • give your skin an aesthetic appearance, resolve psychological discomfort.

The treatment of psoriasis in the body involves therapy of long duration, during which patients give different medicines. In the first place, are given the anti-histamines, sedatives anti-inflammatory medications non-steroidal. For the cleaning of the body are applied sorbents enzymatic tools. To strengthen the effect is assigned to physiotherapy. The prediction of treatment when the realization of a long remission can be considered to be favourable.

The psoriasis of the joints: symptoms and treatment

The psoriasis of the joints different called psoriatic arthritis. Pathology characterized by typical skin changes in the skin appear spots. It is possible the appearance of scars, apparently, similar to pimples. In the area of the small joints in the arms, legs, fingers, toes – it is noticeable pigmentation. Psoriatic plaque can be quite small, they are usually located on the scalp, knees, legs, elbows, and forearms.

Typical symptoms of psoriasis joints – swelling and pain in the region of the hands, feet, elbow joints of the knees. In some cases, the process reaches only one joint, but, sometimes, the patients suffer from two-way psoriatic arthritis. Externally, psoriasis symptoms joints may resemble rheumatoid arthritis, which causes difficulties in diagnosis. If the disease affects the vertebral column, the development fund of the pathology can receive spondiloarthrosis.

Psoriasis in the head

The treatment of psoriasis joints always comprehensive – and the doctor is different-a therapy program, which has as physiotherapy and medical therapy, therapy exercise. For the relief of inflammation are used anti-inflammatory non-steroids, but with the aim to normalize the condition of your skin apply anti-psoriatic creams, ointments, lotions. In serious condition, the medicine has in its arsenal, corticosteroids and immunomodulatory drugs.

Psoriasis on hands

According to statistics, every third patient has symptoms of psoriasis on the hands. Psoriasis in the hands is impressive not only brush, but and elbows folds, wrist, suffer from the fingers and the nails. The severity of the disease is determined in function of the stage of the skin lesion. The symptoms of psoriasis on hands escape quite difficult, because treat ladonna-plantar psoriasis is not so simple – it is in these areas it is difficult to live the therapy.

Signs of disease the hands, to hide not only that – the skin here is very thin, and psoriatic plaques visible to the naked eye. The initial phase only manifests the advent of clear, pink spots on the skin, similar in appearance, with scars of burns, but soon as these patches start to appear-fried – badge. Psoriasis of the foot, such as psoriasis on the hands, also has similar symptoms.

The treatment of psoriasis on the hands seems to be a difficult task, because they are not leather, not always adequately responds to the application of drugs – catch can not exit, and the skin is resistant to assigning therapy. In this case, the doctors try to get the most effective treatment for the children and a possible tool for adults, in order to achieve a long period of remission. Treatment and prevention of psoriasis of the skin of the hands, the main task in the fight against the disease.

Psoriasis of the scalp

The symptoms of psoriasis in head, you do not notice does not, in spite of the fact that the covered head of hair mantle. The disease of the scalp also flows cyclical, with periods of improvement and worsening of the disease. The symptoms of psoriasis of the scalp begin with a slight itching, which is strengthened, and when touch the head, patients feel irregularities in the skin and the characteristics of the shell.

Psoriasis on hands

Looking for the scalp, next you can see the same for thick hair causes of psoriasis and the typical symptoms of pink patches with later generated chips. The psoriasis has of infants may be confused with dermatitis of newborns, therefore, it is necessary to an intelligent design for differential diagnosis.

The plates are different according to its thickness, appearance and size. There are scabs that thicken, peel and proclaim a soft skin, especially the blood, to the smaller penetration or damaged. When multiple platelet the symptoms of psoriasis in men may be the emergence of dandruff.

The treatment of scalp psoriasis is carried out shampoos. Are manufactured cleaning products special with ketoconazole, with the addition of tar, which have antipruritic and anti-inflammatory property. The treatment of psoriasis in men with male pattern baldness is carried out in creams and lotions.